Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello 2016 ~

Greetings and Salutations good people!!  (and animals if you are reading over their shoulders). :)
Here I am... cautiously dipping a toe into 2016 ~
 (it's suppose to be cold this time of year, and my toe is confused as to why it's not getting frost bite! )
Of course, "cautiously"... maybe that's not be how you are suppose to do it...?
Perhaps one is suppose to stride boldly ahead, shoulders thrown back, and do that "hair flip" like the super models do??? 
Is caution overrated?
Some people seem to thrive, living life on the ragged edge, and flying by the seat of their pants. 
Perhaps you are supposed to go out and MAKE good things happen, and guffaw in the face of caution!! (do people stiff guffaw?)
Grab life by the scruff of the neck and give it a good shake, like you mean it.
" Be the change you want to see in the world", and all of those sayings people put on posters.
Power of positive thinking and reaching for the stars ~  
... and I should try harder to follow the instructions on the bracelet I wear every day;
"go confidentiality in the direction of your dreams, live the life you've imagined"
Is this it?  Is this what we are meant to be doing?  How do you know?
 I'd ask the Magic 8 ball, but sadly,  I don't have one.  So very many questions in life. 

and 2015....well, it was a curious sort of year, not just for us, but for the entire world it seems,... and yes, I confess ~ 2015 left me a little underwhelmed, as years go... but I guess some years are just like that.  Nothing to be done about it now. 

Maybe (definitely) you are thinking, "blah, blah, blah..." "get on with it", "Do you have a point"... "What has gone on around there since last post, months ago;  show me something fun, stop babbling..."!!  (all right... all right.. already! )

So, let's see.  
We had an infestation of raccoons in our tree one day....not sure why.  They seemed tired, and were draped over the branches like laundry drying on a line in the sun.  They stayed until it got dark and we lost sight of them... and they were never seen or heard from again. 
I brought a small frog inside for the winter (accidentally, hidden in a house plant someplace)...and he peeps everynight (at odd hours)....he hits some pretty high notes, and could probably shatter glass,
but we are getting used to it now.  Sort of cute(the frog, not the noise) in a frog sort of way.
 The Beagle found one of her own kind to play with!
and the dogs play together too!

I got myself a new sweater, because it was awesome and had sheep on it!

The sun rose, and set any number of times... this one was nice, as I was leaving work in the fading daylight.
There was Christmas card making and (eventually) sending....
 and some crafty-ness afoot....

and house decorating... (ours and and the mouse's). :)

and Christmas shopping, and present making...

and wrapping and then there was Christmas itself!  (which was at our  house this year, and may i just say that Christmas at our house is not for the squeamish, the allergic, the non pet person, or anyone dressed in black fabric of any sort.)
 Everyone survived, some unscathed, and others... well.... we'll just leave it at that.
Was I suppose to wear the kerchief, or the cap?
Like this?

Not a creature was stirring...
Since Winter hasn't been very "wintery" here so far....  well, this is what we've had to resort to.
Windshield frost.
And what's in store for 2016?   Hmmmmmm......

I am crossing my fingers, hoping for the best, for all of us; and taking the wait and see approach.

No sense in making resolutions... or saying, "This year will be different"... cuz, after all, until it's over ~ we have NO idea what's to come in the year ahead, and resolutions are meant to be broken.  
We can hope for good things, learning from our mistakes,..mending our ways, and eating better, and many other good intentions.... but history shows us, life has a mind of it's own, and we all know about that road, and where it leads.. and what it's paved with.

I DO intend to try "wet felting"... (very soon actually).
Enjoy the animals...
Learn to knit... a least  a little....
Finish my paper mache rabbits...( because you need to.)
...want to draw lots of pictures of the animals....
and vacuum now and again, because you need to. 

 I'll just say I'll try to be more organized, a better person, a kinder person, a better wife, daughter, friend, eat healthier, make more art, and write more posts about the art, and the animals, the small joys and all the wonder that surrounds me daily.... all the while hoping for the very best for everyone the world over, and peace on earth to boot!!!

 I raise my cup of tea and toast to all of you, and all the potential a new year (and clean slate) holds!

Happy New Year my friends!!

xx    Mel 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

November is underway....

When you are SO far behind ~ and have missed so much, where do you begin?
 Peeped in, in September, then skipped over October all together. 
My goodness, not going to win any BlogTastic Awards on this schedule am I ?  
Clearly, trying to catch up, alllll the way back to the Perpetual Winter post would be a bit much.
Baby steps.

Good then, Let's press on, shall we?

Fasten your seat belt, here we go.

There have been bits of crafting, here and there.

