Thursday, June 27, 2013

As June fades to July.....

I can't say that gardening season has done much for my blogging schedule...
So let's catch up and have a look at life around the farm in recent weeks, shall we?
The perfect way to cool a hot belly (for the non swimmer).

and those who swim well ~ do!

Fun for the whole family, see Kippy's ear there, on the lower left?

Kippy, mid roll.

Who's the handsome doggy?

A quiet moment...

funny big tongue....

This is Agnes, my Great Grandmother's rose bush....She's in full splendor this year!
 Originally planted in the 1940's ~ a gift from my Grandfather to his Mother.

Mmmmmm, can ya sniff it?

New this spring... a wee Fairy Garden!

I think she is wondering where she can find a carpenter to fix her door....

Look at me, I'm cuter than the fairy!!!!

We've been taking the dogs in my car....a two door, hatchback.
 When your big furry brother takes up too much space, you sometimes get smooshed between the seats...

World's Tallest Foxglove...

Cricket the Wonder Mini!

You've got to stop and smell the roses....
My handsome JoJo 
Siamese Twins?
Mum's Birthday! 
More updates as they become available....  :))))))))