Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day weedend ~ 2013

Weeee, who doesn't love swinging in the sunshine?

Just makes ya giggle a bit!
My new pinks in the sun ~ Mmmm, cinaminny smells!
So we've gone back in time.... to Maine last weekend, where spring is a few weeks behind! Yeah, that means MORE apple blossom pictures!! Yippeee!!  That's my favorite big old apple tree there.

Look at that!   Stunning!!
Julie?  Are you there? ~ O.K. lean in close now ~~~ Doggy photos as requested!!!
When big dogs drink, it makes a tidal wave!! 

Ava, a bit more of a delicate drinker.....

Happy Boy ~ Marley

Well, no not really; he's actually playing with a stick....but it could be a big Waachoo!!

Cigar anyone?? 

Marley, Kippy, Ava ~ playin'

Then you rest, and chew the stick you stole!

Warning, Big Dog comin' thru.

Exhibit A.
 Be careful what you ask for when you a very funny Hubby.
I said, "...just a teeny little scoop of ice cream please...."
And that's just what I got.  :))))

Saw the movie Epic this weekend with friends.....
and of course when this showed up in the garden yesterday, well I cartwheeled to get the camera.
You should see Epic.... if you like talking snails, and humming birds and have a decent amount of imagination.

"Hellooooo flat faced people!"  (snail humor).... 

Kippy on the run!

"Throw the ball, throw the BAALLLLLL !!!"

Newest windowsill-scape ~  Check out the cute bunny rowing along.....
New begonia cuttings... cuz you can't really ever have too many.
And my Whatchamacallit cutting is blooming!! Weeee!

My corner in the new living room.... I've taken over this piece of wall, to display the art I have acquired and admire!
I bet a few of you might even recognize some of it??? 
Still plenty of room up there...don't worry ! You TOO can one day make it to the Wall of Fame!!!
and the chain (one of two)... I have a lifetime (so far's worth) of charms... I am drawn to all things tiny... So in the interest of fairness to them all; I have linked them onto a chain so I can see them and appreciate them and admire them; instead of them being in dark little boxes... and tins and such.

This is my "hand me down hutch"... I have "moved into" it quite nicely....
New furniture is so.... new.
Recycling is MUCH more fun.

The other charm chain.... I told you I love little things... Plus, as compared to the rest of the things I seem to hoard like a pack rat ~ this takes up almost no room at all!!!  Plenty of empty links left on the chain too, so don't worry!
My Mum did the deer painting a long time ago...(before me).
See the lovely stuffed, heart shaped Union Jack!  Nice~ !! :))

I got this (it's a purse actually)(yes, I carried it around for years...) at the Sonoma County Fair in California, well ~ let's just say a long while ago....  Now, it's come out of hiding to become wall art.  :))))))
(sorry about the window trim... someday we'll have some....priorities.)

And out in the garden last evening....

Fishies are a swimmin'

I call this, "the one that got away".... that blur on the right was a sparrow.
 Lovely, and lots of sprouts underneath it, if anyone needs a few dozen, dozen.

So then.... no crafting again as you can see ~ but fun anyway!! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Springy Scenes...

Remember this little bucket hanging in the barn? 

It has a secret inside.....  a nest of wrens are calling it home! 

We've been seeing the adults zooming in and out over our heads, and under JoJo's stall door when we close up the barn for the night.... but didn't know where they were going.

Until one landed on the lip of the bucket, and then disappeared inside.  After it left, we got a ladder and peeked (cuz that's what nosey humans do...), sure enough 4 little baby beaks in there!
I pretend I don't see them now when the pause on the edge; limp bugs dangling from their beaks, and the arrangement seems to be working...

You can just see one of them...if you squint.
*Update.... before I could post this... they have flown the nest!  Off to the big wide world~

This is the crab apple tree that now frames my little supply shed (formerly the "house" part of our trailer for Cricket)... The air is thick and sweet with the scent of these blossoms, can you smell them?

The Swans are a Swimming....

These are taken from our "front lawn".... and off on the left there (the buildings) is the center of town...
He's keeping an eye on things....mostly me at the moment.

Solomon's Seal
Forget me Nots
 O.K.  so I'm over doing the crab apple blossoms.... but I  LOVE them! 

Bleeding Hearts....
                                                                Mmmmmm   Lilacs......

You lookin' at me?  I'm Frosty!
Lily of The Valley and Forget me Nots
Rhubarb (the rabbit, not the plant....)
Mini Spirng Bouquet
Rosco Rabbit
Leo Lionhead!
My Bird bath Rock is sprouting!
Affordable Housing
My new Pinks!