Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sneaking up on the middle of June already....

My, my.... where does time go? June is a month steeped in Birthdays, graduations, recitals, Father's Day...
So here's an update on the goings on.

Mum's one rose from her rose bush... smells good too!

Cricket the Wonder Pony turned 3 on the 5th!

Got Cake?

A "Carrot Cake" ~ made with fresh grass, carrots and molasses; and dusted in crumbled peppermints.
The horse must be special... he doesn't make me a "cake" ???

A juvenile "newt"... we later read that the red is a warning to predators to not eat them, marking them as poisonous. Apparently they emit toxix excretions from their skin?  How's your hand  feel honey?

Some sort of moth? Butterfly? Looks like a fuzzy jet fighter plane???

Mum's birthday card.... before color.

A peak of some new art work in progress...

and another little peak...

Mum's Birthday picnic.

Cricket having some watermelon.

Yes, of course the chickens came to the party/picnic!  

Bad watermelon?

                    No, just needed a little nap.  Put your ear up to the screen, do you hear the snores?

I even made a cake! (fresh strawberries from the garden on top)

A mini Jubilee.
 Queen for a day!

Card with color!

So there you have it for now ~ a glimpse of what's going on over here! 
I'll try to have it not be July before I reappear in Blog Land!


  1. Looks like lovely family fun going on over there. That cricket cracks me up, your comments under the photos are hilarious. You've been away too long, but seem to have had some right royal fun, much like over here! The card looks lovely and very special. Nice to see you again :) Ooh and I'm having trouble on my blog, it keeps blocking my access?? Have you had this??

  2. I thought Cricket was listening if someone was coming (like the Indians do:))
    The drawings are amazing as always... did I see a mouse fairy?
    The cake... that one won't leave my mind and I am getting an urge to get some sweets.... no... no.... I can resist it.
    I hope Scott's hand is ok.
    Missed you here!

  3. No, haven't had my access blocked yet, but I'll be waiting for it now... got to love technology!
    What's the point of putting "reply" under each comment? Nothing happens when you click on it?

  4. Huh, maybe that IS what Cricket is doing? I assumed he was asleep, maybe he's just concentrating really hard on earthly vibrations?
    Yes, I dare say that IS a little mouse fairy. Hmmm...curious little creature isn't it? :))))))
    Lucky Scott's hands are pretty tough, and he did survived the toxic newt encounter! :)))))

  5. Lovely to catch up on everything all in one go. Your mum looks like she is getting spoilt, wonderful cake and love the card too. And you look like you are having lovely weather too. Yes the weeks just seem to fly by.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend .x

  6. The weeks do seem to fly by, it is hard to believe summer is just around the corner. Happy birthday to your lovely MUM, the birthday cakes looks yummy and the card just lovely. That is one strange moth, butterfly? it appears right out of "Star Wars" Happy third birthday to Cricket, I'd need a nap too! Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  7. What an amazing array of June great to see more mices and rabbitty pics!
    You certainly have some interesting creatures and creations in your garden...the moth is unusual and what a novel newt! Yummy looking cake and looks like you all had a fab celebration for you mum!
    I love all your colourful photos...looking forward to more tales from the farm!
    Ali x

  8. Hi Melody, I hope you dont mind I put a pic of Cricket on my facebook page for the horses birthday (southern hemisphere). I couldnt find an email contact for you so just posted here, I've also added a link back to your site. The look on his face is so adorable!

    Warm wishes, Jennifer

  9. Cricket will be pleased to know he included in the Who's Who of horse birthdays! :)))) He is a character for sure! Thanks for the link! :))