Thursday, July 7, 2011

Being Creative ~ June ~ "Ocean"

This happy little fellow has gone to play beside the ocean!
Never having been a much of a swimmer... more of a "sinker" actually... i decided to interpert the theme a wee bit different... things very NEAR the ocean....
I am a little bit late in my posting, but hopefully it still counts....
This little project has been in the back of my mind for years... but i never had a good enough "excuse" to execute it!  Now I have TWO; to share it with the Being Creative Group and I will bring it with us to the fair this weekend as part of the display!
It suppose to be a "Dune Shack"... found in dunes of Cape Cod, which look out upon the great big Atlantic Ocean!  I put in a link below to give a little history and back ground on them. I have never actually seen one in person myself...only photos... but their history includes artists using them... which of course intrigues me greatly, and makes me want to race to the dunes!!! 

This, ideally would have been shot at the beach... not on our rocky, slag covered river shore... but you can see the scale this way.  The shack is about 8 inches wide... The oars leaning on the house were hand carved by my husband Scott... He also made the house for me, which i then decorated with reclaimed wood from our favorite old farm house.  The sand is "sand paper" (also donated by the husband...) as using real sand makes it hard to put glass lid down over the scene!

He has collected a basket of periwinkles for dinner perhaps?... and seems to collect sea glass as well! 
The mouse is made of paper clay, as are the fishing floats.  His planters are made from shells...
 He's a very resourceful little fellow. He probably has more to his story... I'll have to work on that.
 Perhaps his wife sells sea salt and Rose Hip jelly?.....Yes, yes... I believe she does.  

And finally, below is the link to history, etc. of the Dune Shacks of the lower Cape Cod area!

Hope you have enjoyed your visit!  :)))))))


  1. I wish I was tiny so I could come for a visit to this fabulous Dune Shack!

  2. Come and visit and we can take a trip down Cape to see a real one we could both fit in! :)))))

  3. Deal! I will .... one day. Before I turn 50.

  4. When I look at this little scene I can almost smell and hear the sea, and hear the seagulls.
    It's lovely ;-)

    (Again: I am not anonymous ... I am Eve ;-))

  5. Seagulls! That's what I forgot! Thank you for reminding me "oh mysterious anonymous one"!
    Glad you like it! :))))
    Sandra...I hope your a lot less than 50 when you arrive! :))))))

  6. Oh what a fantastic idea Melody... I LOVE your Dune shack and its mousey inhabitant...along with his back story and potential jelly making Mrs! What a wonderful imagination you have... such beautiful intricate painting and amazing visible and described details on such a small residence! I love its setting too beside the water - any water looks cool!
    Isn't it great to have an excuse to carry out something you have been imagining for a while?!
    Hope he enjoys his excursion to the fair this weekend and hope it all goes swimmingly! Looking forward to hearing all about it!
    Keep up the fantabulous creating!
    Ali x

  7. Oh I just LOVE your creativity!!! May I pretty please "steal" your rat with the beach ball picture for my profile picture?????
    Keep up the GREAT work!