Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We popped up North for a long weekend.... and while we didn't get a lot accomplished that will keep a certain little farm house from collapsing into its own cellar hole ~ we did have a little fun!  Since I seem to have misplaced my ability to relax, I gladly accept all offers to go for rides in the country, eat food that is bad for you, shop a bit, and well I'm a sucker for "horsey events"!
Are you ready?  ~ O.K. then, off we go.
Belle and I off on a little stroll, she was kind enough to refrain from smashing her head into me the whole walk!
I feel so honored.
Mmmmmmm, fresh raspberry leaves! Yummy!

Cricket has no problem relaxing.... I should take notes.

I did indulge in a little craftyness.

I finished coloring Cricket and his friends.

I've got my little helpers nearby....

Don't worry, Marley wasn't far away....

These actually photographed larger than life... little mice with only their Gesso coating on...
 Does that make them naked?? "Eeek, maybe you should look away??
Teeny and adorable little vases! (from the wee bit of shopping)

I also got this really neat jug!

They came from here!!
If you are ever in Thorndike, Maine ! You should stop in and browse around, it's an amazing mix of  Stuff of all sorts, and she also does Letter Press Printing on an antique press on the side!

We went to the first annual Horse and Ox Pull in Knox, ME
That's a hot dog for those of you who don't live in Maine and don't understand why it's flourescent pink. Well, we don't understand why they are pink either.... but for some reason when in Maine they are.
For the record, that's his lunch ~ hot dogs gross me out.   I had a grilled cheese and french fries!!
  No, not healthy, but as least I know what they are made of!

Huge, beautiful horses!

Such lovely gentle faces.

They are pulling about 5,000 pounds!

They need heavy equipment to pull the blocks back to the start for the next set of horses!!

They had ribbons to give to the ones who pulled the furthest...

Their horse shoes have "cleats" for traction!
His hoof is about the size of a dinner plate!

They are just enormous!

People look like little pip sqeaks next to them!

Look at that sky! I LOVE it!

Kippy has recently discovered he CAN swim!
Note how you keep your tail out of the water....

Indian Pipe that I found grow up by the pond... mysterious fungi.
That's it for the most recent adventure.... the sun is going down this Tuesday night.
We had another passing thunderstorm, so the garden has been watered...
Next it's on to the dinner getting.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Rain Sweet Rain....

Ahhhh, a few drops of rain at last......
And a wee bit of art in progress....

Friday, July 13, 2012

I think we can safely say that Summer has gotten well underway.  While all my favorite Bloggers in England are wondering when the rain will stop ~ we are starting to wonder when it may fall again?  We live on a dirt road and when the neighbors drive by it sends up quite a cloud , and looks like "The Great Dust Bowl" out there! *cough* gag*  I've got fingers crossed we get a few drops soon!!
In other news~
My Holly Hock really did bloom ~ so that's pretty exciting!

We harvested enough peas to have with dinner a couple times!

We've had bunches of raspberries, and lots of strawberries this year; more than we've ever had out there!

And, we just sampled our first fresh broccoli, I've never grown it before ~ it was down right tastey. 
Sorry, no picture... we ate the evidence. 
There's been an unfortunate incident in the Shasta Daisy patch.  It seems a certain little horse has discovered that if he hooks his elbows over the top rail of the fence, and then leans way over sideways ~ he can eat the daisies down to little green nubs....
This technique only nips the top off.... got to get your knees up and over to get the succulent bits...
 Despite my repeated scoldings, he thus far shows NO signs of remorse.
I really wish I had something crafty to share with you.... a little drawing?  A little clay mouse?
How about a chipmunk?  I didn't make him.... but he's awfully cute.
But alas, I am without any art or craft to bestow upon your eyeballs.  :((( 
I'll have to find something in my stash of 'projects in progress' (try saying that 5 times fast) and finish it! 
I just need to put in some ear plugs so I can't hear the garden calling to me...  it's like the Siren's Song; if I'm not careful I'll be shipwrecked in the begonias and talking to the plastic garden gnome. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July 2102 !

Sending  BIG, BRIGHT Happy 4th of July Wishes to everyone in America!
and to those of  you who are in far away places,
I send BIG, GIANT Happy Random Wednesday in July wishes!

The day dawned sort of misty, rainy.... gray.
 the husband looked out the living room window thru the drizzle ....
 And what to his wondering eyes should appear?
 Why it was a flock of swan boats being launch very near!
Well look at that.... it must be true the "Swan Festival" is today!
Otherwise, why would we have giant plastic pedal powered swans on the river at 7:45 on a Wednesday?
Oddly the girl in the gray t-shirt looked across the river at me with a camera and said, "Look at that, she's taking a picture!?"  Hmmmm, like I'm the odd one in this scene.  I yelled back across, that we usually only see REAL swans....we don't get a lot of plastic ones drifting by our front lawn propelled by humans. 
Worry not fans of "Duck" boats... clearly they believe in equal rights for webb footed water fowl!
Aaawwww, look ~ I think they are in love!

Next, we are off to the festival..... and the "Pet Parade"!
Which way to the parade you ask?
It's That a way!
No... wait ~  It's THAT a way!
Notice how the cat barely stops cleaning herself for these antics and  takes almost no notice of Captain America there.

Let's clip clop off to the main even shall we?
p.s. I swear i didn't notice his shirt until I got home and looked at the pictures....
There were about 22 entrants to this parade.....
You've got your dog....
Your cat.
Your little dog ~ who's got the awesome flower leash!
And you've got your BIG dog...
And your patriotic mini horse!
Yeah, that's right ~ it's Cricket!
Kippy came along too.
His friend is ready if the tide comes up quick...
(he would also go on to win "Most Wareham" for his life jacket sporting ways!)

No shortage of big dogs today!
Another snappy dresser.....
This little piggy didn't go to market ~ nooooo, she went to the parade instead!
And she squealed Weeeeeeee Weeeeeee Weeeeeeee when her owner picked her up!
She's supposed to be Ham and Egg I heard tell....
A patriotic pooch with grooovy stripes ~ but no stars?
No worries ~ he's got the stars covered!
From left to right: Kippy- my little buddy, my Mum, Carl the pet sitter's hubby, Cricket the Wonder Pony, Scott the Wonder Husband, and Lee our "Pet Sitter"
Where am I?
I'm the camara crew..... "behind the scenes".
So there you have it..... come back soon and I'll show you around the garden next!

p.s. for those of you who are wondering why the St. Bernards didn't go too;
It was way to hot and humid for them to stand in the sun for hours... plus, in their exhuberence to meet the other dogs/animals, I would have been face down on the hot pavement being dragged along like a sad little rag doll.... They were safe at home on the cool slate floor, lying in front of the fans.
  The good news is that Cricket won 2nd place for most Unique (the pig won 1st, and the cat got 3rd). 
The prize was a dog toy, dog bowl, and bag of yummy bacon treats ~ which Cricket was more than happy to give his furry Brother(s) and Sister!
A story with a happy ending if I do say so myself!