Monday, August 11, 2014

As August Ensues...

It was a lovely day of blue skies and gentle breezes.
Bees buzzed, birds tootled, and squirrels bustled to and fro,
getting their sun-tan in the brightest sunshine.
In a word, all Nature smiled.
P.G. Wodehouse

Ahhhh yes ~ August, the month before September (which, in my opinion, one of the BEST of all).
Summer is in full swing here in New England, blue skies, puffy clouds, warm temperatures, beach weather, if you like that sort of thing.   It's good garden weather too, and good pony riding weather too, except for the bugs of course.... deer flies, horse flies, house flies, barn flies; and let us not forget mosquitoes, gnats and occasional confused bumble bee who stumbles into your shirt while you are riding the aforementioned pony ~ and then stings you in the thumb while you are trying to extricate yourself from your bee ridden shirt....  but I digress.  
Summer in New England is pretty ~ there is no getting around it.  Green grass against white clapboard houses, decorated with blue hydrangeas ~ and of course some flags flapping in the warm breeze. Heck, even the President comes to New England for summer vacation. 

So let's see what's going on around in our little corner of the world, shall we?
First, let's introduce you to the newest members of the family.
Despite the fact that I said I do NOT want any thing else with a pulse.....
Me and Jellyfish, spineless. 
What are you suppose to do when someone is pleading with you on bended ( freshly operated on) knee.... to save the rats?
Turn away? 
 Look at that face!
This is Roly

This is Poly

and this is, of course ~ Puddin' 

My goodness it's hard to get a not blurry picture of them....constant motion at its finest! 
They are quite friendly, and of course amusing little creatures. 
We've been rodent-less a while now, so I suppose we were due.
When I'm not herding rats....
We sometimes take the ponies out~
You'll have to excuse the hazy look... Hubby's phone has glue (epoxy) on the lens thingy, so every picture has that soft, romantic look ~ even if it's not.  
 The dogs are still swimming about out front ~
 rare to see Kippy actually swimming, so get a good look...
The only thing rarer, would be to see ME swimming!
Marley doing his version of Little Red Riding Hood.
 Phlox is looking lovely....
 See the humming-bird moth ??  They move faster than the rats! 
 Orchid is blooming profusely!!
(no, still no sides on the green house...)
 Straw flowers are looking good~ even when they are cut to dry, they still open and close!
We went a sunset ride with the equines ~ large, medium and small.
 Our friend and her horse Harley (a leggy, older, thoroughbred) ~
(the horse, I mean is leggy, she's not that tall... or that old.)
 Harley, Cricket the Wonder Pony (center) and Me and the JoJo on the right, on the beach as the sun was sinking lower.
And that was followed by snack time in the field....
 Nothing makes JoJo smile more than a field of grass... well, maybe watermelon does?
 Hubby and Cricket in the setting sun......
And we went to a book store.... *happy sigh*
I keep seeing this art on blogs and Pinterst...
and I found my own little calendar FILLED with it!
Yeah!! ~ It's by Katie Daisy!
 Did you know there are Faerie magazines???  
Why did no one tell me??
How cool is that???
Who doesn't' want to celebrate the extraordinary???
and the veggies are ripening... and tasty too!
 and the Humming birds are humming (and fighting amongst themselves)...

Fabulous Moth, that was loitering in the doorway to JoJo's stall..... 

Look at those "eyes" !
And yesterday ~ we went here!
any they had fun (gentle; luckily) animals to see!
Imagine seeing an Ox (?) this size on a "leash" in an open field, beside the path!
His friend seemed amiable enough (we saw small children next to him moments before) ~ So we decided to be brave and introduce ourselves!
Aren't I brave!  ~ He never really moved a muscle (and he had MANY!), and we scratched his ears for him!
This one has his own Canada Goose friend!
This guy enjoyed a good long ear scratch too!

We got some absolutely delicious corn at the farm stand~
Where I learned that payments are on the honor system!
Pretty amazing in the world today, I don't expect anyone to trust me, or anyone!
Luckily, they leave calculators out on the counter to help you with the math, which is good as I am not that good with "mental" math.  
Of course, during flip flop season, I do have better access to my toes if i need to count over 10. 
(are you even mildly concerned that I am a "book keeper" by day?).
So there then.
 Above is the evidence I present with  my case, about why I still have no art to show you! 
Please visit again anyway??!!

Mel  xx