About Me.

About me.  Where does one start?  Should one start? Does anyone really even want to know?       What the heck, I'll give you the highlights.  I know I'm always curious about other bloggers and what makes them tick, so why not share a bit of myself.   
If you've visited this blog before you probably know the basics.  I'm a would be artist who works in an office by day, and home, on our weird little "farm" the rest of the time.  Of course I hesitate to call it a farm really.  That would indicate that we were producing something... or raising animals to sustain us in some way.  That is definitely NOT the case. Couldn't be further from the truth. Ours is more of a resort for animals.  We work to support them, in the lifestyle they've become accustomed to .. and of course, also the people who own the mortgage company that technically owns our house... ~ I want them to be comfortable and well fed too.
Normally I refer to our little homestead as "The Zoo" ~ probably a more apt title.
 But, before I get sidetracked, (and it can happen easily) this was "about me". (isn't everything?)

I am an only child, and was for the most part raised by my Mum.  My Grandparents (her parents)  get credit too, they were a huge influence in my life as well.  My Father was a weekend sort of thing, and the "fun" one.  Probably why my Mother liked him way back when. Fun will however eventually give way to reality and responsibility. (less fun) It's hard to be all those things at once, if you're not so inclined... hence the divorce I suppose.  I have no recollection of any of that of course, I was an infant when it happened; nor do I hold any grudges, you have to do what is best for you at the time.  I strongly believe that the choices you make in life, will shape your life.  I know very well that you can guess wrong... or regret a choice... and we ALL make mistakes... but you need to learn from them, not repeat them endlessly.   
I guess I would describe myself as responsible, more than fun. Seldom described as "fun".  I will do what needs to be done, even when it's killing me slowly.  I don't necessarily consider that to be a good trait... I wish, quite often that I could be more selfish and carefree, willy nilly and throw caution to the wind.  No luck yet.

I am happily married to wonderful and very supportive guy; we have only animals not children. 
I love and adore our animals; and I talk to them in full sentences, against my husband's advice.   

My motto in life is, "Aim low, and you'll never be disappointed."  True, if you think about it....
I LOVE to draw, I always have.  I also love to craft, try new crafts, and create with polymer clay.... I love miniatures and doll houses, anything tiny really.  I love to garden, start my own seeds, and grow houseplants.  I also love books; a little TOO much perhaps.  I love to take pictures, and get them printed so I can hold them in my hand and mail them to my friends.  I love old houses, and the past, and researching my ancestors.

I keep worms in my kitchen, who compost my vegetable scraps and tea bags. 

Speaking of tea bags.... I LOVE tea.  Nice, basic black tea, Red Rose, Lipton, English Breakfast.  I have been drinking Red Rose for as long as my memory goes back.  I must have hundreds of the little porcelain figurines they put in each box.  I also recently have discovered PG Tips (England?).
Oh yes, and England.  I have always had an affection for the place.  We even got there once.  I suppose is started in my youth with the Beatrix Potter books... I find it to be such a wonderful and fascinating place. Some of my ancestors even came from there, way back in the family tree! 
As you can see, I got to meet Ms. Tiggywinkle!

and Ireland, love it too.... home of my Grandfather's ancestors.  Got there once also. 
I love New England. (that's where we live by the way...)

I love winter and snow. 

I am enamored with things like ancient apple trees, stone walls and old cellar holes... digging up an old button or piece of pottery is like finding gold to me.  I wish very much that old houses could talk.

I believe in ghosts.
I would like to keep bees. 

I would like to make baked beans, ~ a New England tradition after all.
I would like to try making pottery on a wheel.

I would like to make a book of my own, with my favorite art and sayings and recipes.
Which reminds me, I don't really like to cook.

I do love a nice, hot, not too sweet apple pie, well ~ most baked goods really.
I would like to learn rug hooking, and make a tea cozy for my tea pot.

I am a disaster with sewing... but I want to, sometimes; so I could make fun things! (instead, I come up the great idea and rope my Mum into the actual part with the needles.)
I am a collector of  trinkets and charms of all sorts, and small wooden boxes, and old office supplies, and other  peoples unwanted heirlooms.

I am a keeper of memories... and stories and photographs.
I love REAL letters, and my ever patient pen pals / friends.

I'm NOT a very "girly" girl... but I do love jewelry.  Not expensive stuff,  just unique stuff. Sterling and stones...   I like to make my own sometimes. I also LOVE lockets.
I can mostly be found wearing jeans.  I love fun sweaters and funky socks for winter, and fun shirts/skirts and flip flops for summer.  I love colors, but I can't wear yellow or orange or green, it makes me look ill, and people worry.  Blue and red are my favorites.

