Sunday, December 26, 2010

Peace and quiet...

As I type our little Blizzard is brewing outside... it's been snowing for a few hours already now.  It looks like magic out there.  It's days like this that make me glad I live in New England. I know not everyone agrees... don't like the cold, don't like to shovel... don't like frozen fingers and snow pelting your face; but for the trade off of looking out my living room window to all that "pretty" ~ I'll take it! There are birds on my feeders, the rabbits are tucked in with their hay... fire in the fire place ~ winter is finally upon us. :)  Hibernation is not just for the bears.... now that Christmas has passed, and with it the shopping and wrapping and visiting ~ *Sighhhhh* I can settle in and embrace the season. 

Christmas was nice.... I got my own hand made wooden sock to hang on the mantle with care!
Jack the rat really lucked out too ~ his own custom made sweater!
I got a beautiful pair of handmade wrist warmers ~ which i've been longing for, but never said out loud....
And a hand painted/decoupaged coaster for my tea cup ~ or as art only even!

Everytime I see pretty knit things... i start to think i want to knit too!  I realize that this is not true of course, what i REALLY want is my own personal knitter ~ i pick out pretty yarn and point to what i want, and then it magically appears, that would really be better!  I have come to realize that needle crafts of any kind are a strain on me.... sure i'll sew up an elf hat in a pinch... or cut out a hunk of fabric for a rabbit scarf ~ but lets face it beyond that it's more struggle then fun!
Hours have passed since I began this....the power just flickered....*eeek.  We've gone for a walk in the snow with the dogs and come back again... and everyone is nestled in and fed.... :)))
Come on good people of blog land; lets stroll down Main Street in Wareham in a Noreasta' !!! Bundle up, it's startin' to blow! :)))))))
Piper Beau's

The Jug Shop.... well ~ you could read the sign without me telling you....

Minerva's Pizza House...

Main Street, Wareham USA

Are we there yet?
Just pretty....

Almost back home now.... 

We made it! 
Time for dinner....


  1. Oooh, I love these photos. Finally we get a chance to have a glimpse of your town. It looks pretty cold out there ... brrrrr... Poor Kipper, where is his hand-knitted coat?
    The wooden sock looks real. Hope you don't mix it up with your woolen socks...
    This little jumper looks cool (no, warm) on Jack. You really know how to match colours, don't you?
    Thanks for sharing Mel... ;-)

  2. The photos of Maine Street are fantastic!!! And yes, it does look like cold..... just look at those little paw prints in the snow!!! Does Kip have to walk all the way?

  3. Oh, magical winter - I love it!! I know most people disagree. Snow for Christmas is okay, but please not a single day longer. But I love the cold and getting frozen fingers and coming home from a walk and warm up again with a cup of tea. We have snow for days now and I hope it will last much longer!! And I am glad you finally got snow, too. I am sure Ava and Marley enjoy it, but I am not too sure about little Kip... Maybe a little sweater for him next Christmas??

  4. I'm afraid Kip would get all spoiled if he had a sweater... He's got to stay tough to hang with big dogs! Yes, he has to walk all the way, and all the way back too! he he he ~ doesn't seem to phase him in the least, he have callouses on those paws by the end of winter!

  5. BRRRRRRRR, Melody. Main St. looks COLD.

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Mom still has her copy of the Desiderata, that would be a great keepsake for you.

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  6. Happy New Year Melody. Your little rabbits look great on the header.
    I just helped finish the thumbs and stitch up some wrist warmers for a friend when she got stuck with the pattern. Love yours and can see why you need them with all that snow, hope you are keeping warm.
    Happy crafting for 2011. I will pop by and see what you are up to.