Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ye Old Suitcases

I have a great affection for all things old, well loved, and etched with the battle scars that only time and use can produce. Well traveled old suitcases are no exception!
 I have recently acquired my 3rd vintage case. This beauty came complete with it's original travel stickers from far flung places! Of course it also came with the "old suitcase funk"... closed up boxes seem to be a breeding ground this sort of smell.  Sort of a mix of mustyness and stagnant air that's been locked up for way too long.  Worry not, it doesn't diminish my love for the suitcase.
(and be thankful you can't smell it from where you're sitting!)

It's a well built affair.... and quite heavy, even empty!
I guess if you get your initials on your luggage you don't have to worry if your baggage tag falls off!
Nope, didn't come with the key. 
Too bad some of the stickers are beyond being read.
This one is my favorite, it has retained it's lovely colors!
And here's the trio....
This one belonged to an elderly neighbor... and came complete with a selection of retro scarves!
This one i found on the street on "garbage day", parked next to a trash barrel!
 I have turned it  into my traveling art studio.
paints, clay, fabric, pencils, flocking, glitter glue, thread...
 There's a little of everything in there; you can never be to prepared for a crafting emergency!!
(there's also a packet of potpourri to combat the funk!)
I wish they could speak... and tell me where they've been ~ what they've seen. 
So many unanswered questions in life... mysteries to be solved.... or at least partially unraveled...
I guess all I can do is love them for who they are today.