Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trying to catch up!

Where does time go?  I really need to know how I can get behind with so much, so often?  I can't even keep up with reading my favorite blogs lately? Of course if I stopped adding more to my blog roll that might help... but it's not likely; I might miss something really good out there is the blogosphere!
  I think the best thing would be for the addition of a few more hours in each day.  I'd like to start this retoroactive to June 1st. Wonder who I speak to about that.....???
Let's get caught up on the month of August shall we?

He's saying fair # 2 !! :))

We'll go back to the middle of August.   This is where fair number two takes place.  The Rochester Country Fair was on Sunday, August 21st and we were there!  (I was MUCH calmer mentally with this one.)  We once again did sell a few things, and thanks to the heavy buckets of cat litter (new/clean) lashed to the legs of our tent, it didn't blow away in the wind ~ lucky, it WAS a windy day! Nice people, nice atmosphere ~ much more "fair" like.  They didn't have much in the way of animals (though there were  a few greyhounds from a rescue group ~ beautiful animals!) ~ but they make up for the lack of animals in tractors of every shape and size and they have a parade with them!

I love it that woman drive big tractors!
If you squint behind the tractor line up, you can see our tent!
This one was retrofitted with wings and a gun ~ driven by Snoopy, I mean the Red Baron!
A VERY large shorts.
Center of operations for M&S Creations!
and our view out across was the bee keepers tent!
A windblown me!

Chain saw carver guy....

This was my favorite one!  They were raffled off at the end of the day; sadly i didn't win him.  :(

And then in more recent news.... we had a visit from "Irene".  If t
Now normally I like a nice stormy day to hunker in at home and do "inside" things.
It was NOT nice at all...  While we got no rain from this weather event, we more than made up for it with wind.  We had waves and white caps in the river out front. The direction of the wind sent it straight up the river.  Our poor tree just couldn't take it. The first "arm" that broke off landed in the new neighbors yard. It settled down amoungst his fleet of small boats he had parked there, neatly slicing one of them in half.
It did miss his antique car however. 
Then the willow tree on his own lawn broke off... and covered the rest of his front yard. 
He emerged out onto his front steps, bathrobe flapping in the howling wind and said,
"I guess it's "gone with the wind".....

This is what's left of what was about a 100' tall tree.... and over the fence you can see the remains of the willow tree.

You can make out one of boats there....  That's the husband weilding his chain saw. Chainsaws seem to be a theme this post.... though i haven't seen him make anything that resembles a big green worm yet...
Two baby squirrels were also rendered homeless in the willow tree crash.  The neighbor is now running a squirrel nursery, in addition to woodlot if anyone has need of either.

All and all we were lucky. The death toll for the "Tropical Storm Irene" is up to 44 souls, and it seems a lot of Vermont has literally been washed away... ~ and there are STILL hundreds of thousands of people without power... they are hoping it will all be restored by this coming Monday. That's a long time in this modern world without electric, and for anyone with a private well, in many case this means no water either.
August has had it's ups and downs...
Let's see what September brings....  it's my favorite month. 
Coming soon to a blog near you; the "travel" theme for Being Creative!
Stay tuned! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer continues.

I have no new art to share at the moment... so why don't we wander around a bit and see what's been going on here!

Our little Kippy turned a year old on August 9th!
The tea is for us... in case you were concerned. ;)
Ava seems to have one too many treats...

In the great outdoors... we have our little duck friend.  She has an injured leg, but she still manages to get around pretty well...  She had a boyfriend who was very attentive and protected her from all the other males vying for her attentions this spring.  Sadly he's not been seen in weeks...
She's very shy.... so we have to leave the food and walk away.
This was taken from across the yard, zoomed in.  :))
She flies in one or twice a day and we treat her like a Queen (as you can see she's holding court with the sparrows).
We had a big storm cloud move in one night last week....
Complete with lightening and rumblings from the north.
Isnt' that a beautiful color blue?

But when you turned around, the sky was clear and sporting a soon to be full Sturgeon Moon!
Oddly we never got one drop of rain that night....

                                                             but a few days later.....
Cricket.... after a bit of head scratching, came to a new conclusion about rain.

Smart horses stand inside when it rains.

Other than that... not a lot of news to report at present. 

It was only 64 degrees this morning... almost had a hint of "fall" in the air....

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Being Creative ~ Summer !

Brandy new art for the Summer theme!
My favorite summer treats, and theirs too I say!
Fairy house in the garden.... so far no fairy footprints....

Flora and Lucy Rat going on a joy ride!
Eary stages of bloom!
Happy toes in my FAVORITE flops!
Mmmmmmmm, ice cream!
Volunteer sweet peas!

Burger anyone?