Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello 2016 ~

Greetings and Salutations good people!!  (and animals if you are reading over their shoulders). :)
Here I am... cautiously dipping a toe into 2016 ~
 (it's suppose to be cold this time of year, and my toe is confused as to why it's not getting frost bite! )
Of course, "cautiously"... maybe that's not be how you are suppose to do it...?
Perhaps one is suppose to stride boldly ahead, shoulders thrown back, and do that "hair flip" like the super models do??? 
Is caution overrated?
Some people seem to thrive, living life on the ragged edge, and flying by the seat of their pants. 
Perhaps you are supposed to go out and MAKE good things happen, and guffaw in the face of caution!! (do people stiff guffaw?)
Grab life by the scruff of the neck and give it a good shake, like you mean it.
" Be the change you want to see in the world", and all of those sayings people put on posters.
Power of positive thinking and reaching for the stars ~  
... and I should try harder to follow the instructions on the bracelet I wear every day;
"go confidentiality in the direction of your dreams, live the life you've imagined"
Is this it?  Is this what we are meant to be doing?  How do you know?
 I'd ask the Magic 8 ball, but sadly,  I don't have one.  So very many questions in life. 

and 2015....well, it was a curious sort of year, not just for us, but for the entire world it seems,... and yes, I confess ~ 2015 left me a little underwhelmed, as years go... but I guess some years are just like that.  Nothing to be done about it now. 

Maybe (definitely) you are thinking, "blah, blah, blah..." "get on with it", "Do you have a point"... "What has gone on around there since last post, months ago;  show me something fun, stop babbling..."!!  (all right... all right.. already! )

So, let's see.  
We had an infestation of raccoons in our tree one day....not sure why.  They seemed tired, and were draped over the branches like laundry drying on a line in the sun.  They stayed until it got dark and we lost sight of them... and they were never seen or heard from again. 
I brought a small frog inside for the winter (accidentally, hidden in a house plant someplace)...and he peeps everynight (at odd hours)....he hits some pretty high notes, and could probably shatter glass,
but we are getting used to it now.  Sort of cute(the frog, not the noise) in a frog sort of way.
 The Beagle found one of her own kind to play with!
and the dogs play together too!

I got myself a new sweater, because it was awesome and had sheep on it!

The sun rose, and set any number of times... this one was nice, as I was leaving work in the fading daylight.
There was Christmas card making and (eventually) sending....
 and some crafty-ness afoot....

and house decorating... (ours and and the mouse's). :)

and Christmas shopping, and present making...

and wrapping and then there was Christmas itself!  (which was at our  house this year, and may i just say that Christmas at our house is not for the squeamish, the allergic, the non pet person, or anyone dressed in black fabric of any sort.)
 Everyone survived, some unscathed, and others... well.... we'll just leave it at that.
Was I suppose to wear the kerchief, or the cap?
Like this?

Not a creature was stirring...
Since Winter hasn't been very "wintery" here so far....  well, this is what we've had to resort to.
Windshield frost.
And what's in store for 2016?   Hmmmmmm......

I am crossing my fingers, hoping for the best, for all of us; and taking the wait and see approach.

No sense in making resolutions... or saying, "This year will be different"... cuz, after all, until it's over ~ we have NO idea what's to come in the year ahead, and resolutions are meant to be broken.  
We can hope for good things, learning from our mistakes,..mending our ways, and eating better, and many other good intentions.... but history shows us, life has a mind of it's own, and we all know about that road, and where it leads.. and what it's paved with.

I DO intend to try "wet felting"... (very soon actually).
Enjoy the animals...
Learn to knit... a least  a little....
Finish my paper mache rabbits...( because you need to.)
...want to draw lots of pictures of the animals....
and vacuum now and again, because you need to. 

 I'll just say I'll try to be more organized, a better person, a kinder person, a better wife, daughter, friend, eat healthier, make more art, and write more posts about the art, and the animals, the small joys and all the wonder that surrounds me daily.... all the while hoping for the very best for everyone the world over, and peace on earth to boot!!!

 I raise my cup of tea and toast to all of you, and all the potential a new year (and clean slate) holds!

Happy New Year my friends!!

xx    Mel 


  1. Lovely reading, so interesting to see raccoons in a tree, completely new to me and I do love your cosy house with everywhere dogs and cats. When I should have seen that sweater I should have bought it too, just for the sheep on it.

  2. A lovely and interesting read:o)) Wishing you and yours a very good and Happy New Year too - have a good one:o))
    Have a good day from the land down under......Lyn x

  3. I just love your artistic style. And please, do I am picking out kitchen flooring right now.... I L.O.V.E. that floor with the dogs in the pic....tell me you bought it and installed it and it did not come with the house. I have the wants!
    And, even though you weren't making new years made 'em! You did....those are the kind I make. Knit a top....Get a Hoola Hoop!

