Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blizzard! 2015

Just when I was starting to think we weren't having winter this year.  
Well,  it seems to have shown up all at once!
It's been snowing, and blowing and snowing since last night.... and it still is! 
Almost 3:30 on Tuesday now, and it's still going!
Feet of snow! (and huge drifts!)
I'm loving it, and loving that *knock on wood*, the power has stayed on!  
Gets less fun quick without proper electricity!
So, you enjoy the scenery, and I'm gonna gulp down my cup of tea and get ready for the next round of shoveling.  Had to dig out the rabbit's cages twice already!  Not to mention some places for the ponies to stand... and us to walk.. and I don't really know where my car is exactly...  ???
But I love it ~ and I am SO glad I'm not on a tropical island someplace, missing this!  
No, seriously ~ I'd be upset!

No need to comment on my pants.  They make me happy.  :))))

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

O'Christmas Tree ~etc. etc.....

Oh my ~ my,... my.  
 I have been reminded it's almost Christmas, and I've been no where to be seen in Blogland since Halloween?  Eeek! 
 That can't be right? 
 Let's don our best Holiday finery and get on it, shall we?
It's not been terribly cold or snowy yet around home....
Sort of disappointing if you are a St Bernard.
But, if you play your cards right, and drive north enough....

You CAN find a little anyway! 
Enough to Stop, Drop and Roll in! 

When you are done rolling, you gotta shake!

Ever tried to get three dogs and a guy to look at the camera at the same time?
Not happening apparently.
Mmmmmm, candy cane!
And it matches our outfits too!
                                                   Hey, stop sticking your tongue out ~
                                                                    Whaa ahaha ha ha  ~
                                                             Better,... now hold still....
                                     JoJo:   I can't see him, I've got a pom pom in my eye....
                                                        Here, we'll switch...  no pom pom....
                        JoJo:  Huh? Now I can't hear you.... my ears are stuffed into this foolish hat!
                                   Hush now... and look at the Cameraman like a good, sweet pony...

                                     See, we share the fancy cape (i.e. Christmas tree skirt)....
                                                        Turns out the hat fits Tonto best!
 Cricket the Wonder Pony:  The hat fits me just fine... what are you saying?
                                         C.T.W.P. :  Hey JoJo, is there something on my back????
                                                  Awwwww,  who's the cute little pony?
                                             Belle was slightly less enthused about dressing up...
     Belle:  Come near me with that thing, and I'm gonna knock you into next week! 
Is that anyway to talk to your Father?
and a week before Christmas no less?

I think not!
 That's the Holiday Frivolity for now....
but I'll be back soon...so don't go too far.
Mel  xx

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Well helloooooo ~ thank you for stopping by on this spooky October day!
Such a delightful season...
Did you hear something?
Don't worry....it's probably just the wind.
 Hmmmmm ...
The rustling of leaves.....
Can seem scarier than it really is.
Maybe it was a flutter of wings you heard.
or maybe,
just maybe.....

it was just some adorable mice having a Halloween Party!!
It happens.

See?; it wasn't that scary after all!

Happy Halloween my friends!