Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where does time go?

I feel like I went missing in November? That's not very fun....but that's how November was, just not very fun.
Poor little Kippy's eye infection (all better and just about as good as new now), of course just about the time he was about to be cleared from the vet and  not needing any more "check ups"... our neighbors dog tried to eat him. Back to the vet.  The dog grabbed him right down over his back, so he had matching bite marks on both sides.  One side was a nice inch wide tear, which is pretty big when you only weigh 9 pounds!
He's pretty cute even in a cone!
This is how you eat while wearing a lampshade on your head, in case anyone was wondering.
He was down right miserable for about 5 days... they don't stitch bite wounds, so every move he made moved his "wound". He even got a little sympathy from my boss, who tolerates his presence at work, but doesn't really appreciate him much.  Kippy's much better now, the hole is almost closed up and he's as happy as ever.  I guess living with 2 St Bernards toughened him up at a young age! :)))))
Our latest drama, saga, mishap was a phone call from our  neighbors saying there was a wobbly, staggering skunk in the pen with Cricket the Wonder Pony. 
NOT what you want to hear on a Wednesday afternoon, or really any time.
  By the time Scott got home the neighbors had herded Cricket into the barn and the animal control woman, and a police officer had finished the skunk off with their version of a wild west show in our back yard. 
The poor skunk tested positive for rabies ~ so now Cricket, despite being up to date on his rabies vaccine, is under "house arrest".... 
See what I mean about just no fun at all? *sigh.
On a bright note, Cricket seems to have gotten over the shock of gun shots going off in his pen; and  the goats have been moved into the back barn to keep him company! (at this point the goats are not quite sure they are down with this move, and crying piteously, but hopefull they will adjust in the days ahead.)
 I have been working on my Christmas cards, and few projects for the holiday season; so at least there will be some fun stuff to share soon.
I'm sorry to have been so absent, but it was a mentally draining November to say the least.
I'm am going to do my very best to embrace December, because as my hubby reminded me the other day, "It IS the most wonderful time of the year"  (he's funny, it's just hard to tell sometimes) :)
We'll see you again soon,... honest!

Cricket riding up front in the van!

Big cuddly boys.
See how good I am?   I hypnotized him!  "you're getting sleeeeepy..."

Big dog?  Or small couch? Or both?
p.s. the new header picture is my first attempt at "pastels".... How did I do Julie? :))))


  1. Ahhw that's sweet, your little mouse is all ready for Christmas, with a sweet treat, he's lovely!! Well done. Kippy does look cute, but what an awful time. Very bad next doors dog :( They look so pitiful in those cone collars, always in need of a treat. It sounds like the wild west out there with the skunk and shooting etc? It has been a pretty stressed Nov for you, I wondered what you were up to? Love the big dowgies, not much room for anyone else on the couch, tee hee. Hope December goes much more smoothly and eases you into a lovely Christmas. X Julie.

  2. Thanks Julie! I'm hoping the rest of December is filled with sugar and spice and everything nice! :))) It's almost time to mail Christmas cards too! Yeahhhh! :)))

  3. Having had all this misery in November I am positive that December is going to be great. ;-)
    The photo of Cricket in the van ... hahahaha ... hilarious. Is your van that big, or is Cricket that small? Hmmm, similar question to dog vs couch.
    I am glad Kippy is doing fine now ... let's keep it that way. But to be on the safe side I shall keep everything (including cats) crossed ;-)

  4. No, December is not going to be as draining as NOvember, I forbid it! Marley really is a big boy, and the couch... it is not big enough if all of your dogs can't share it:)

  5. Wow Melody - what a month - sorry to hear about Kippy and your other animal anomalies. Heres hoping December truly turns out to be the most wonderful time of the year!! Loving all your photos too! How fantabulous is your mouse?! Squeaktastic!!
    Happy sugar and spice season!
    Ali x

  6. WHAT!!! No way.... this Poor little fur baby!!
    How can you stop that from happening again? Has the neighbour offered to keep her dog on lead at all times? ...

    And Cricket!
    poor wavy wondering skunk :-(

    Never a dull day with animals!

    HUGS and hope all goes back to peace for a bit.


  7. Oh Melody, what a horrible thing to happen to Kippy! But you have gorgeous cuddly dogs and a pony in the van. Life is never dull around here. With that in mind, I was nominated for a blog award, and, in turn, have nominated yours. Please pop by and pick it up.
    I hope the rest of December is full of festive spirit!

  8. Melody, Thank you for your really lovely surprise in the post. I LOVE IT ! Every little button, china, acorn and the is gorgeous. So cute and I was thrilled to receive it.
    Hope you have a Happy Christmas, you and all the animals get some nice presents. I remember a knitted jumper for one member of the household.
    best wishes, have a wonderful time. millyx