Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Can it be September again?

I cannot believe it's September again, already!    
It is my favorite month.
 (and not just because it happens to be the month I was born...)
It is a month filled with brilliant blue skies, warm days, cool nights... the scent of concord grapes in the air...  *aaahhhhh*   September in New England is amazing.

I have been having a break from blogging (which a few of you have noticed, judging by the comments about it being perpetual winter in here...); as well as a few other aspects of life.
and yes... I suppose I could have mentioned my break, but instead, it seems I just fell silent.

I have always want this space to be mostly a happy one, with stories of art and animals, good things,  photos, funny stories, happy thoughts, memories....
...I know life can't always be sunshine and lollipops ~ but maybe your blog can??
But alas, where you have animals, you will eventually end up with sad stories too. 
And this is where my break really started.... I was at a loss to find happy stories, and it seemed wrong to pretend all is good, when,well ~ it just wasn't... and I wasn't making any art or crafts to share! 
We have lost quite a few animals this year....  and I see by the blogs I love to read, that a few of you have too.  I even had to stop reading blogs for a while... it was all hitting too close to home.
 As I grow older, I find that I don't handle sad as well as I used too, and weeping into one's keyboard is a recipe for electrocution!   My sad, your sad..... good grief?   No such thing.  
A girl just gets tired sometimes, and has to step back into the shadows to collect herself quietly.

 here I am, peeping out from the shadows, squinting at the light, and creeping tentatively back in.   

Happy Day to you then, ~ and watch this space for upcoming updates!

Well... if you want to.

Mel xx 


  1. Dear Melody,
    It is so GOOD to see you posting again... I thought maybe you would not return... I am so sorry this has been a difficult year for you, that you have lost many animals.. This saddens my heart..
    You have been missed, and I hope this note finds you with a peaceful heart.

    1. I have missed it here, and all of you good, kind people! :))) thank you~ , I am looking forward to getting back to some regular sharing of thoughts, and photos... :))

  2. Well I'm sure I know how you feel. When I lost Griffin in March I lost a piece of my joy with him that will never return. Everyone kept saying to take my time as I knew I would but it's still so hard at times. I still miss him like crazy but the ache has lessened a BIT. The hardest part is coming home and finding the house so empty and quiet. My cellular memory still awakens at walk time and feeding time. I hope you will feel the urge to write again. It has taken me some time too but I'm trying to do it a little more. Take good and light.

    1. Some times life, and all it's ups and downs bunches up on you, too much in too short a time. I don't suppose you ever really stop missing the ones you loose... animals or people. But, I do find that the really special ones remain part of you, and often are part of your sentences, still, many years later.
      so many good memories, and funny stories ~ and those we get to keep those forever!
      thank you~

  3. Good to see you here again. It's a first step out of the shadow into the sunlight. We all need time to withdraw every now and then and it's good you did what you felt like doing. Welcome back. :-)

    1. baby steps.... oh, and some glue for the fractures in my mug. :))))

  4. oh, it is so nice to see you here, too! Enjoy this beautiful month. No, we never really stop missing the ones we lose, we just adapt to the new life. They will always be a part of us. Hugs, Sandra

    1. Yes, adapting to the newest version of "normal" seems to be an ongoing thing... One day at a time, is the only thing for it. :)) *hug*

  5. Sad is hard to navigate. Glad you're back, Happy birthday!

    1. I'll keep my compass handy for future navigation.... :))
      Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  6. Oh good to hear from you and glad I stopped by. You sound like you've had a year similar to mine? A year of chaos predicted by the Navaho Indians or something like that. Sorry for your loss it always really hurts. I'm hoping to post again soon.we lost our old pooch in March, moved house, husband had heart attack and no phone or Internet for 4 months, then he's been attacked by a drunken thug who hit him with a baseball bat and broke his elbow! We've had enough here and are moving again,oh joy! What a year!!
    We have a new little pup and she is bringing me joy,an absolute delight. I wish you well Melody and hope to see some pics and hear from you soon. X

    1. Really? The year of chaos??? What do they say about next year????? *gulp*
      Oh my goodness Julie, my year so far seems sort of pleasant after what you wrote!!
      Is Hubby O.K. ??? That's horrible!!!
      Yes, please do move someplace safe !!
      ~ but, on a wee happy note, I'm so glad you have a new pup to brighten your days!!! Yes, pictures and more updates about the bright spots very soon. ~ and please make sure you contact me via e-mail, with your correct (newest) address for Christmas card season! :))) xx

  7. Hello Melody, it was lovely to find you had visited me. I think we all have real life, none of us can escape it.
    I am sad to here of all your sad experiences. Deep inside the old happy and talented Melody will find herself and we will all be pleased to see her again.
    This blog is a wonderful journal and record of all animals, one day you will look back at them here and be so glad you shared them here and gave lots of pleasure along with the laughs by doing so.
    Good to hear you are finding your way back, get those pencils and paints out, that will really help cheer you up drawing again, trust me on that one!
    Sending my best wishes......millyx

    1. Yes, real life is not for the squeamish is it? ha ha ~ But, it goes on... that's what they say, and it seems to be true. One day at a time... It is eye opening to step back and observe quietly your own life, and what it entails. You are right about this blog being a wonderful record, and that's a good reason to continue. Plus, I'm sure i have more tales to tell yet! I am wanting to not only draw, but play with clay ~ and try new things too!! Paper Mache and learning to knit (little things, not sweaters!) are on my radar too!!
      Balance, allowing myself to have a break sometimes, and Baby steps. :))))) Thanks so much for the visit here!! xx

  8. Hi Mel,
    I have dubbed this year my year of loss. I have lost a dear friend to death, my MIL and several of my friends parents have passed as well, two friends have already moved to another state and another is getting ready to. I put that little subtle picture on my sidebar of the beach with a Stevie nicks song lyrics about life's seasons because it's exactly how I feel. I too took some time off from blogging. Not so much from being sad, even though I was, but because I was way too busy. I still am. I'm trying though. I'm sorry for your losses.

    Cindy Bee

  9. Good to hear from you again! I hope everything is well.