Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Someplace in October

Autumn may be creeping in slowly here.... but time seems to scurry off before I can even catch a glimpse of it!  I must say I'm shocked it's past the middle of October. It seems like it was yesterday that I was taking these pictures; when in reality it was a MONTH ago already!
 I feel like I've missed so much in Blogland.... it has just simply been a busy time, and I still can't seem to catch up! I attempted to get up to speed with all the posts I've missed on my favorite blogs, but it overwhelmed me! So I am taking a deep breath, and I'm going to go forward, and not glance back too much! 
and now (drum roll)... I am going to share "yesterday's news" with you now. 
 Better than not at all right?

First we have the horse drawn wagon ride we went on.... It was a mobile history lesson on a farming community that was "removed" in the interest of progress and creating jobs, back in the late 1930's in a small Maine town. They had marked the sites where buildings, and people used to reside.  All that is left today is foundations, old apple trees... and cemetaries.  It was like a glimpse back in time, and hard to believe all that once was as you looked into the woods that have grown up in place of the fields and school houses that once dotted the landscape.
The horses were gorgeous, and the ride was great ~ if you've never been "off roading" in a wagon, you really should try it!  (if that sort of thing appeals to you of course.... personally, I am HUGE fan!) 

This was our team, Ben and Bill
After our wagon ride, we took our own mighty stead for a walk with the dogs.  Down a rough trail thru the woods... we should have brought a picnic lunch, Cricket could have carried it! 
We now have proof, it's true what they say, "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink". 
You can't. 

This was a large stone in the middle of the trail... I looked down and there was a heart looking up at me!
This is my freind Finnigan O'Squeak
Here I am making apple turn overs.
Good thing he got a picture, even I hardly believe I baked something all on my own. 
But look, there they are!  I did, I did bake!
I spent a little more time creeping out of my comfort zone that week in September! I sewed the little hearts all on my own too! (recyclers rejoice; the fabric is left over scraps from the lovely banner my Mum made for our Fair booths!)
They are as tiny as they appear...  the locket was a test for some "mini" art.... and the little tag was attached to an apple turnover we delivered to a friend. (she got a little heart too!)

It was a great week.  We even went shopping a bit in some of the fun stores I love, and that was before we went to the Common Ground Fair!  (I found out that I can get away a lot when I play the "it's my birthday, and I want to...." card...) (I highly recommend this tactic... very satisfying.)
Of course we are all back to reality now.... and have been for a while but it's nice to reminisce a bit!
I am currently working some Christmas card designs... and a fun fall design, just because... and I am also working on the October theme for Being Creative ~ which is FIRE..  I took me a minute to work out what I wanted to do for this one.... but I think I've got it now!  You will have to wait patiently to see the results of course.... (If you are one of my poor deprived pen pals,  you will have had lots of experience with the patience theory... and let me formally apologize for echoey silence in your mail boxes...)
I need to redesign my days some how, to make more "me" time... course it could be my life that's gone off kilter, and needs redesigning.... the days are the same still, 24 hours each, 7 per week...  
I want more art, writing, reading and crafting in my world...and I also want to learn to bake and sew better (at least so it's not such a struggle, or remarkable that i made a little pie!), and a "store" on Etsy... or something like it, let's not forget that.  *phewwww.  
 I think I've worn myself out. 
I'll be seeing you around Blogland; and thanks so much for dropping in!!   


  1. What a wonderful post. Love the horses and how interesting to have discovered a heart rock, my mom collects heart rocks and she has discovered them in some interesting places. I am sure the turnovers were very yummy, and I absolutely love your art work, you are one talented lady. Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  2. I see hearts in so many places...better than seeing stars I suppose!
    Yes, the turn overs WERE tastey if I do say so myself ~ and made from our little farms own "antique" apples! Just wish i knew what kind they were! I need the apple expert guy to come and solve the mystery! (the one who did "Not far from the Tree") Thanks for your kinds words about my art! Where in Maine are you?

  3. So glad to hear (read) from you again. It was a bit boring in Blogland. But, now we are all happy to read your lovely posts again. The photos are great and I am proud of you for actually throwing yourself at some needlework. Looks cute. Well done Mel !!!!
    Eve ;-)

  4. Wow - Melody...more talents...sewing, baking and heart stone spotting! You have been wonder you have less time to blog! Your horsey adventures sound fun too.
    Looking forward to seeing your fire...and really excited about your Christmas card designs.
    Thanks for your comments on my posts...I am also a crochetly challenged person...have tried several times at various stages of life and decided to find something else to fiddle with in front of the tv and admire other people's talents instead...the flower loom is really easy..(once I had figured out my pattern and written down a reminder..which I rarely refer to now...only to bring back my wandering mind!)..I would recommend it but as you many things to little time...if you were round the corner I'd pop in and show you....!!
    Happy Fall!!
    Ali xx

  5. Living in Maine, but I don't know where the farming community is. I love the heart, have never seen one. I enjoyed reading about your creative energy.

  6. Hi Melody,
    It was lovely to find your comment. I was so busy making things for my little Craft fair last Saturday, my one and only this year. It was nice but I think I am too busy for such events. On Monday guess what, I baked, apple crumble and scones.
    The apples have been sitting patiently for me. I need to plant some bulbs for next spring, I have a list of things to do, it is not just you, this year seems to have gone so quickly.
    Love your autumn shop , gorgeous painting. Just enjoy making , baking and all your animals. As life speeds by!