Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Being Creative ~ Summer !

Brandy new art for the Summer theme!
My favorite summer treats, and theirs too I say!
Fairy house in the garden.... so far no fairy footprints....

Flora and Lucy Rat going on a joy ride!
Eary stages of bloom!
Happy toes in my FAVORITE flops!
Mmmmmmmm, ice cream!
Volunteer sweet peas!

Burger anyone? 


  1. Hi! I love your painting and the lovely summer post! How cute and sweet those tiny animals are!

  2. Did the ladies enjoy their ride?
    Oh, you will never find fairy footprints ... they fly, you know ;-)
    Looking at your pictures I would almost believe it's summer (rain here)

  3. Hi Mel, such cheery, happy pictures! I understand you're having a scorching summer over there! Love the painted toes and flip-flops!

  4. It HAS been a bit roasty toasty over here of late.... but i tell myself fall will come soon enough. In the meantime, I am doing my best to embrace that which we call Summer! Airing out my toes... and the rats... and watering frequently to keep the plants from wilting down into a bit sulky heap of limp greenery!
    Fairies fly... of course that explains it ~ how silly of me... heat must be getting to me.
    I recently discovered that painted toes make curious chickens peck them repeatedly...

  5. Hehe! A cute and very summery collection!

  6. Summer looks colourful, both the flowers and your lovely paintings. Icecream looks yummy, I have just had a huge bowl of strawberries and icecream. Enjoy your summer and capturing it in your paintings. x

  7. Your paintings make me smile, I do love the lighthearted, illustrative quality of them and I can see where you get your inspiration from! Thanks for sharing your lovely work with us again, sending love, Julia x x x

  8. Such cute paintings, and I love the little fairy house too by the way! :)

  9. I LOOOOve your summer images Melody what a collection of bright photos - sandwiched between your amazing illustrations..those rodents are just so animated! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease open your etsy shop!!
    The ice cream sounds delicious what a flavour...
    Hope your toes are still intact...keep hydrating and enjoy some of the more desirable aspects of summer!
    Ali x

  10. Love you pictures featuring your rats! Donna