Thursday, June 27, 2013

As June fades to July.....

I can't say that gardening season has done much for my blogging schedule...
So let's catch up and have a look at life around the farm in recent weeks, shall we?
The perfect way to cool a hot belly (for the non swimmer).

and those who swim well ~ do!

Fun for the whole family, see Kippy's ear there, on the lower left?

Kippy, mid roll.

Who's the handsome doggy?

A quiet moment...

funny big tongue....

This is Agnes, my Great Grandmother's rose bush....She's in full splendor this year!
 Originally planted in the 1940's ~ a gift from my Grandfather to his Mother.

Mmmmmm, can ya sniff it?

New this spring... a wee Fairy Garden!

I think she is wondering where she can find a carpenter to fix her door....

Look at me, I'm cuter than the fairy!!!!

We've been taking the dogs in my car....a two door, hatchback.
 When your big furry brother takes up too much space, you sometimes get smooshed between the seats...

World's Tallest Foxglove...

Cricket the Wonder Mini!

You've got to stop and smell the roses....
My handsome JoJo 
Siamese Twins?
Mum's Birthday! 
More updates as they become available....  :))))))))


  1. Chris from MaineThursday, June 27, 2013

    To my Best Friend Melody,I got your letter in the mail on Tuesday.I have been looking for you since 1998.I never gave up hope.I have missed you for an adult lifetime.I will be in touch soon.At work computer,house one and I are arguing.I want to let you know you were such a big part of my life my 14 year old daughter is named Melody.Tell mom I said Hi.Miss You

    1. You have made my day! ~~~
      We have a place in Maine, and go up often ~ I can't believe I've been driving by you on I95 for years!!!
      You Totally made my day!!
      Yes, please be in touch ~ we have a lot of catching up to do!

  2. Aww I love all of this. Jojos nose pic too cute. !!
    Truly wow ~ look at you now with a 14 year old namesake and a long lost friend rediscovered , according to the above comments ...definately a post to remember. Clapping wildly !!

  3. JoJo is getting better and better about me and the camera~~ :))))
    and yes, truly WOW indeed ~ I was thinking of clapping wildly, but I had to stop to dab my eyes!
    So happy to learn that she who was lost is now found; on what was shaping up to be just another ordinary Thursday!

    1. Hi very quick memory,You used to scare the do-do out of me on the swing set behind grammys and grampys.We had so many adventuers

    2. As I recall the speed at which Grampy drove to take us places had a similar effect on you! Mum was looking thru some of the old photo albums with me a few weeks ago, and there was "family photo" on the front lawn of Grammy's ~ You and I were right there in the front row! :))) I'm going to have to go thru all the albums now ~ to see what else I can find!
      Can't wait to hear more memories... (hopefully I don't scare you in all of them...) :)))))
      So very happy!! (and yes ~ clapping wildly, and even hopping up and down a bit!)

  4. The flowers are lovely. So colorful and so pretty. I can almost smell them. ;-)
    No need to say that JoJo is the most handsome guy I've ever seen. Great pictures Mel. Has the fairy found her carpenter yet?

    1. The flowers are all doing amazing this spring! (must be the "fertilizer"??)
      Those old fashioned roses really do smell beautiful!

      Nope, no carpenter yet.... :))))))

  5. Your flowers are just amazing and I wish I could smell those roses. I just can't get enough of them! Love seeing all your animals having fun and your little fairy garden, so cute! Thanks for sharing your special moments with family too!

