Arts & Crafts

Lucky bunny, found a pearl in an oyster!
A wild mix of the arts and crafts, in no particular order!  As  you'll see, I've tried a little of everything. The scatter brained crafter?  I always go back to drawing though... my first love. 

Fridge Magnet

this became a book mark.

Paper clay creatures.

The beginning of painted wooden pendants? Or magnets? Or pins?

Cricket, he really DID eat the daisies.

The magic in action.

Tiny painting on canvas.

Bottle cap for size  comparion...
Autumn Bunny.

Black bird baked in a pie?

No, no; calm down ~ it's a ceramic pie bird to let the steam escape.

 A winter scene in the mouse world!
Just outside Pottery Cottage.
Stars and Stripes Bunny.
Handsome Jack Rat, he loved watermelon!

Dances with Woofs

Onion Patch Farm
Clay bunny mold.

My first butterfly!

Mossy Mouse Sledding!
Needle felted mouse.

Felted dog hair sheep.

Silver leafed clay bunny.

Works in Progresss....
St Patrick's Day 

Acrylic ~  Waiting.  Luke

Ava and Marley
Carrots and mouse.

Carrot Cake for lunch.

The blue bird of happiness!

Pendant for the Cloth Paper Scissors Swap

Happy Bunny!

Lucy Rat, tending her garden.

My attempt at a "bird bath"... I will leave stone carving to the professionals.  :))))

Sophie and Cadbury, and one wet mouse.
This really happened... the mouse I mean, not the rabbits pumping water.

Sad attempt at making rubber molds of my rabbits.

Snail Mail

Beach Bunny.

Rabbits at play on a winter's eve.

First attempt at pastels.
Red and White ~ I like this look! 

Work in progress.

Queen of the Pumpkins.

Taking his acorn for a walk.

peering out to a wintery world.

Rabbit's play time in progress.  Note helper cat installed on the table.


Come on inside for hot chocolate.

Christmas Tags.

Lots of Christmas tags. 

Sketch book page.
Favorite Christmas tag.  :))))

My little gnome, and his little gnome home. 

Sketchbook version of Onion Patch farm.

Paper Clay Gnomes and bun.

A wee little tea cup.
sketch from my travel journal, England, 1998.

Fireflies sketch.

Raspberry sketch.

lumpy granny square... I try.  :)))) 

Paper Cutting.

Rubber stamp making.

Easter Greetings

Cake?  I should warn you, it's a little dry....

Life is uncertain... eat dessert first.

Mirror decoupaged with my little rabbits.

Decoupaged bottle/vase? My mouse, and vintage letters.

A house for a mouse. 


Safe inside a glass jar.

A day at the beach.

Beach House.

My first PMC3 Silver Clay creation!

Art in a locket and attempts at sewing hearts!

A winter bar-b-q

Hot Chocolate.

Tools of the trade.


Painting on ceramic mugs!

Hug a Tree!

Pottery Chips.

Round two of Silver Clay. (that's a real 4 leaf clover pressed in...)

Teeny ceramic mug.

Pudgy paper clay bunny.

Easter Parade

Pastel Bunnies.

Work in progress.

Work in Progresss.

Mum's birthday Card.

Among the home grown tomatoes.

A saying I read on a blog, brought to life!  :))))
Where it all began..... Me and the Grampy.
Sophie Rabbit, guardian of the the sketchbook.


  1. Wow ... is this a new page or has my gadget phone kept me oblivious ?
    Lovely, clapping wildly, such a beautiful display.
    So very sweet to see you and Grampy and where it all began.
    So talented you are, and such a wonderful artist and creator of wonderful trinkets ~ truly!

    1. Yes, I've been a busy bee, quietly adding new pages! Thank you for all the kind words! :)))))

  2. Your critter illustrations are ALL wonderful. :-))

  3. Hi...I'm a blogger newbie and linked to your page from another' your energy and creative spirit! Glad I found you....Lia

  4. Welcome Lia! I'm so glad you found my little world here in blogland!