Sunday, October 2, 2011

Being Creative ~ September 2011 ~ "Autumn"

*huff* *puff* *huff* puff*
  Here I am!
My favorite month and my favorite time of year and look, I'm still running late!
This drawing sort of embodies all that I hold dear about Autumn...
It is my imaginary farm stand....
This was actually drawn in my sketchbook last fall and never finished....
So I outlined it, and copied it out of the book, and colored it finally!
As drawings go, I think it's a new favoriteof mine!
I think the rabbit is trotting off to make me an apple pie.  Mmmmmmm


  1. Very autumn-ish:) Love the colors, the feeling that transpired through the drawing and I think you might be right: those apples might and up in an apple pie soon (you just have to draw it:) )

  2. Lovely cute bunny, really nice idea that, i like all your little bits and pieces going off behind as well. I loved the last post about hoppity too, and the book cover. I had a bunny (white) called snowy, not very original, it was so lovely, your post brought back memories. Lots of people keep them in the house now? They are toilet trained and everything???? \you may have enough animals in the house though!!! Apple Pie sounds Good :D

  3. Very Cute, I love the look on MR. Hare's face.

  4. This is beautiful - I really do love your work.

    @ Julie Clay - We have two gorgeous bunnies, Flopsy and Toffee - they're not quite house bunnies, as our house is too messy, but they are pretty much toilet trained!! It's amazing haha.

    Helen x

  5. Would love to visit this farm stand myself. It all looks so tasty ;-)

  6. Oh my word, I swear your pictures get better every month! This one is brilliant, I am really enjoying the colour palette and the attention to detail - that lovely warm yellow sky is so evocative of Autumn, as are all the wares for sale!! Absolutely fantastic, love it!

    J x x x

  7. Thank you all for the kind comments!
    and now... I am going to draw an apple pie, and see if a real matching one appears!

  8. Oh what an awesome autumnal picture Melody! Love all the harvested produce, the beautiful posy at the far edge... and of course proud Mr Bunny!
    Was thinking of you as I made my pumpkin...I associate them with New England fall! I know I will find something else to spot if I look at your picture again...
    Thinking of you
    Ali xx

  9. ....ooh mice and acorns too! I popped back and zoomed it even more up close! Ali x

  10. so cute your farm. So many lovely details! Just a nice imagination to visit your little rabbit and buy some vegs for a good autumn meal! I also like the details and coulor from the farmhouse and the warm shiny sunlight in the sky!

  11. I love your cute rabbit illustration!

  12. What a lovely autumn picture you've made! Have you ever thought of illustrating children's books? I think you'd be very successful as one.

    I've just joined the being creative project myself, still working on my interpretation of the October theme: fire.

  13. Hello LadyGoodwill, thanks for visiting, and saying nice things! :)))
    I not sure about childrens books, but I'd love to make a calendar, and have my art on tea mugs and cereal bowls! :)))))
    Fire was a tough one for me.... Can't wait to see what YOU come up with!