One of the goals in my life is to one day become fabulously eccentric and curious little old lady. 

oh yes, and I almost forgot ~ I talk/type too much once I get going.

Hill Top.  Leaning right there in the doorway where Beatrix leaned. 


  1. AMAZING ! ~and you say your not fun ~I think MANY that really know you would beg to differ, incredibly interesting your life.
    What a great treat to be in a doorway where Beatrix Potter once leaned , and you look lovey there too ~ right at home.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. It definately has, thus far, been a very interesting life~ doorway leaning was a highlight for sure! :))) Thank YOU for taking an interest in my sharing!

  2. Hey Mel, where did this post come from? I know I have read it before but there are no 'old' comments. Thanks to Willow, who sent me the link, I got to this post.
    Don't worry about becoming a little old lady one day ... that's at least one wish to come true ;-)))

  3. I've added some "pages" to my wee blog! Some of it is undoubtedly repeated elsewhere! :)))))
    I don't just want to be any little old lady, I'm aiming for funtabulously, eccentric little old lady, and be assured ~ I will surround myself with geraniums of all shapes and sizes!

  4. Allright...I'm hooked. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, so I could find you! I love Beatrix Potter, I am a beekeeper (if I can do it so could you!) I love your artwork (is the small pic with the two bunnies dancing in the moonlight for sale?), I am not an artist but would love to be one. I do crochet, play around with polymer clay, and have no children either, but I love my nieces to pieces, my nephew too. And lastly, I talk to my dog in full sentences. Last night I told him to stop licking the patio and my Shug informed me he has no idea what I'm saying. He also informed me he was dumping bacon grease in our fire pit and that is why my little Dixie Doodle was licking the patio. He dribbled a little on the patio on his way to the fire pit. Love your blog.

    Cindy Bee

    PS - I want to stand in Beatrix Potter's doorway!

    1. I'm glad you found me too! I was just talking about the bees again today... and wondering if you talk in full sentences to the bees, can you sweet talk them into giving up the goods peacefully?
      Apparently I talk non stop to all the critters... it's what I hear anyway, of course I can't hear anything over my own incessant chatter.
      You ask about my wee little tiny bunny painting? I suppose it could certainly be for sale...why not! (i'd make a terrible car saleswoman.... ha ha )
      I think you should make a list and putting standing in Beatrix's doorway squarely on it! :))))

    2. Hi Melody,
      I thought I'd pop back by and say Hi! I most certainly talk to my bees in full sentences. But I also talk to my dog in full sentences. I talk to myself in full sentences! However, the bees are not always peaceful when you rob their honey. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't. Depends on their mood. They are females...and the males (drones) do very little...sooo...you know....they sometimes get a little grouchy. I ALWAYS leave enough for them to survive our winters though. I think I will make that list and put standing in Beatrix's doorway on it! Great idea.

      E-mail me at
      and let me know how much for that little pic. I think it's cute.

      Cindy Bee

  5. PPS - My Dixie Doodle isn't as big as your dogs head! Probably smaller than your bunny! I have a funny bunny story I'll have to share sometime.
    PPPS!-Where do you get Red Rose tea? I've never heard of it but I want some of those small figurines! I bet they are adorable.

    1. what's your funny bunny story?
      Red Rose comes from the grocery store... it's a basic model, like Lipton or Tetly?? I have been drinking it as long as I can remember.... and over the years we have amassed a huge collection of the little figurines (you end up with 10 of one, and none of the one you're missing!) Every few years or so, they change the collection and start a new series!

    2. I'm going to look for Red Rose in the grocery store....funny I've never heard of it. I once crocheted a teacup and named him Mr. Tetly! He's on my blog somewhere. (or maybe my friend crocheted him and gave him to me...jeeeesh I can't remember....good thing I blog!)

      Cindy Bee

  6. Hello Melody...I just finished reading part of your blog and I have to tell you I'm amazed sometimes when you come across someone whose words really speak to you...yours surely did to me. Especially your list of things that make you happy. I think I probably could have written that myself about myself. Lots of insight too in your about me...I loved reading your story of your life. Isn't it funny how easy it is to relate even to a perfect stranger who really doesn't feel like a complete stranger at all. I guess those are all the ties that bind us together because we love and cherish the same things. Thank you for sharing and about my photo of Belfast out on the walking bridge...I think you are right about the red building although I've never been there. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for commenting on my blog.

    1. I'm so pleased you came by to visit my little world here! I'm sort of old fashioned, stubborn and resistant to change when it comes to technology; but I must say that the world wide web and blogging have truly made my world a better place, with out them I would never have had the chance to meet some amazing, and fabulous kindred spirits!