Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Summer Solstice 2012

Extending Happy Summer Solstice wishes to you one and all!!  Here in New England, Mother Nature decided that today was the perfect day to take the temperature dial and crank it round to the other side!
I know;.... if you don't like the weather in New England just wait a minute ~ it's bound to change.... but while I'm waiting can I have a bucket of cool water for my feet and a nice cold glass of iced tea?  As I type the thermometer is hovering around 85 degrees... down about 10 from earlier today.  There are two St. Bernards here who are thinking that's still not exactly cool.  They've been hosed down, and are sprawled inches from the fan, like big wet bear rugs..... When I'm done typing I may join them. 
Usually I like to hang out in the garden on the longest day of the year....just in case those fairies decide to pay me a visit finally.  I suspect they are probably going be going for a dip in the gold fish pond as soon as the sun finally sets.  Fish don't eat fairies do they?  Hmmmmm.
So that's it for now.... just a quick hello and happy wishes ~
I hope your summer is full of laughs....
and a little rain for the garden... but not too much.
and a little bit of magic.


  1. Can you believe it is the longest day of the year? How fast time passes. I'm heading out to water the gardens, I'll be looking for fairies too.I can feel magic in the evening air...stay cool, Julie.

  2. Great pictures Mel ... ;-)))))
    Can't imagine it's the longest day already. Where did time go?
    Have you seen any fairies yet?

  3. I think those fairies have been magically making months disappear, so they're definitely around! Love that Cricket, such a sense of humour :) Rain and more rain here, going to create some trouble I reckon, but everything is super green!

  4. GREAT mushrooms!!!
    Hee hee... I am in New England too and know what you mean these last few days have been Super hot. We lived in this house for a few years before we got air conditioning and now I am hooked.
    Course the mosquitos are here too - I ran out and watered the plants at 3.30 and ran back - with two new bites.

    Your pony is too cute and the cat :-}
    And just in case you didn't get back to my blog to read the reply to your question... yes I do just use not too soft clay for the sheeps legs I roll them out and let them sit for about 10 minutes then I attached them with slip (very wet clay). No wire or inner structure.

    xxx HUGS Lorraine xxx

  5. Happy belated summer solstice Melody! I love the image of you being hosed down and sprawling in front of the fan....especailly as we occasionally have the heating on and I'm still wearing my raincoat in mid summer!
    Wonder if you got to see the that their verdant green playground at the top of the post?!
    Hope you stay cool!!
    Ali xx

  6. Melody, I just had to let you know there were no frozen critters remaining in Tasha's freezer, I did inquire!!!!

  7. Please send us some sunshine and we will send you some rain. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and keeping cool, maybe strawberries and ice cream, paddling in the river. x

  8. Hi Melody ~ Thanks for visiting my blog. :) Yes, our 5 bunnies are brothers/sisters (3 boys, 2 girls). I rescued their mama and, suprise! -- 2 weeks later she had babies. They are all spayed/neutered and have always been together as a little family. They will be 5 years old in August. I'm not sure if they will accept our new little Daisy, but we'll just have to wait and see. Stay tuned! :)