Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy New Year my good readers! This was of course supposed to be written last weekend… which means I start the New Year already behind. Actually, I began the New Year wracked with anxiety over our cat Pete who’s been sick, and packin’ a nice cold for myself. It was suggested by a dear friend; that I’ve given all my “good energy” to Pete… leaving very little for me or the rest of life. I’d say she was right on. A week into the New Year; Pete is on antibiotics, my cold is better (I gave it to Scott ~ aren’t I generous?), and I’m starting to catch my breath a bit.
Why does the start of a new year always make us feel that we need to resolve to change something, or do better? What’s to stop us from making a life altering change on August 7th? Or May 19th? Whatever the reason, it’s the hot topic for the first 10 days of each new year, and then we can all forget about it and go back to what we were doing like nothing ever happened. 
Last year on January 1st, I started blogging on a (mostly) regular basis. I guess I’ve kept up fairly well… I can see that I’ve grown less talkative as the posts have marched on. Sort of silly since the pictures take about forever to upload, it would be a lot quicker to just talk/type!
As I reflect back over 2010 I can see a few things I would change… like keeping up with my letter writing. Not that I need to tell my pen friends worldwide that little tidbit… they’ve already worked that one out on their own. I need to find a balance between the things that I have to do, and the things I want to do, and make time for them. Life’s never going to be perfect or easy ~ at least that’s what I’ve found so far; though I’d love to be wrong about that. One has to work within the boundaries life has provided, and learn to find peace there. I read a saying recently, “what would you do, if you knew you could not fail?” Fear of the unknown is a VERY powerful force…at least in my life; that along with a feeling of responsibility. I’m not good at taking risks, chances or a leap of faith. I have always found myself looking forward to “someday”… rather than living in the now; I suppose it’s safer that way. It’s a bad habit. I’m staring down the barrel of 40 this year; it’s sort of a little jolt to my mind. Don’t’ get me wrong ~ I’m not saying 40 is old, or that it’s too late… it’s just time to get it figured out. I’m thinking that waiting until I can officially retire (according to the time line provided by my friends at social security administration ~ 72 years old) may not be the best plan in terms of me finally pursuing my dream of being more Artist; and less book keeper. If you put any stock into the whole, The End of the World is coming in 2012; then I’d really better hurry up and figure it out! Speaking of “Hurrying up”… I’m down right tired of being in a hurry; I should put resolving to stop that as top priority. I need to focus on the good, and the now. I’ve got a wonderful husband, beautiful animals, good family, good friends, a job, a cozy home ~ a good life.
I also recently came to realize I need to be more selective in who I give handmade items to… Perhaps this new realization will be the catalyst to push me towards a goal I failed to meet in 2010; to start a “store” on Etsy, or Big Cartel or the like… I can figure it out, thousands of other people clearly have. Perhaps if a complete stranger was willing to pay for something I’d made with my own little hands ~ it would be a good push for me in the right direction!
So there you have it, my musings for year end and year begin…
I intend to continue being me; but perhaps try to do it with more confidence going forward; and will also try extra hard to be more “present” in the present.
I wish you all the best health, happiness, good friends, good luck and much great success with YOUR goals for 2011~  whatever they may be!

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  1. Of course I wish all the best for 2011 as well, and that all your dreams come true... OK then, at least one dream (that's not too much to ask, is it). ;-)