Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

My, my, my.... time does get away from me on a regular basis these days...
Let's play catch up again shall we?
What have we been up to.... 
 There has been a bit of snail rescue.
Ever since that movie, Epic ~ well I just can't see them all alone crossing a sidewalk...
It just doesn't end well. 
(and a recent story from a friend has given me even more snail inspiration.)
                                                               and a bit of pony riding.....
                                 Yes, taken from atop me pony ~ me, driving with one hand?
                                                    I seem to have become a daredevil. 
                                                  Whaa ahah hhahahahah haahaha,  yeah right.

                                                             Awwww  Yes, that's us!  :))0
                                                   Hubby and Cricket the Wonder Pony
JoJo and his new (to him) ear protector!  
                                                     The garden is blooming along nicely.
                                         Iris have bloomed (last few weeks) and gone.
                                                            Isn't that a stunning color?
A little glimpse thru my green house  (with no sides still... 80% done ?)
                                                       He's so cute... he's always watching.
            And lest you think I NEVER draw anymore.... here's a little glimpse of art in progress.
                  The swans are a swimming. (We live on Swan Lane, what do you expect?)

And this one.  Pinchy T. Squirrel.
He's taken to digging holes in all our flower pots.
Came home yesterday to my pansy all over the ground beside the pot.
Can't you bury your nuts someplace else?
How about a nice road trip for the summer?
All my seedlings... digs those up too.
                                                                       *Deep breath*
                                             anyway... here's a little closer in the fairy garden.
             And then up to Maine... where these two doves were posing for me beside a pond.
                                                                This.... it's for sale.
                          I so want a store.... *sigh* and this one is already got "stuff" inside!
                     Don't worry... I won't do anything crazy.  I"m not the crazy one at our house.
                                    I'm the boring sensible one... I've got the shoes to prove it.
                  But still, it doesn't stop me from dreaming a bit... a girl's got to have a dream!
                                                         Helloooo, wave to the camera girl!
                                    This is one of my watering bubble things ~ ain't it pretty!!
                                                                      Just nod, it's fine....
And what would spring be without apple blossom time?
I do so love them.  (back in Maine)
                                                           My favorite old apple tree.
                                                     The art in progress, in more progress.
                                                                     Pretty blue......
                                                                 JoJo ~ just cuz he's cute!
And in case we don't have enough to do....
Here's Hubby roasting his own coffee beans!
They look just like coffee beans huh?
                             And this is felty Cricket!  ~ NO, I did not make him... Hubby did! 
                                                He's got so many hidden talents huh?
                  Oh, and I should mention (Eve) that due to peer pressure from here and abroad,
                 he is now 100% done, rather than the usual 95%....  just to prove a point.  Ha ha ~
                                     (All other projects will undoubtedly remain at the 95%. (or less?))
                                                                   Isn't he just adorable?
and one more thing ~  A project of mine... revived from many years ago, when I was between jobs and selling these to florist shops!  I decided to glue the rest of them together and finish them!
                                                            Sorry they are sideways... 
                                                 Even the back of them gets a little love!
                                                  So there you have it ~ for now. 
                                             Don't worry, I never stop taking pictures...
                                              I'll be back again before you know it!
                                                                  Happy June!