Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

In case you haven't noticed.... Spring is not my most crafty time, unless you count the art of digging in dirt.  I can't seem to sit down/still long enough to create anything.  I tried briefly to sketch yesterday, but the mosquitos had their way with my ankles... very unpleasant; so I gave up and went to sit with the rabbit instead.  We also went to the beach with the dogs, though i didn't bring the camera.  There was  a little dog party going on there, so they got to run and play with other dogs even!  Marley spent most of his time trying to intimadate a little terrier mix name Zulu... but Ava and Kippy were very well behaved.  Ava is the swimmer in the family, takes after Scott I guess.  Marley must be my dog, he wades and goes bug eyed if his feet stop touching the bottom.  Kippy runs back and forth along the edge of the water up to his belly, and whines if any body goes out to deep and leave him.  We must be quite a sight. 
Today we went to the cemetary with Scott's Mum to visit some graves (It's Memorial Day today). It was nice to "meet" that side of the family.  I have always found cemeteries very peaceful.... I rather like them. It all intigues me, the old names, and wondering who they were, and what they did, and where they lived... Some of the stones have lovely carvings... the modern ones with lazer etchings of the dearly departed do rather get me a bit.  I guess I prefer the mystery of who they were, I don't want them looking back at me.
This afternoon we washed the front of the house.  It had turned green from mildew, or whatever grows on houses, and it's meant to be the color of the flower below (more or less)... So that was interesting, me on a wobbly ladder... but the result is beautiful, looks like we repainted the house!!
Scott took Cricket out for a test drive (he's learning to pull a cart, and at the moment is pulling two poles that drag on the ground behind him ~ picture an old scene of a Native American with his paint pony towing the teepee parts.... you start to get the idea.) So while he was out, I decided on a cup of tea, a bucket of warm water for my feet, and a good book... just for a moment.
All in all a sort of productive weekend.... even if it wasn't crafty.
I'll get back to that, I just need a rainy weekend to keep me indoors.
For now, scroll down and enjoy the scenery.
My new Begonia
My New bird/chipmunk waterer, and there's that begonia again.
I caught a little fairy pondering life...

Ladies Mantle
My monk, he makes me smile.  He doesn't make jam, nor does he help with the St Bernards...
But look at that little face.  Did you see his little toes in the photo above?
Cheery little pansies...
Pete Purrington and Zeke the Mail Cat.
Mr. Levi
My delightful book.
My happy little bluebird, and surrounding windowsill scape.


  1. The monk is so adorable - yes, he makes me smile:) I so wish you had taken your camera with you when you took the dogs to the beach! Don't forget it next time you go, ok? Is Pete really so much bigger than Zeke or it is just this photo?

  2. Love the monk and the fairy. The monk looks a bit like my toothless chubby neighbor (I have never seen his toes though), although he is not much of a monk, and he certainly does not make me smile like your monk does. :-)
    Do you have a picture of your mildew-less house? Lesson one in life ... always, I repeat, Always bring your camera, wherever you go :_)

  3. Never seen a monk like that, he's funny and does make me smile! Need to see the house front and the doggies in the water, what fun! My dog will swim, but invariably avoids stepping in puddles if he can :)especially as he gets older. Like the look of the book? More pics please!

  4. Duly noted... bring camera. Got it. I will take a picture of the house in it's shiny clean state; I suppose it won't mean much since I didn't take a "before" picture. I really do need to get on the ball with that camera thing. ;))
    Yes, Pete IS that much bigger than Zeke; he has grown up to be a big strapping lad.

  5. Oh I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who likes to visit cemeteries! I find them so peaceful and pretty with flowers all around. And you always have something to read while you are walking! I love the old stones with angels and decorations and pieces of moss. And you always find so many squirrels there, not shy but rather cheeky.
    And yes, this is just what I thought: Pete has grown so big! I remember the first photos of him when he was just a tiny baby....

  6. The other thing I love is seeing all the old names you don't hear anymore on the gravestones... like a history lesson almost.
    It is good to know I'm not the only one who finds cemetaries enjoyable!
    Pete has definately grown up to be a full size fellow! King of the kitchen table which he's claimed as his domain; though as you can see he's not opposed to sharing sometimes! :))))

  7. What lovely images Melody...hope you are able to get plenty of outdoor time admiring your garden and inhabitants! The top spongy green photo is fabulous!
    Ali x