    Cindy Bee

    1. the floor is just thick, pine planks (not meant for flooring at all),with a coat or two of varnish on them... and there are big gaps between them,and they bend up in places and trip you, but it works...we went for ease of installation (Screwed down,with free labor from a friend!)ha ah ahaah) and utility!
      I guess I did make resolutions, sort of... :)

  4. Happy New Year to you too Melody!
    So great to hear your creative voice again!
    Love your quirky photos - and all your decorations, so much to be fascinated by!
    Looking forward to seeing the results of your wet felting, knitting and drawing!
    Ali x

    1. I'm almost embarrassed to show the wet felting... it's gone a bit blurry, since it got wet/felted!!!... Maybe I'll post a progress photo, and then see if some needle felting and beads... etc. can make it look better?? :) and post it again.
      No knitting yet, but I'm channeling my inner knitter as I type. :))))))

    2. I really like the fluffy before it gets wet phase, and often think if only it would magically stick together at this point I'd stop and display it! The still in the clean water after rinsing phase is good too = brings out the colours, but again not practical for giving or displaying! If you're not happy with it's blurriness I'm sure it will look great after a bit of added fuzz or bling!
      My first piece was just blues - an abstract seascape....the one I spent most time on and fiddled with was a picture...mostly I just go for blurry abstracts!
      I've not picked up my hook for ages....need to channel my inner crocheter!

    3. I'm sure my technique for going from fluffy to compact is a bit sketchy... but maybe with practice? :))) I have not got back to adding the bling, but it could help!! Hope you have been able to get back to your crocheter-ing!! :))))) xx

  5. Happy New Year melody.
    What a fun post, lots of creativity. I love the display inside the alarm clock. Glad to hear you have plans and the table looks ready for some great artwork. Spotted the little mouse, hope you enjoyed the new one. Lovely to open yours, thank you. Hope 2016 is a good year, I look forward to seeing your posts and crafts. My daughter gave me a gorgeous little wool felted Owl , so cute and one evening saw a real one so near just sitting on a branch. What will you make?
    Such mild weather here , I have a snowdrop out and everything is growing. Actually had blue sky today, not raining. Hopefully not long until Spring and Easter bunnies, blossom and sunshine.
    All the best. Millyx

    1. I LOVED my Christmas art!! Thank you!!
      My wet felting is a picture... that got a bit blurred by my efforts.. I guess it's the first attempt, need more practice!... I'll post a progress picture soon. Your owls (felt and live) sound wonderful!! I've never seen a real owl in the wild... How special!! Spring will be along in due time, but let's embrace winter for now!! :)

  6. Happy New Year to you lot Mel. Great post you wrote. Love the pictures. :-)
    That's a nice little frog you got inside. Doesn't it want a pond or is it a 'tree frog'? Amazing to see those racoons in the tree, and the brown bear in your chair. Is he hibernating in your house? :-))))
    Seeing the animals sleeping like that looks so cosy and comfy. Makes me want to join them, but only if I can have a stripey blanket.

    1. I think it is a tree frog.... but I suppose I could leave a pail of water out for him just in case?? Yup the bear decided to hibernate inside... mostly he's pretty well behaved.
      Worry not, your stripey blanket is available, should you decide to join them! :)))

  7. Deliciously funny post Melody! Mysterious raccoons, tiny peeping frog, doggy camarderie, mudman and Melody in a red cap... seems like a pretty eventful year to me. I think those little rabbits you made are just sweet!

  8. Melody Lorraine has been included in our A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  9. Hope you have a good 2016 Melody. I missed this post, I've missed a lot lately. Am I right in thinking there is only 1 big doggie?? Have I missed something?? We have moved house yet again, had to escape the last one after the husband was attacked. so many bad things have happened this lat year, and they continue, car smashed into last weekend, no one hurt fortunately, but it's not good. It's not good having no good news to report on the blog. Hope all is well with you, I'm still loving my job, creating is the best thing, love your little mouses. Will come back soon to see you. Xx

  10. Yes, we lost big dog Marley last April ~ Bone cancer. 2015 was a Topsy turvey, sad, confusing sort of year.... all around it seems. Hopefully things get better in your world very soon! Creating is certainly a good salve for the wounds of the world! Wishing all the best for you! xx :)

  11. Thanks Melody, so sorry to hear about Marley, that must have been very hard. I think I see a new dog? a beagle? or is he just visiting. our new puppy is a handful, I thought it was easy when she was so little, but at 7 months she is so strong.... control is needed, started training classes and doing ok so far. Hope this year picks up for us all. :)) Xx

    1. Yes, a beagle. We adopted her from our next door neighbors, who had no use for her. (she was suppose to be a "rabbit hunter", but wasn't)(not that I know why we need to hunt rabbits in these modern times????).... She, Reba, is a sweet, sensitive girl, and has adapted to living indoors brilliantly. Can't really believe that Marley will be gone a year in April. :(
      I'm sure you'll get a gold star in Puppy Training Class!
      We went with the young St. Bernards ....ha ha, and Marley and I got put on the naughty bench!! (for him dragging me across the ring to see a French Bull dog ~ uninvited!) Ahhhh, the memories.... and we just keep making more as we amble on thru life! Fingers crossed for a good year! :))))) xx

  12. I'm late coming to this post, but I loved reading it. I loved all the catching up. Raccoons in a tree! An amazing, amazing thing, topped only by having a 'pet' frog. I can't imagine. Does he or she just stay in the plant all the time? The Christmas decorations made me happy just looking at them. I love your sense of whimsy and fun. It was nice seeing a pic of you, and the views of your house. Loved your words about your Christmas. Is 'droll' the right adjective? Made me laugh. I hope you post some more and soon! I always love visiting you.

  13. And I am terribly sorry about your dog. And happy that your beagle is working out so well.

  14. And I am terribly sorry about your dog. And happy that your beagle is working out so well.

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