Sunday, December 26, 2010

Peace and quiet...

As I type our little Blizzard is brewing outside... it's been snowing for a few hours already now.  It looks like magic out there.  It's days like this that make me glad I live in New England. I know not everyone agrees... don't like the cold, don't like to shovel... don't like frozen fingers and snow pelting your face; but for the trade off of looking out my living room window to all that "pretty" ~ I'll take it! There are birds on my feeders, the rabbits are tucked in with their hay... fire in the fire place ~ winter is finally upon us. :)  Hibernation is not just for the bears.... now that Christmas has passed, and with it the shopping and wrapping and visiting ~ *Sighhhhh* I can settle in and embrace the season. 

Christmas was nice.... I got my own hand made wooden sock to hang on the mantle with care!
Jack the rat really lucked out too ~ his own custom made sweater!
I got a beautiful pair of handmade wrist warmers ~ which i've been longing for, but never said out loud....
And a hand painted/decoupaged coaster for my tea cup ~ or as art only even!

Everytime I see pretty knit things... i start to think i want to knit too!  I realize that this is not true of course, what i REALLY want is my own personal knitter ~ i pick out pretty yarn and point to what i want, and then it magically appears, that would really be better!  I have come to realize that needle crafts of any kind are a strain on me.... sure i'll sew up an elf hat in a pinch... or cut out a hunk of fabric for a rabbit scarf ~ but lets face it beyond that it's more struggle then fun!
Hours have passed since I began this....the power just flickered....*eeek.  We've gone for a walk in the snow with the dogs and come back again... and everyone is nestled in and fed.... :)))
Come on good people of blog land; lets stroll down Main Street in Wareham in a Noreasta' !!! Bundle up, it's startin' to blow! :)))))))
Piper Beau's

The Jug Shop.... well ~ you could read the sign without me telling you....

Minerva's Pizza House...

Main Street, Wareham USA

Are we there yet?
Just pretty....

Almost back home now.... 

We made it! 
Time for dinner....

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to take just a moment to wish you all a Super Merry Christmas!  To old friends and new, near and far ~  around the world, and the next town over!  Thanks for looking at my blog and being so supportive and funny and just plain great!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas is creeping in....

Here we are, less than a week from Christmas ~ It's really kind of hard to believe another year has gone by.  So far we've had no measurable snow what so ever, while I read from my friends around the world they need a sled to get out of there houses... This is not helping  my Christmas spirit, which has had it's ups and downs this season, but I think i have a good hold on it now.... and as I type there is a bit of sleetyness falling from the evening sky....
Dawn breaks over Swan Lane.
I've decorated the house, which is one of my favorite things to do... Twinkle lights make me happy... and fake snow, and setting up my silly scenes, and my new big glittered snowflakes that i was given last week..  I like to see what cards arrive in the mail ~ and of course to have a perfect excuse to craft!  I really need a little store to expend my decorating energy ~ it would make the house look a little less out of control....  I want so badly to sit here and catch up on all my blog reading.... but if i do, then how can I share my twinkley little world with you?  Fear not.... here it comes!
Some of my favorite things! :))))
The little elf  I made a few years ago, outside his house.
The natural side of Christmas; my Mum painted the picture of the robins!
Some tags... sideways, because i don't know how to turn them right side to!

Our little Christmas tree, which Kipper is sleeping under at the moment!

One of my favorite tags this year. :)

This is the "pen pal" tree... with little things waiting to be unwrapped on Christmas morning! :))))

Oh good grief, I've even decorated the dog.... and I think he's actually rolling his eyes at me....???

Oh, there's more ~ Sure.  But how much can you stand?????  :)))))) 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Memories of summer....

 The husband inherited my previous camera.... to take pictures with at work....he wanted a picture printed from it tonight, and when I loaded them, I found a bunch of pictures I'd forgotten all about ~ lost and lonely trapped inside a camera.... that can't be right. So let's harken back to warmer days... just for a moment.
(But right after you have to shake it off and embrace winter, it's December now; time to get your jingle bells on and shake em!! :))))))

This was taken at the Maritime Academy in Buzzards Bay, right at one end of the Cape Cod Canal.

This is looking the other way. That's the train bridge, with the Bourne Bridge in the distance.

This is was happens when you put big dogs in a small car.... they ooze out the sides!

He doesn't seem to mind too much!
This is up the road from our house, it's a light house, but i cut off it's top, it's not easy to take pictures and drive at the same time you know!

O.K. then.... that's it for now..... 
Back to reality.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow Bunnies have arrived!!!

So here it is.... they may decorate for Christmas later, but for now they are just too busy playing in the snow and roasting their carrots on a open fire! (rabbits don't eat chestnuts right?)
See how fabulous a slightly used styrofoam cooler can be?
Recyle Reuse right???
A little closer now....

Who doesn't love sledding?
Lucky bunny camping out in the snow!

Roasting carrots on a open fire, jack frost nipping at his nose!

Ready for take off!
There's carrot cake for later... if the little mouse doesn't get it first...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Crafty Sunday

A bit of a chill has settled upon us this weekend... not bad; but I was more than happy to have my hat on today for our walks...  As I type there is chicken roasting in the oven and a fire crackling in the fire place.  The very next thing i will do is snuggle into some pajamas and prepare for some couch nestling.

As you can see Jack Rat is ready for winter!

In the mean time, I though it only right to share my wee bit of craftiness with you.  It's  not easy here, I have to share the kitchen table, and when it's dinner time ~ I have to repack all my artistic accouterments back up and get out of the way! 

I'm making a snow bunny scene... this is the beginning.
It's inside of a sStyrofoam cooler that someone was throwing away  ~ I am "recycling" it! :))

This is one of the players, picture him on a sled.
Just in case you thought I was kidding about sharing the table....

This is the background painted in...
Work in progress...

The funny little heads from a previous post.

Are you getting the idea now? Stay tuned... there's more to come!

Dessert anyone?

Monday, November 1, 2010

A "crisp" Autumn day.

O.K. so who gets to define what "crisp" is anyway?  Snow on Halloween, it must be like a gift for the hobgoblins in honor of their special day! 

I've never been known to turn down a good walk in the snow, so you can only imagine my delight upon looking out the window to find gigantic snowflakes falling from the heavens!!

How's that for an attractive photo? EEEkkkk!!!

Brrrrr cold little apple.

I love this... :)

When i wasn't out frolicking in the snow... i was creating odd little heads on pins.
(instructions are in Arful Blogging magazine if you want to play too!)

What's that little bunny?  You want to go out and paly in the snow?  Well alright then ~ if you insist!  :)))))))