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Update on Spring in New England 2011

Spring comes sooner to some parts of New England than others....
Which is fine, some of us prefer the snow anyway. ;)

The brilliant blue sky looked really good.
 The warmth of the sun with the snow still under foot is a treat!
Weeeeee, Happy Doggy!
Runnin' and runnin!
Awwww,  Marley Munchkin...
Miss Ava lovin' spring in Maine!
Meanwhile, back home on the Wankinco the swans have started to return.
Last spring we had a head count of 40.
Pretty little critters huh?

And this one... I'm not sure what it is, but it's got a mohawk hair do and bright red eyes!
A little blurry as it was getting dusky while i was taking it's picture, and as you can see it's buzzing along like a little motor boat!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Well HELLLLLOOOO my friends! Happy Monday Night ~ No, don't worry, it's not a Holiday you forgot, I'm just happy it's Monday  night, and that the next few hours of this day are finally mine!

I think I'll make this into two posts ~ one on my array of crafting over the weekend, and one on the delightful weekend in Maine.... perfect time of year up there this early spring season. (post 2 coming soon...)
Firstly, may I present to you the worlds lumpyest Granny Square! No, no, stop..... hold the applause.... 
It's a bit uneven.... and I don't really know how to join two colors together,still even now, but I did somehow.  I probably should have taken the photo from across the room so you can't see just how bad it really is! (I have been inspired by the totally cool and really neat crocheted things I've seen recently on some really amazing blogs!)  My orginal intent was to make a teeny one for my little clay bunnies, then I realized quite quickly that I couldn't even make a teeny chain ~ my thread kept strangling my hook!  So I went forth to my Mother's side of the house and begged a refresher course. This is my third attempt at the Granny in recent days (the first two I do not dare to expose to public scrutiny)... I think I was crocheting "tense"... which makes tense stitches...and then loose wobbly ones when I tried to relax...  I even gave myself a finger cramp or two.  Way back when I was shorter (yes, I was, hard to believe I know....) we (the whole family, mostly ) made and afghan of Granny Squares one summer ~ we made loads of squares, and then my Mother sewed them all together.  Since then, my craft endeavors have strayed far and wide from needle crafts.  Most things that involve an actual needle leave me bleeding from the finger tips, cursing and frustrated quite quickly. There it is, I made one.   Such as it is.  We'll see if I can manage a set.... no promises.

At some point, I moved onto something that makes more sense to me.... paper, scissors... that sort of thing. This became a little Happy Spring card for a lovely neighbor...

But I wasn't done yet!  I had to make a new rubber stamp too! He's for my snail mail friends.... If  you wonder why i'm not writing back to you,  it's because i'm over here carving rubber stamps... :)))  I hope you forgive me ~ I think of you often and I really will write soon!  Really....  Think of how cool your envelope is going to look when it arrives!!!  Yeahhhhh!! 

And this? It's a lovely pile of pretty scraps! It's larger friends are going to become yet another project; which in the interest of personal safety I have talked my mother into doing the tricky bits with the sharp needles and pointy pins and other other scary sewing things... You just have to be patient and see what it becomes.
Don't you just love a bit of mystery on a Monday night?
The PBS Materpiece classics got nothin' on me!  :))))