Sunday, December 4, 2011

Being Creative ~ Vintage

Hello and welcome! Yes... so I'm running a little behind, and I'm not sure if picture taking is cheating?
No, it's not really.... I know it's not... but still.... It's feels like I'm cheating.
I went with my collection of "vintage" office supplies. I'm not sure how it started that I began collecting them, I guess maybe it's because I've worked in an office for so long?
And my Grandmother worked in a office (the ledger books and glasses were hers)... and my mother had a plumbing business with my father way back when, before I was born..
 (the Paymaster Check writer was hers..)
So perhaps we are drawn to what we know best?
I promise I will "make" something more fun for the December theme, winter is a favorite of mine after all; even though so far it's been oddly warm around here....
Keep being creative!


  1. Oh I love that old stuff. And no, picture taking is not cheating. You don't have to blog proof of craftiness only ... anything is fun. :-)

  2. Oh Wow, those are great,it's fascinating seeing American versions of things. Didn't they have some amazing machines for doing jobs. Like the sepia tones too! Not cheating at all! ;)

  3. What an evocative picture Melody..I was going to do a photo - but haven't got the vintage out of the box yet!! I must need more sleep as I wondered why the speed fastener needed to be safe from wooden shoes?!
    I love the smell of stationery shops..although you don't see many specialised ones these days...a vintage memory!!
    Ali x

  4. What a great collection. Nice in sepia tones too. Really lovely idea.