Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ah yes; and so the Merry Month of May continues. 
 Actually, around here, it's getting mixed reviews.  We been living thru a series of unfortunate events with the animals recently.  We lost a rabbit two weeks ago to sad circumstances... and on Monday our little Lily Goat died.  She'd been under the weather the last month or so, and seemed to have finally turned a corner, perked up a bit, and was acting a little more like her self, so we were quite shocked when left us.  We've had the two goat girls since they were impish little sprouts, they were both bottle fed and for the first six months of their little goat lives ~ they lived in dog crates in our living room, we couldn't bring ourselves to put them outside in their pen! I still have the letter of apology Lily wrote to me (and left a faux Lily frond with of course) over the night she peed on the couch! (this is why people don't have goats in the living room I suppose... seemed like a good idea at the time.)
On a brighter note, it was our 18th anniversary on Sunday.

This little slab of cement stands beside the farmhouse door.

It's also apple blossom season.
If it's possible to be completely enamoured with a tree... well this would be my pick. It's big and it's old... it's apple are lumpy, and they don't even really taste that good ~ but I am so impressed that this tree carries on each year.  I can't quite reach my arms around.... though I try.  Imagine all it has seen?
If you asked me my favorite season... I'd always say fall or winter. I think I forget how much spring has to offer.  New growth, apple blossoms, lush grass.... and things unfurling from their long winter's nap.  The sweet smells of spring hang heavy in the air on damp days like this....
Even the mushrooms are leaping around joyfully!

The alpacas have been sheared.... so it must be spring right? I think they look a little embarrased actually.
No, they aren't ours... we aren't that crazy.

This is how you know when you've had enough cat nip, you roll right out of the box.

There have been a few quiet crafty moments.....

A wee peek at a few works in process...

Huh, what's that?  You'll just have to wait and see I guess. 

What will the rest of the month bring?
Fingers crossed only happy things.


  1. First of all; congratulations on your 18th anniversary ... that's quite an achievement ... well done!!! ;-)
    Spring is a wonderful season (my favorite), all that new life, fresh colors and nice temperature.
    Your art looks promising. I noticed that the bunny in the front is of a different style than what you usually make. Cool! ;-)
    And as I have already said earlier; I am very sorry about Lily. It must be so empty now. How's Belle taking it?

  2. Sorry to hear about Lily and the bunny, goats like company I heard on countryfile recently, I think you should get some more :) Love the apple blossom, it's the prettiest blossom I think! Like all the little cutsies going on, there are more on the shelf I can see. Hope you're having fun doing them. I'm getting inquisitive about felting little creatures, not sure if it's me, but might try?? Hope the rest of May is good for you, it's raining and cold over here :(

  3. Oh Melody what a mixed May you are sorry to hear about Lily and the bunny.
    Congrats on your anniversary...and love all your pics and captions! Those alpacas do look a bit sheepish without their fluff!
    Your bunnies take me right back to happy childhood days!
    Pondering on your pod.....preponderance of possibilities!!
    Thinking of you
    Ali x

  4. I'm sorry about your goat. We lost one last month and a sheep just this week. They both had good long lives so I can't ask for more.
    I so love what you wrote about the apple tree. We have a couple of those wise old trees, too.
    And I do love that picture of you with those great big dogs!

  5. So sorry to hear about Lily and the rabbit. But I know they had a good life and were happy to be with you!