I see hearts all over the place... I will endeavor to add them here as I find them.


  1. You are someone that does know ~
    how to follow their hearts desire!

  2. I have a heart obsession too. I saw a heart shape on the side of a tree the other week and I think I squealed when I saw it. :)

    1. Squealing is the perfectly normal response to heart sightings!

  3. OMG...this is truly uncanny...I too am a collector hearts. I see them everywhere from stones in my driveway to the clouds in the sky and most of them I find just by chance. Oh yah...and the red rose tea...got a big ole'
    tea cannister full of them...been drinking it now for over 60 years...yes I'm pretty darn old compared to you. You'll have to come for a visit if you're ever in or near Waterville Maine...I'll put the tea pot on.

  4. A fellow heart collector! Yeahhh! The heart on the big rock is in Maine... We have a little farmhouse in Knox we have been trying to keep standing up for the last 7 or so years... all done on long weekends. One day, I dream of being there full time? We drove up yesterday to check on it, yup ~ she's there waiting patiently. With the amount of to-ing and fro-ing we do past Waterville, I could quickly empty your cannister! :) I've never had much in common with people my own age (a few exceptions of course)... so I see the pattern continues! You must have a HUGE collection of little porcelain creatures by now!! Wow!