Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bottled Time?

Wasn’t there a song about time in a bottle? Does that mean it’s for sale someplace? A few days ago, I decided to approach my “art creating” (or more to the point, the lack thereof) the same as I did the garden this spring. Just do it !!! This was spurred by a chat with a friend about all sorts of good craft ideas, just ripe for the creating; just the thought of it makes my fingers itchy to make things, draw things, and take their pictures!
 Hmmmm, one problem. Well…. now let’s be honest, two. It’s a multi part issue. (and we all know my lack of skills at multitasking ~ is that dinner I smell burning?)

First, the big one is lack of confidence… Every time I look at the sites where budding artists can set up “Shop” I get totally intimidated. A list of instructions including but not limited to, “set up Paypal account”… phrases that include “HTML” and “link your whosie to your whatsit” leave me feeling bleak and defeated before I get thru reading the set up instructions. Dumb right? Obviously a bazillion people are already doing it! I can do book keeping, and use Excel, but not set up a shop? Then, my mind runs across, who would want my stuff anyway; with so many other talented artists to choose from? And imagine the frightening scene of being at a real live fair or talking to a shop keeper in person… *gulp*...

Then let’s say I get past all that…and we move on to problem #2. When exactly do I think I’m going to be making things to populate this (imagined) store anyway? Which brings me to; somehow I manage to make cards for Christmas every year…. Clearly it can be done. Can you see the all out warfare that is raging in my mind (constantly)? I simply want more ‘fun’ time in my life! Can you see me hopping up and down with my clenched fists at my sides like a bratty little kid, growling? I make myself CRAZY! (they say to do something you’re good at..)

Maybe a more important question then where can I buy time in a bottle; is where can you get confidence, follow thru and courage flowing freely from a spigot? I’ll take a barrel of each please.
Am I whining, or can I call it sharing my thoughts?

I should stop it… and study up on linking my whosies to the whatsists instead.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A quick trip on a Friday night...

I proposed a quick trip to the bookstore last night...  I just wanted to pop in to grab a magazine, be right out. The hubby decided to walk the dogs across the parking lot to the pet store,  I get the feeling he didn't believe me that i'd be right out or something, can't imagine why??? 
When I got outside the three of them were patiently waiting for me... it all seemed good. Everyone smiling.
We got into the van and he said "I want to show you something".... and proceeded to drive across to the pet store.   Now I'm nervous.   There on the counter inside, was a cage with three little baby rats. 
 Someone had brought them in to be adopted... because they didn't want them.
  We held them, cooed over them.... and STRONG people that we are got back in the van and started for home.

Yeah right; you didn't think it would end like that did  you?  

We drove right back around the block and back to the store.
Meet Lucy! 
We got home (hours later).. cooked dinner; it's getting late.  We sit down to eat at about 8:30 and the phone rings... odd ~ who would be calling now?
One of my coworkers  found a rabbit loose on the street in the city... it's owner had "set it free" and didn't want it.  "Do you know anyone who wants a rabbit?".... Hmmmmmmm.  I wonder.
Good plan, call the "soft touch" girl who works in the office... the one with jello for a spine.

Yes, you know what's coming next.

This would be Sam.... :) 
 We don't know if it's a boy or a girl (we've not peeked under it's cotton tail); so we figured Sam could be either.  Sam seems to be quite content in her(?) new home, spacious and comfy with a smattering of fresh hay and a nice lady who delivers a dish of fresh veggies to her room.
Have you met Jack? 
We went to the pet store a few weeks ago to buy parrot food... (not knowing of course that we would never get to open the bag...) and Jack was peering at us thru the glass.

He's a hairless (read naked) little fellow.... but cute in his own funny little way!
As you can see, we all live in harmony here at the zoo.
*sigh*.... Just another day on the farm I guess. :)
I wonder sometimes what's wrong with us.... but look at them.
 How can that not make you smile? 
And really,what's one more dish of kibble among friends?

Cloth Paper Scissors

Hopefully posting pictures of magazines isn't illegal or anything... but I am so excited i must share!!!
A few months ago, I participated in a "pendant swap" from Cloth Paper Scissors magazine... You make a pendant (within the guidelines) and mail it in, then you get one that someone else made in exchange...
I got my pendant in the mail.... all very fun, i'd definately do it again; and then I sort of forgot about the whole thing.
Until the other day the newest issue of magazine arrived in the mail... On the front cover it announces "The results are in!"  ~ "67 mixed media pendants"......

I was totally shocked to see my little bunny pendant in a real live glossy magazine!!!

