Monday, February 2, 2015

February is off and running!

So once our blizzard was done blizzarding.....

The Sun came out!
Annie was right! (of course she was.)
Belle even came out (she doesn't "do" precipitation).
After we shoveled her a spot that is.
                                                         The birds were frolicking.....

                                                The Snowmen were springing up all over.....

It's such a colorful time of year....
Barry B. Badger was out and about...
He's an amateur Weather Prognosticator, case you didn't know.

Curiously, I had drawn a picture of Barry... a year ago, before i actually met him.
Who knew?
The world works in mysterious ways.

"Get away from my bread-cicle you little Pipsqueak...."

                                       I even managed to make some Welsh (pony?) Cakes! 
                                  (Cooking/baking and I.... not always a good combination....)
                                                          Read my book.....sipped my tea.
The dogs do so love a good snow fall! 
Seriously my favorite picture EVER of them!
Small dog.... BIG shadow.

                                                Hope you have a DAZZLING kind of day! 
The End.
For now.... butt we'll be back.

Mel  xx