Monday, April 30, 2012

The Tail End of April

Where has my time gone off to? It must be spring.... I hear the siren song of the garden and I have a hard time staying in when the sun is out.  When I do find a free moment, I find myself sitting rather glassy eyed at my "desk".... wonder where to begin. Ah well, I guess I must just press on.
There are big furry dogs to play with too....

Swans out on the front lawn to admire.....

Fran, my helper in the garden, she's "Grub control"... and unfortunately, "worm Control" too....

I've got Belle to keep an eye on me to make sure I'm doing it right.

and Lily Goat, who has been feeling poorly... but still keeps an eye out in case I have some tastey pine needles I want to sneak to her when Belle isn't looking.

It really does look like a petting zoo around here...

My favorite vase, with a few forget me nots, such sweet beautifully blue little blooms.

The Quince bush is a riot of blooms!

The bee landed just as I pushed the button!

Went to the Library's book sale on Saturday with Mum.... yes, that's right ~ more books.
This little gem wasn't to be passed up for $2.00!
Had a lovely time and got some great books at very reasonable prices!!
I have also set up a Zazzle Store, which lets you put my art onto your coffee cup, or what ever  you might like!  Pretty neat, I think! Funnnnn stuff.
And now... I must pay attention to dinner, cuz everytime I "cook" from the computer... bad things happen to dinner.  Don't know what it is.... always burns, and glues to the pan?
Next up, I'll show you some of the new sketches I'm working on for the next series of cards!


  1. Nice pictures Mel. The book is just awesome. You are so right for getting this. Well done ;-)
    Strange, isn't it, that the moment you look at your computer, dinner burns ... that's one good reason for having someone else taking care of dinner ;-)))

  2. What a lot of tails! Your Zazzle shop looks sooo cool well done - I'm sure it'll be successful with all your adorable little creatures!
    Fab book purchase!
    I know all about bad things happening to dinner - I can't always blame the computer though!!
    Hope you have a happy May-time!
    Ali x

  3. Swans in the front lawn... now I know where a certain name of a certain mailbox comes from! Your place looks like one from a fairy tale and the more the tails (borrowed from Ali) the better I say:)

  4. You have been busy Mel, all looks like fun down on the farm....I like the layout of the blog. I've just heard of zazzle, so will have to check it out! Hope it all goes well! We've had one mad wet April, wettest ever on record!! there are ducks taking up residence on football pitches etc, it's been a bit bad! Hoping for some sun in May?

  5. Gosh with all your animals I can see it is a busy place, you do well to find the time to blog. The post was lovely with all your bunnies and some gorgeous photographs of the swans too.
    Hope some one does not eat any more of your plants and flowers. When you get the greenhouse up and running you will be no doubt growing your own plants, flowers or vegetables. What a busy girl you are.
    Hope you have a sunny weekend.