Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Techni-Color Returns!

 See, it's O.K. ~
 I turned the color back on again.... 
No promises of course, that I won't go "retro" again in my color scheme.
I do have great affection for the past, I confess.

And Maybe, One of these day we'll see some "art" again?
Wouldn't that be fabulous?
For now, let's have a ramble about thru the garden!
You can skip if you want~

Fresh picked!! (and eaten shortly after photo...)



                                                                    See you soon!  :)))))

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer in Sepia~

Yes, I know; summer is vibrant and colorful and we should embrace it.
I do.
My Mum can't understand why I like "those BROWN pictures".....
I find sepia to be quite beautiful in it's own special way.
Contrast and light....and dew drops on Nasturtiums.
So come on along for a stroll thru a taste of summer in a more muted hue.
I've tried to include doggies, and ponies, and flowers ~ a little something for everyone?
Balloon flower

"uh Mum.... What cha doing?"
"Ridin' Clyde ~  WITH NO HANDS!!"

Awww Clyde, Good Boy...  Now don't step on the tiny dog.
No one ever looks at the camera at the same time....
In a sea of dog fluff....


Fairy Roses

Scotty the bowling ball.

watermelon time!

He just gobbled the whole slice!!!
"Feed me!"
"o.k., Now pick up your right hooove"...
Weeeee, Trick pony!
Now you see it!
Now you don't!
and take a bow...
"You getting this Mum?"  ~   "Yes Cricket, of course I am."

Talllll Hollyhock.

We have A LOT of grapes this year!
Possibly because we moved the compost pile within inches of them?
Sweet little Miniature geranium ~ (you're welcome Eve)

The Happy Monk is still swinging.....
"You STILL got that camera?"    ~   "yes Jo...."  


Next time, I'll turn the color back on... 
Thanks for visiting ~