    1. The old rose bush has outdone herself this year!! :)))) It's a shame technology hasn't worked out how to do scratch and sniff on the screen yet! Thanks for visiting my little world! :)))

  6. Wonderful post Melody, fantastic on finding your friend how amazing is that!!! Love the pooches and the roses, got to stop and smell them, they are too quickly gone. perhaps all the rain last year made such good flowers this year? Hope you have some great times catching up with your friend. Thanks for the photos! :)

    1. It IS great to have found my lost friend! ~ got my Mother's photo albums out last night, and found pictures of our little 5 year old selves at my birthday party!
      I was hoping this post would include enough "doggy" photos for you! :)))))))

  7. Oh Melody I loved Chris from Maine's comment it made me very happy to see finding an old friend is wonderful. I love your photos. Happy Birthday to your Mum my Mom's 85 is coming up in August.
    Beautiful beautiful flowers. Have fun in your garden. B

    1. Computers are very handy (when they work properly)~ They say you can find just about anything you seek on them.... apparently that is true!
      Seems hard to believe that Mum's grow older... you just don't see it coming! :)))))
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. Oh I love this post. Foxgloves are my favorite flower! They remind me of the beginning of the Beatrix Potter movies...and I have always loved them but never had much luck with them. {sigh} So thanks for sharing yours! What a lot of fun you must have at your 'zoo' with all of those animals. And your fairy garden is adorable. I made one this year too. Just love them. I bet you would love some of my friends pottery. She does all kinds of fairy garden pottery. And I just love Agnes. So great you are keeping her alive. Do you live on the family farm, or did you inherit the rose?

    Cindy Bee

  9. You're right, it IS like the start of the Beatrix movies!! "The worlds tallest" has to be 6 feet tall ~ and now it's has about a dozen little arms coming growing, that are flowering also! (must be the horse manure?) :)))))
    We do have a lot of fun at the zoo, as well as a lot of work.... and fur floating in the air.... ha ha
    Agnes started her life in the back yard of house in a city actually.... When my Mum sold the house, my wonderful Hubby dug her giant self up, VERY carefully....and we brought her home to our house.
    If we ever move one day, she'll be getting dug up once again. :))))))

  10. Melody,Hope you have a great weekend.Will try to work on finding someone to fix my computer.You and I still have so much in common(I collect heart shaped rocks)Talk to you soon

    1. We will be up going back up to Maine in two weeks (July 11-13) ~ can we stop and say hi on our way up or back?? :))) Pleeeeease?
      Hope you get your computer fixed ~ so we can chat better, now and in the years ahead !
      (I'm going to keep MUCH better track of your whereabouts from now on!)

    2. Oh, and by the way ~ I found the cutest picture of you at my birthday party ~ we were 5 ! :)))))

  11. Beautiful summery photos Melody - just love Cricket's smirk over the fence - and the Fairy garden!
    So cool you and your friend have been re-united! I found my school friend via the internet too - and we had loads in common despite the fact we hadn't been in touch for a couple of decades!
    Ali x

  12. Cricket does have a bit of a smirk, doesn't he?.... :))))) The magic of the internet is great ~ It's sort of scary when you say "couple of decades", worries me that I can remember in decades now... not just years!
    ... but it's very true, it's been about 23 years.

  13. How great to have a 40 year old rose, such an heirloom. Hey, I thought my pups were big and wet... but yours are bigger and wetter! Great photos. I keep trying to make a fairy garden, but it always turns into a "baby chicks on the loose" garden instead.

  14. love the truley old fantastic! siamese twins indeed and all the other lovely critters...thanks for the update. Happy summer!

  15. Hi Melody...this post is so interesting and lovely. There is so much here I don't know where to have covered a lot of territory. First...I love your sweet animals...what a family you have. The dogs ....SO SWEET...stuck between the seats and I can't even imagine there's room to drive the car once they are all inside with you. Your flowers are gorgeous and I especially love your roses not only because they are so pretty and they must smell amazing but because of the sweet story that goes along with it. What a wonderful way to remember someone who obviously was so very special. JoJo is so handsome and your twin kitty's are so cute. You inspire me Melody with your fairy garden...gave me some good ideas for next Spring. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful photos and I especially loved hearing about finding your old friend and seeing the photo of your "Mum" blowing out her birthday candles. Sounds like "LIFE IS GOOD" down on your farm. Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July and here's hoping we get a little sunshine up here in Maine for the weekend.

    1. Ah yes, life IS good~ a bit tiring at times...but definately good. Happy animals,flowers blooming, and finding lost friends... Summer is off to a good start!