First up,  dabbling with PMC3 (Precious Metal Clay) again.  No, I'm no silversmith, but it's fun and considering that it starts out as a glob of clay, and ends up sterling silver, after a good roasting on your stove top, how can you not love the adventure!  Takes your mind off the shaky results.

 This little birdy was made as a birthday gift for a friend....  it seems you can still get the Milk Man to deliver if you stay in the Lake District in England! Not only milk, but other things too! Dog bones, bird seed... ~ this is a small scale reenactment of the experience.  "He" (yes, that's right, The Milk Man) leaves a piece of slate on top of your milk bottle, so the Blue Tits won't peck thru the top to steal your cream! 

Next thing you know, it's September, and time to go to The Common Ground Fair again! 
We took the train from Thorndike, ME this year ~ If you are in the neighborhood, you NEED to visit Garden Variety and peek into the Dented Can to see what's going on inside!  A great little village, that is really making an effort to bring it's vintage buildings and empty train cars back to life! 
This fabulous little Tear Drop trailer was set up there, selling home dyed and spun yarn!  (yes, that really does say "The Rolling Scones") If you are passing thru Montville, Maine you should stop at Fernwood Nursery (the home base) and meet the nice people who turn wool into fabulously colored yarn, and maybe the sheep who make it ~ and buy some plants too! 
 We enjoyed the fair, as always ~ the animals, all the wonderful wares for sale! We had great weather this year ~ not to hot, not too cold ~ just right, like a good bowl of Porridge.
Goldilocks would have been pleased!  
                                                                        What a Handsome goat! 
                                                         I'm sure he's as gentle as a lamb......

Once back home.... my creative juices kicked in again! 
You see, I saw some adorable paper mache rabbits while visiting The Rolling Scones...
and I needed to have some.  ~ and I do love to learn new things... so this is Rabbit #1.
He's nameless, and yet unfinished, but he's coming along. 
Due check back for updates on his status.
Naturally, we brought home some apples from Maine... and pie is the next natural thing that happens!
             And, after over ten (?) years, my Cork Screw (Snail Vine) Vine FINALLY bloomed! 
This is Levi, he's not a big cuddler, or one that follows me around I had to take advantage when he was sitting there peacefully contemplating life and looking handsome.
               Before you know it, we are back in Maine...
 (yes, a lot of to-ing and fro-ing goes on, it's hard when you are be-twist two lives).
Artsy Apple photo, because why not?
   There's that Snail Vine unfurled, it smells like sweet orchids! 

We had a wild rain storm sweep thru one day, while I was at work. It moved on as swiftly as it arrived, and the sun returned like nothing ever happened.   Fascinating the weather in New England! 
                           I love my kitchen window sill....  it makes me happy inside.

                                                    The Magnificent Pete Purrington.
Cranberry Harvest Season too!
So pretty the reds and blues!

                                                                          Maine born apples.
The first and only black squirrel I have ever seen!  Of course Pinchy T. Squirrel has run the poor thing out of the neighborhood!  Seems Pinchy doesn't want any outsiders taking up tree space!
... and potentially getting more peanuts than him. 
This is the world's tiniest inch worm who came for a ride in the van with me one day!
                                                                   Maine scenery......
                                                     Beautiful colors huh?

                                                A great old barn, on the "Back Roads".
             If you are passing thru Freedom, Maine you should stop in and visit the Pack Rat! 
         A great little shop, with lots of this and that,  and with a super nice owner!!
                      She welds, does lamp work too,  and makes fabulous things!!
                                                  Things to do with your extra apples.
                                  You need some foliage in your day, who doesn't?
                                                           I never get tired of this view.
                                 oh Yes; Country of the Pointed Firs... you go Sarah Orne Jewett. 
Belfast, Maine..... by night.
Oh go ahead, Que the spooky music.
                                                       British Soldier Lichen... love it! 
                                     Art shot.  Old tractor with corn stalks, how can you not?
                                                           Sunrise on the Wankinco River.
                                                                                Me and Jo. 
                                                                                 Belle's Nose
                                          She gets a little bored with the whole photo shoot thing....
                                         Some fall "art", purely for your viewing pleasure! 

                                                                     Funny Boy.

So, there you go ~ a little catch up, and soon(er) than later, we'll meet again!
Show you any progress on Nameless the Bunny, more art and scenery maybe? Perhaps I even have a profound thought or two to share?  (well, thoughts anyway?)
..and maybe some dog photos for those of you I know like them best~
 plus, You all need to meet Reba Beagle still! 
Stay tuned!

All the Best,

Mel  xx