I'm number 4 there on the left, I know it a little fuzzy.... but honest it's my little tree hugger bunny!!
So anyway, I'm pretty excited; in case you couldn't tell.....
And one final side note, I got an e-mail/thank you the other day from my pendant's new owner; it now resides in Australia! What a well traveled little rabbit.  :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kitchen window sills.

So there I was doing the dishes... and I said to myself, "Self, what do other people have on THEIR window sills?"  Sort of made me wonder if anyone else has any thing out of the ordinary on their sills?
Mine is an ever rotating canvas of "things".... entertains me while i wash.
The jar has little rocks and shells we pick up on our walks... the "bubble on the left is a lamp my Mum got at a fair in Maine, it's lit with a string of Christmas lights, but I had to add my own little rabbit creations to it.... and then there are the plastic farm animals. What? Are you saying you have no plastic farm animals?  I have extras and I can share if  your window sill is missing them!
The plastic gnomes have been in my life for as long as i can remember, meant for plant decorations i'd say... The cupcake (which i now affectionately refer to as Sandra's cupcake) is/was a dog toy; but way to cute to feed to a St Bernard, so there it stays.
Bottle caps.... sample stained glass windows.. and off to the right out of view is a purple polka dotted pig (read dog toy).... that oinks.  When ever we walk past, we squeeze him and give him a little oink!
Soooo, if  you have something fun on YOUR sill; add a photo to your blog and post the link here!
Come on,.... PLEAAASSEEE ???
 I can't be the only one on earth with window sill clutter!
If I really like your photo alot, I'll send you your very own plastic farm creature!

Echos.... Meander

This was taken at the farm... you can meander down to the pond and listen to all the little frogs plop into the pond... and watch the turtles sun them selves...   aaaahhhhh. 

Welcome to a hazy, warm Sunday in June.
Aren't chipmunks the cutest?
You would be amazed if you could smell this one!  Rosa Rugosa that we planted by the river....

We are home this weekend, and I'm embracing it!  I've gotten all my  house plants carted outside (no small feat) and my winter clothes put away too! (yes, I know it's June) 
and it is of course Father's Day here, so later we are off for the visiting.... But for now; i'm going out to do a little weed pullig and that sort of thing!
My mind can ponder while I pluck what crafty thing I would be doing if it were a rainy day...

Monday, June 14, 2010

A monday in June...

So, it's Monday again....   No craftiness to report yet again; but i got lots of grass mowed on my beastly riding lawn mower!  I guess these little gaps in creating things give me time to reflect and absorb the world around me, which can be VERY inspiring!   My mind never stops swirling around with thoughts and ideas though... it can be exhausting at times, but i have no idea how to make it stop! If only i can get them out of my head and into reality, it would free up some space. (like deleting old files from your inbox?) I guess that's why I have my lists on all those pieces of paper... it's allows me to make a little bit of space up there!

1.  Birthdays:  Swirly lollipops....  cupcakes, balloons, presents... twinkly crowns, party hats, tea cups and ribbons and garlands and glitter... and flowers.

2. Halloween:   Glowing Pumpkins, goblins and costumes and old fashioned post cards... black cats and witches with brooms and spells and potions and magic mushrooms, cupcakes, and talking rats....

3.  The seashore: stripey bathing suits and tiny shells, and sand and buckets and sand castles and little crabs... periwinkles and beach glass.... colorful towels... and rope bracelets...

4. Summer:  watermelon, corn on the cob... popsicles, flip flops... painted toe nails... soft summery skirts, good books.... picnics on colorful quilts... fireflies.... lemonade...

5.  England:  Moggies, and Wellies and lots of sheep, and little red phone booths... boot sales, cuppa teas, and pubs and funny girls...

6. Dogs:  in bath tubs... in the water, in a field of daisies, asleep upside down, big dogs and little dogs and in between dogs... dog collars, dog tags... toys and bones....

7.  Gardens: fairy tale sheds... bird houses, bird baths, rock piles for the chipmunks, flowers and stone bunny ornaments... foxgloves and fish ponds... sun flowers and clay pots, frogs and birds and spades and snails and wood chucks... and butterflies and honey bees....

There now.... that feels better.   :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

and the winner for UN craftiest of all goes to....

Well look at me... no crafting; and i do mean NONE... and a day late with my posting too.  I should have managed my time better on Saturday and Sunday while things were happy..... Monday ended up being a very sad and very mentally useless day as we dealt with the death of our parrot Autumn.  It was completely unexpected and I still can't quite believe it... I expected she was going to outlive us.

She was such a good natured and quiet bird... no squawking or screaming ever.....we had her for 15 years.  We brought her home as baby and fed her formula from a syringe with us all sitting on the kitchen floor, the same year we bought our house.
 There is a sad little empty spot in our living room.
I hope she flying high and free now, and remembers her human family who loved her.