Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas is creeping in....

Here we are, less than a week from Christmas ~ It's really kind of hard to believe another year has gone by.  So far we've had no measurable snow what so ever, while I read from my friends around the world they need a sled to get out of there houses... This is not helping  my Christmas spirit, which has had it's ups and downs this season, but I think i have a good hold on it now.... and as I type there is a bit of sleetyness falling from the evening sky....
Dawn breaks over Swan Lane.
I've decorated the house, which is one of my favorite things to do... Twinkle lights make me happy... and fake snow, and setting up my silly scenes, and my new big glittered snowflakes that i was given last week..  I like to see what cards arrive in the mail ~ and of course to have a perfect excuse to craft!  I really need a little store to expend my decorating energy ~ it would make the house look a little less out of control....  I want so badly to sit here and catch up on all my blog reading.... but if i do, then how can I share my twinkley little world with you?  Fear not.... here it comes!
Some of my favorite things! :))))
The little elf  I made a few years ago, outside his house.
The natural side of Christmas; my Mum painted the picture of the robins!
Some tags... sideways, because i don't know how to turn them right side to!

Our little Christmas tree, which Kipper is sleeping under at the moment!

One of my favorite tags this year. :)

This is the "pen pal" tree... with little things waiting to be unwrapped on Christmas morning! :))))

Oh good grief, I've even decorated the dog.... and I think he's actually rolling his eyes at me....???

Oh, there's more ~ Sure.  But how much can you stand?????  :)))))) 


  1. I must give it to you Mel've done a great job. I really thought you were going to skip Christmas this year. Kipper looks lovely but he is indeed rolling his eyes at you. ;-)
    Oh and thank goodness you do have your own fake snow now. I don't mind sending you a lot of ours but there is a chance you will receive it as rain then ;-)

  2. You can come and decorate my house any time you like! Glad to hear your Christmas spirit is alive and well. I hope there was nothing too serious causing your 'downs' recently and that all is hunky dory now at Chez Crazy Cat Lady.
    I have found some little homes/nests in the wierdest places recently, incl. inside the (sealed) plastic box that houses the battery for the electric fencing and on the piping underneath Mum's caravan (must be warmer this year!)
    Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas.

  3. I love your gift tags! I'm sooooo envious of the display of frolicking rabbits in your top bar! Are toasted carrots the bunny equivalent of marshmallows?
    Have a great Christmas!

  4. I said i'd refrain from "dressing" my lap dog ~ I didn't say anything about not "decorating" him... I am keeping a firm grip on my Christmas spirit ~ i've stapled it on, so i won't loose it!
    Yes, roasting carrots on an open fire is marshmallow replacement ~ i think the hot gooey marshmallows get stuck in their whiskers....:))
    If you'd like a tag of your own ~ with a bunny on it of course - e-mail me your address, and I'll ship one over!
    Karen, i'd love to come and decorate... and see your collection of little nests! :) Updates on "life" will arrive via the next letter!
    Merry merry Holidays to one and all! :))))))))

  5. the dawn house pic could look very eerie if the lights weren't on. that blue sky looks cold and ominous...♥ it's been far too long since i have visited-your house looks TOTALLY different!

  6. I suppose it could also make a good Halloween photo if i got rid of the Christmas lights... :)
    You'll have to come down again sometime... Sad to report they knocked down the big antique store and put in a super market instead... :( We'll have to "junk" elsewhere...