Monday, May 19, 2014

May 2014

Do you smell that Cricket?
 I Dooooo, I do ~ and I see em too!  There's people out there!!
Where, where let ME see too!!!!
Wow, yer right~ 
Hey people!! 
 You got any treats????
Oh yeah, i see em now ~
You have watermelon?
What?  There's watermelon?
I want some ~~~
O.K. then... I think I'd better take over here... not that my furry friends weren't doing a good job.
It has been suggested that there were cobwebs in here... and I should dust, or blog.
Sooooo, here I am! Duster in hand ~

May is marching on... so let's get to it!
Once I accept that winter really is over, I start to better appreciate Spring and all it has to offer.
Like a stormy sky against new foliage...
 A tranquil Canada goose.... reflecting on the day. 
Peach blossoms.....


 and candy colored verbena....
 and pinks ~ can you smell the Cinnamon scent?

and verbena comes in sooo many yummy colors~
 and if you play your cards right you can match your allysum to your verbena...

and everyone needs a garden chicken. Fran is good with grubs and bugs... but doesn't discriminate and takes the worms out too... and then kicks my new seedlings out, on her quest for the next juicy morsel... well, you should at least think about having a garden chicken....

She is cute anyway.

This watering can is probably older than me... It belonged to Grampy, and is still carrying water.  I like to think he would have liked it here.
 the quince is blooming ....
The sparrows are twittering

the fairy garden is spruced up for spring

The Squirrel is taking advantage of the fact that Fran chicken is helping me garden, and stuffing it's furry face while we're out back.

Kippy's got a stick...

and Ava's got a stick.....

and Marley is resting in the cool grass...

 On Mother's Day... Mum and I went on a little garden store adventure.....
Pretty snappy wagon huh?
 I think it was probably Williams...?  There's Mum and Willie now!

I found a lovely gazing ball~ and LOOK, it works~
 and i finally found a use for pointy toed, high heel shoes!

and Mum has a wagon load of goodies!

And then we Spring ahead to this past weekend... when we got up to Maine for  speed visit!
My, my how lovely it is... well, assuming you can overlook the black flies that are starting to gather...
Our ride in the road was hair raising... muddy dirt roads are not the Friend of a two wheel drive cargo van.... just saying.  It did give Hubby a chance to brush up on his mud bogging skills....

This is taken by the little pond. (but you probably figured that out by the watery look huh?)
I went for a little walk with Kippy.
 The season is behind by a few weeks compared to home... sort of like going back in time...
the ferns are unfurling...

and Jack in the Pulpit is keeping an eye on things.
 There is no point to this photo, aside from it caught my eye....with the different textures.

 and this, is pointless as well... or shall we call it "art"  ?

I love rocks and moss....

and fresh green leaves and birch bark.

and this ~ I forgot to look it up ~ quite pretty blooming out there deep in the forest.  It's a small tree/shrub? Anyone know what it is?

And more moss ~ and see the little tubey things?? Fabulous!

and wait for it....
there's fungus among us!
i know, I'm funny... you can say it!

I love to see the old stone walls out in our woods....makes a girl smile.
 Willow tree blossoms... or catkins? ~ Whatever you call them~ a striking yellow!

these are the little fluorescent pink roots springing out from the willow trunk where it fell over and is under the water now~

and a lovely trillium!

and so *phewwww* it's past my bedtime, but i did it~ and I now we can work on working on the next leg of the house tour... but not tonight!
Thanks so much for visiting ~ i love to find little cyber foot prints pattering about in here!
ttfn ~
Mel ~ :))