Monday, December 31, 2012

The Tail end of 2012...

The last few months have been a whirlwind...
Getting JoJo the pony.
Remodeling our boat house/garage into a living room.
Having a house guest. (luckily a very easy going one, and a hard worker too...)
Christmas and all it entails... including but not limited to a parade.
 A peaked pony (Cricket) getting better still...
A peaked Pup (Kippy) better now...
We can all use a nap. 
So let's take a little wonder thru the holiday season and catch up a bit.
Marley has perfected the art of the nap. 
Kippy and Marley "sharing" a toy....
See how fast he can move his paw? He's like a blur!

A rare moment of pups lined up by the Christmas tree...
Odd Christmas decoration you're thinking? When we were in Ireland long ago, I crept into an abandoned old stone house... and inside it was dark.  When my eyes adjusted to the light, there inside the big fire place was a BIG sheep, standing there staring back at me!!  He looked about as happy as the one above!  I excused myself and left him to business, before I got an angry sheep dents on my person!!
Mice love Christmas too!
A new Christmas friend!
What?  What is so funny? Did you take the picture? What are you looking at?

Awwwwww.... JoJo.

A flake.
My treat to myself... a Christmas bear! 
The Christmas scenes are all over the place in here!
and now, just before the end of December, it has gotten cold.
Looking up the river at dusk...
chilly winterberries.
Cricket foraging for grass with his Dad.
Me, being lazy by the fire.
Me, being not so lazy, running with JoJo on the front lawn.
I wish you all a healthy and happy NewYear, filled with good things and happy moments and most excellent memories!