Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer continues.

I have no new art to share at the moment... so why don't we wander around a bit and see what's been going on here!

Our little Kippy turned a year old on August 9th!
The tea is for us... in case you were concerned. ;)
Ava seems to have one too many treats...

In the great outdoors... we have our little duck friend.  She has an injured leg, but she still manages to get around pretty well...  She had a boyfriend who was very attentive and protected her from all the other males vying for her attentions this spring.  Sadly he's not been seen in weeks...
She's very shy.... so we have to leave the food and walk away.
This was taken from across the yard, zoomed in.  :))
She flies in one or twice a day and we treat her like a Queen (as you can see she's holding court with the sparrows).
We had a big storm cloud move in one night last week....
Complete with lightening and rumblings from the north.
Isnt' that a beautiful color blue?

But when you turned around, the sky was clear and sporting a soon to be full Sturgeon Moon!
Oddly we never got one drop of rain that night....

                                                             but a few days later.....
Cricket.... after a bit of head scratching, came to a new conclusion about rain.

Smart horses stand inside when it rains.

Other than that... not a lot of news to report at present. 

It was only 64 degrees this morning... almost had a hint of "fall" in the air....


  1. Belated birthday wishes Kippy!!
    You have such amazing clouds over there - Karen at 'A Good Snapshot' has also posted some fantastic pictures. I'm totally with Cricket on the rain thing!!

  2. Happy birthday Kippy! :) What amazing photos! And that moon - WOW!

  3. Oh you love your creatures don't you. They are all fab. Kippy is looking right at the camera, it's so funny, and ava in the hat, they are lovely, a big happy family. I love the storm photos, a summer storm makes magical light, fantastic blue, wow.

  4. Hello Melody, I came over to meet you properly! Thankyou for your lovely comment on my Blog and for becoming the latest Glastonbabe :-D
    I love what I found here, your art, garden and animals are just delightful.
    Happy Birthday Kippy!

  5. Love the pictures of the clouds and moon. Very pretty. But the ones with the animals are lovely. Hope they all enjoyed Kip's birthday... ;-)