Friday, September 2, 2011

Being Creative ~ "Travel"

Welcome back!

The theme for Being Creative, for August was Travel.

Our little friend here is at the Parker Mills. station in Wareham.
  A leather suitcase in hand, worn a bit from all the places it's seen... she's heading to the station at dusk for a night time ride thru sleeping villages and dark woods in south eastern Massachusetts.
Once on the train, she will traveled to Boston on the Old Colony Railroad, and then on to Portland, Maine on the Maine Central Rail Road~ to Burnham Junction.  From there she will get on the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railway to get to her final destination; a small farm, in a small town in the hills of Maine.  
It will probably will be a long ride.
Not to worry, she's brought along a good book.

Had I been around in the early 1900's, this tiny little station would have been at the rail road crossing near our home.  The train still goes by, but it no longer carries passengers, only trash on its way to be incinerated.
The little station is long, long gone.

I like the "romance" of travel... I like the planning and the dreaming. I imagine going across bits of Europe on a train... not one of the new rocket fast trains... an old fashioned train with character and charm.
I harken back to our two trips across the pond... it seems like a million years ago.
 With our "zoo" now a days.... real travel has lost a bit of its appeal.  The reality of having to leave our furry/feathery/finned family sort of clouds the thoughts.
So I travel in my mind.... and from my corner of the couch, watching to see where Rick Steves and the "Globe Trekkers" take me next...
Sometimes i get out my collection of Beatrix Potter books and head off to the Lake District.
 I also travel via my wonderful Pen Friends, and all the great Blogger Girls I have the pleasure of meeting here in BlogLand! 


  1. Hi there I just came across your entry on Julia's being creative post..what lovely artwork you produce. I'm glad to hear you survived Irene, it sounded pretty awful from this side of the pond.
    Sending you some sunshine from the UK,

  2. Hi Melody ~ just popping in to say how much I enjoyed your post here today, and the illustration is just wonderful, you have a great way of capturing detail and I really enjoyed the story behind the art. Like you, Id love to travel across Europe, maybe on a grand old train like the Orient Express...but I reckon I'd have to make quite alot of money before I could afford to do that!! Still, travelling in gentle style would be a wonderful thing to do.
    Sending love, Julia x x x

  3. Hi! Your traveller mouse is really sweet and the painting so beautiful! I love the story, too. Same here, not much travelling with 3 dogs and 1 cat. I enjoy better being at home with/for them for the moment.
    Wishes from Greece! Teje

  4. Thank you for the lovely words ~ makes a girl smile inside! :)))))
    I love my imaginary world ~ it costs nothing to ride on grand trains when it's all your mind! :)

  5. It does evoke nostalgia, this pretty picture. We probably idealize the past, but we do a great job of it:)) Yeah, having furry creatures in your home does make you want to stay put with them....

  6. How beautiful ~ I adore the little story behind your art work. It is great that you talk about Beatrix Potter. I live really close to the Lake District and often go for day's out and even on night time adventures. I love the Lake District so much that I even got married there!
    Will definitley be popping back to your blog.
    Sarah x

  7. I love your pictures and story telling talents mind travels along with are so easy to 'listen' to! Keep on trucking!!
    Ali xx

  8. I can just picture you making a journey like you described. If you like to travel through Europe by train you must skip Holland. Only high speed trains here.

  9. I love your picture - your artwork is always so wonderful and sweet! And it's such a lovely story behind it too! :)

  10. Melody, I know what you mean about leaving the farm family. It is so difficult when you've go no one to "babysit" 2 donkeys, 3 goats, 2 sheep and a multitude of fowl-folk. I often dream of my trip to Britain, the castles I want to explore, the gardens in the Cotswolds I hope to see and all of Beatrix Potter's holdings in the Lake District. But as of now, I have only been a traveler in my mind, outside of the Americas. It really is difficult to get away for any length of time, other than a weekend. Maybe someday....

  11. Love the picture and the story behind it too :-)

  12. I love your paintings and the stories behind them. They would make a lovely story book for children.