Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Can it be September again?

I cannot believe it's September again, already!    
It is my favorite month.
 (and not just because it happens to be the month I was born...)
It is a month filled with brilliant blue skies, warm days, cool nights... the scent of concord grapes in the air...  *aaahhhhh*   September in New England is amazing.

I have been having a break from blogging (which a few of you have noticed, judging by the comments about it being perpetual winter in here...); as well as a few other aspects of life.
and yes... I suppose I could have mentioned my break, but instead, it seems I just fell silent.

I have always want this space to be mostly a happy one, with stories of art and animals, good things,  photos, funny stories, happy thoughts, memories....
...I know life can't always be sunshine and lollipops ~ but maybe your blog can??
But alas, where you have animals, you will eventually end up with sad stories too. 
And this is where my break really started.... I was at a loss to find happy stories, and it seemed wrong to pretend all is good, when,well ~ it just wasn't... and I wasn't making any art or crafts to share! 
We have lost quite a few animals this year....  and I see by the blogs I love to read, that a few of you have too.  I even had to stop reading blogs for a while... it was all hitting too close to home.
 As I grow older, I find that I don't handle sad as well as I used too, and weeping into one's keyboard is a recipe for electrocution!   My sad, your sad..... good grief?   No such thing.  
A girl just gets tired sometimes, and has to step back into the shadows to collect herself quietly.

 here I am, peeping out from the shadows, squinting at the light, and creeping tentatively back in.   

Happy Day to you then, ~ and watch this space for upcoming updates!

Well... if you want to.

Mel xx