Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home ~ Being Creative

 The theme/word for May's Being Creative is "Home"....
Home is where the heart is they say....
as you can see below, home is where quite a lot is in my wierd little world.
I can't really say I've live a whole bunch of places as compared to some.... but I remember my Mother asking each time we did move, "Is it Home yet?"....
A good question of course, it takes a moment to become one with a new house. You have to get comfortable with the place, work thru it's quirks ~ you and your place of dwelling have to get to know each other a bit.
Once you do, it can become home.
 It may be a tiny trailer, a rented apartment, or even a gutted sailboat on dry land... you never know.
Home is where you are welcome to be yourself and you feel safe;
or you can feel sorry for yourself quietly, or you can leap about with wild abandon.
It isn't supposed to be about "things" ~ as they say things can be replaced.... but at least in my case "things", including but not limited to, books are part of what makes it home.  Too many books, too many craft supplies, too many plants, too many animals; it's how I know I'm home.  Some peoples houses are spotless and echo from the silence and lack of "things".... that makes me uncomfortable.
In our house, you just never know what you'll find in the tub... If you were to thumb back thru the posts I bet  you could find quite a few species who have graced it's inside.  All I can say is it's different at our home... and it's not for just anyone ~ and I like it that way.
A hot cup of tea,  a new magazine and good sturdy cat that doesn't move around much to hold it up.

All the creatures and comforts of home....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A gray day in May.

It is yet another gray day here in New England...  it's been this color alot lately.  It's sort of growing on me... or maybe that's mold; I can't be sure.  All this mist and drizzle makes the garden happy and grass green, and there's no worries about sun burn for sure;  I guess that's the "bright side" to this rather drab weather.  All part of the program here I guess.  I don't mind too much about the basic weather; sun, rain, snow, thunderstorms..... if the sun is out I want to play in the gardens, if it's precipitating I want to play in my art supplies and lets face it, either way i'm happy.  Rain/snow also brings the possibilty of good books, extra cups of tea... those sorts of things. What's not to like about that? (Of course I take it all back it the "rain" is in the form of a hurricane... I surely don't wish for that ~  brrrr, that's never a good thing. )

"I say kind Sir, 'ave you seen my sheep?"

I suppose walking soggy dogs in the rain can be a bit much sometimes... Actually, the aftermath in the house is worse than the getting soaked part.... Nothing quite like O'De Wet Dog on a damp day....and the gritting of muddy foot prints all over the floor, and apparently the couch too when you have short, wet canine who prefers to dry himself thank you... Towel? Why bother, the couch will do....
 I sound  a bit like the weather girl don't I?  Though i've never heard her say "partly cloudy today, whith a chance of muddy sand on your furniture"...

I want to catch up a bit here (not just to give you a weather report)... it seems like it's been a while.  I've been doing lots of little craft projects, which keeps my fingers away from the keyboard.  We (the hubby and I) have signed up to be vendors at the Swan Festival in town (in July).  As we've never done anything like this before, it has a fairly strong hold on my brain...  I'm a mixed bag of emotions.... fear of course is heading the list... with a touch of excitement and curiosity.  I guess we'll see what happens when it happens.  In the mean time I'm trying to prepare the goodies we wish to try and sell ~ which reminds me, I'm a terrible sales person ~ and figure out how to best display them under our 10 x 10 white tent... (I'd have prefered the adorable shepards hut, but the tent will be just lovely I'm sure...) I do so love to decorate....so I'm sure it will all come together before July and be just fine....  I hope.

I'm also working on my contribution for Being Creative's "home" theme... sorry no glimpses yet...

I really think we need to install some more hours in each day... preferably during the day, since my eye lids seem to go down with the setting sun... which causes me to wake up on the couch with a big kink in my neck and that just makes a girl cranky.  That's not fun for anyone.

Any how.... I must go now, and sit by the fire a moment and get the damp out of me bones.
But don't worry ~ I'll be back again, cuz I just can't stay away!! 
"i'm not a sheep"....

Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Continues

That's the roof of old part of the hospital lit up.... looking up the river into town.

Squeaky the sweet little duck,  blissfully unaware of the dark clouds approaching...

A Nantucket Light Ship, docked in the center of town.
Holding sunshine in my hand.... :)
Harbor scene zoomed out a bit....
The inside of a tulip....

Thanks for dropping by ~ let's do it again soon!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Being Creative April

Happy bunny ~ his cup runneth over with goodies!
I have joined a great new group called "Being Creative"!   Every month there is a theme, and you can contribute something that represents that theme ~ any media goes.   So here is what I put up for the Flikr group.... plus a few extra. 
You can never have too much dessert right? 

This little guy is brand new!
No calories in a paper cake... which isn't a problem anyway if you're a paper mouse.
Wanna a bite of cupcake?
Have some sense when "desserting" ~  if the cake is bigger than you are, phone a friend for help!
The theme for May is "Home"  ~ why don't you come and join in the fun?