Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Swan Festival 2011

Well, we did it!!!  And lived to tell the tale!
I wasn't so sure i wanted to go anymore on Saturday morning.... but once we got unloaded and started getting our little mobile store set up... I started to feel a little better.
It's an odd thing to have complete strangers mentally judging your "things"... Everyone was kind with their comments ~ and we begged to differ when one man said to his wife, "it's all girly stuff".... We quickly pointed out Scott "manly" carvings!!   :)))))
Lots of people stopped by and looked around ~ and thank you to everyone who did!
It almost starts to feel like a secure little hideaway under the "safety" of the tent.
This was taken by my Mum, from back home on our front lawn.  If you squint into the middle of the picture at the water's edge, you can pretend you see me waving from under one of the tents in the row. Scott says we should get there via canoe of we go again next year!
This is my window with a view! Lined up properly you watch the swans thru it!
I didn't count them, but there were a bunch!
We had nice neighbors too, the kind man on the left (seasoned fair goer) had some very good tips and good advice..... Like don't put on the side panels or we'll all be cooked!! (he was right, we would have been "well done" by about 11:00 !! 
I love my fun fabrics! (as you can probably tell....) though the wind kept them blowing up over the goodies for sale all day!!
So there it is. Now he's talking about going to another fair in August....
We'll see what happens, the next one has tractors and lawn mower races....


  1. Oh wow Melody! IMPRESSIVE!!!! I really hoped that you had a great time. I wish I could have been there (with a boatload of money to spend of course)!
    Way to go!

  2. Hey, well done!! It looks fab your stall with the bunting. Hope it went well, it looks a beautiful setting, all that water behind you. Good Job!
    sounds like you're hooked. X Julie

  3. Yes, it went better than I was expecting (I'm a firm believer in aim low and it's harder to get disappointed) :))) My Mum is the seamstress who gets credit for the cheerful bunting!
    Heather, if come with a "boat load" you can pull right up on the edge of the river there! When you're done you can paddle upsteam to our front lawn for a visit!!!
    Thanks for the happy comments girls! :))

  4. Yes, I can see you waving ... '-)
    Everything looks so cool Mel ... And by the tone of this post I know you'll be present at the next fair in August, with your tent and stuff (not as a visitor).
    You do realize that this is next month??? So get ready ... we are all waiting for the next episode. ;-)

    'sigh' ... I am NOT anonymous ... I am Eve ...

  5. Melody, I am in awe!! Everything looks spectacular and I did notice there were no bald people there:)) I looked at every detail and I recognized a lot - the beach shack in the glass looks divine!!!

    Like the anonymous Eve said, it looks like you'll be at the fair in August, too!!! You are so ready for this new adventure you just embarked. Good luck !!!

  6. Wow Melody...a fair on your doorstep...well almost!
    Your stall looks great; colourful and cheerful, lots to browse...and buy! Spotted Mr Mouse with his shack!! I love the idea of your decorated window to gaze through it reminds me of a new gallery near us that has some windows at picture viewing level so the view outside becomes a piece of art.
    Hope after dipping your toe in the water you'll be swanning off to many more successful fairs and soon you'll be giving advice to new stall holders! If you sell all your stock - you can spend the winter months making more for your Etsy shop!!!
    Brill to see such a cool photo of you both...over here M and S (Marks and Spencers) is a huge well known brand...it started as a market stall....!
    Look forward to hearing of the lawn mower races!
    Ali x