Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Belated Easter!

I had a plan for an Easter blog; but I wasn't quick enough for my own plan.  So, how about we call these "Spring" drawings, instead of "Easter Art"? 
 Nice, glad we are on the same page, she said nodding and smiling. 
That is a "Spring Parade" !!
(and for those of you who may be counting... it's a few representatives from the group.... I'd still be drawing if they were ALL in the Parade!)

O.K. , so she does smack of "Easter" I admit it... packing her chocolate bunny and eggs....
She's on her way to visit a friend, yes that's it!
Do you sometimes have vision of pastel colored rabbits dancing in your head?.... I do. 
These found themselves dancing thru a plate of lemon squares actually. 

They appeared on the windowsill .... looking like there were ready for pastel omlettes!!

Gnomes are such friendly little things... I don't know why some people don't like them?
 Look at him, what's not to love???
 I ask you??? 
 (no, not you... I'm not asking you... you know who you are.)  wa haa haa haa

This is on the Pussy Willow tree that planted itself right where my green house is going... silly tree. I always wanted a pussy willow.... *sigh.  Bad place to grow...
 (that's Cricket and the goat girl's barn in the back there....)

This is a little peony plant about to unfurl.... the only small piece of the plant that survived.... (I've had to move it twice.... it was two feet tall, and made beautiful pink blossoms!)
Good thing I took this picture.
An hour later, Ava (yup, the St. Bernard) when running thru the back yard, and stepped squarely on it.
I no longer have a peony.
Oh and one last thing for tonight.
That's my greenhouse. 
 See it?
What if you squint?

p.s.  Thanks for the comment Milly ~ it was just what i needed to inspire me to get my blogging pants on!


  1. What a brilliant post Melody! Pictures do speak a thousand words. I am sorry about your last peony plant :(

  2. Yep, I can see the greenhouse ... are those courgette plants I see??? No, a bit more to the left ... ;-)
    Great pictures Mel. Love your spring-art.
    Is that true? Are there people who do not like gnomes???? Unbelievable ;-))))))

  3. Love the spring parade!! All very cute, esp big dog in big hat :)I can see the greenhouse IS coming on....better than mine anyway? I haven't done any planting this year. Will have to treat myself to some already done! Where have you been...you with the new laptop? More photies please,esp doggies, how's Kippy doing? Ok I hope?

  4. Ah yes, thanks for the plant condolences...Poor little peony...didn't stand a chance,*sniff.
    I was as shocked as you Eve, to find there were people who don't like gnomes... I'm so happy you can see the greenhouse, the light must be just right from where you sit...
    Where have I been?? Hmmm, drawing? Reading? Maybe on the laptop... perhaps, yes. :) I will try to mend my ways and keep the posts coming in a more regular fashion! I will make sure the doggies are present and accounted for in a post to come! Kippy, and most all the furry ones are doing good! We have one peaked goat at present...but the rest, *knock on wood*, seem to be o.k.!

  5. Happy Easter Melody...we are still celebrating here...well we are still eating chocolate and resplendent in decorations!
    Loving your Spring collection! - all aspects of it..even the past peony and the fluffy soon to be growing elsewhere pussy willow. Your pink mouse looks soooo proud and perky on her way to visit her friend.
    Happy Spring..hope the greenhouse starts germinating soon...needs lots of root growing first?!
    xx Ali