Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where did I go?

Hmmmm, it's been suspicously quiet in here hasn't it?  It's like when small children are being far too quiet.  A responsible adult should go and find them.... the chances are there is mischief afoot.  Problem is, what to do when you ARE the responsible adult?
  Who crosses their arms and taps their toe and gives you the "what are you THINKING?" look? 
Or worse, people DO ask you what you're thinking and you (being that grownup you never thought you'd be) just shrug like a teenage girl, and ignore the question and carry on with your crazed plan.
The best bit is when they try to be nice and make that little "I'm zipping my lip" motion.... or remark with things like "UGH???" ~ but yet listen to your feeble explanation of what makes you think this might even remotely be a good idea.... while secretly doing the sympathetic head shake thing... You know like when you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar and there's no getting out of it...
Oh course those people (and you know who you are) are NOTHING compared to the other ones who embrace the idea and encourage someone such as myself to continue on with the plan! (you also know who you are....) But seriously ~ I love you all in BOTH camps! :)))))

Ah then....let the confession begin.

Back yard as it looked a few springs ago.....
 For those of you who have enjoyed the view from my back porch ~ looking out over the lush garden turned jungle... prepare thy selves for a little change of scenery.
  I have recently mastered the art of "un-gardening" part II (with the much needed help of family and friends to help dig and rehome my poor plants, shrubs and perenniels.....)

That's my Father in Law and Mum in the background; special mention should also go to Wanda for her excellent digging skills... though she didn't make the photo this day.
I must say it's been some of the most emotionally trying days/weeks I've had in a while....a LONG while.  Why you ask? What the heck is she talking about?
We got another little pony!!  Well,  ~ "little" is a relative thing... ~ compared to Cricket he's hardly little.  Compared to a Clydesdale he's a wee 600 poundish pipsqueak! 
Meet JoJo.

We are both a little dazed in this one....
 That was already his name, and while I wouldn't have chosen it ~ at twelve years old, I guess he should continue to be JoJo...  He arrived at our crazy little "farm" on Sunday, October 21 in the afternoon, after a ride down from northern Vermont.  We went up to meet him.. twice actually...

It was a long ride into northern New England.....

Yes, she's got me on a leash and is laughing at me..... or with me?
Please note, she made me wear the helmet ~ despite the fact that there were SPIDERS living in it!!!
She assured me she picked them all out.... but how can you be sure???

We are both calmer and more relaxed in this one.

He was still happy and laid back at this point....
Hence all the silence, I've not yet gotten the hang of blogging from the road.  (plus, we drove up in the car (two door hatch back) with the 2 St. Bernards and little Kippy.) So had I brought the lap top I'd have had to ride with my entire right arm out the window ~ to make room!  

Things we've learned so far in this new adventure?  Well, #1 is JoJo can do a fairly impressive, from a stand still leap and clear a too short fence in a single bound much like Super Man and his tall buildings!  My father in law remarked he wished he'd a camera to capture the expression on my face.... I can only imagine.  My Mother on the other hand is just thankful she missed it, she prefers horses and herself to be separted by fences (preferably tall sturdy ones....). 
#2, Horses can reach impressively far away corners from behind a fence (of sorts)...to drag a bale of hay closer to themselves for better nibbling when you aren't looking.  Goes right back to, if it is far to quiet... the responisble adult should go and see why; and me without a single one in sight.  *sigh.
and #3 ?  Be careful what you wish for, when you live my husband ~ wishing can make it so.... even if you only whisper it! (like 7 or 8 years ago, when I said, "goats looks like fun ~ maybe one day we should get one".... and not to long after he brought two of them home in the back of the hatchback! ~ and oh, don't worry, he put some hay in the trunk first to cushion them, and soak up the goat pee...)... and then one day I mumbled under my breath, huh ~ St. Bernards are pretty cute.... *poof* ~ two of them appeared... are you seeing a pattern?  Actually, it starts to sound like we are running some sort an ark when I read it back......
This is the extent of my "riding" so far.... yes, I'm sitting on a folded up blanket.
So any how.... that's where I have been, and what I've been up to.  I have a lot to learn, both about horses and myself.... I also have a lot to figure out ~ but then again so does JoJo, and I'm not even the one at the mercy of an unskilled stranger in a strange land. 
It's been a bit stressful... I've become a bit emotionally unstable at times, well quite often I suppose if you were to ask the hubby; though best you don't  ~ he's probably trying to forget. 
 We hadn't really planned on getting a horse right now... we went to look at him, like we've looked at other horses; and I have famously low expectations so I went expecting little more than a pretty ride in the country and to meet a little pony.  Who could have guessed?
With any little bit of luck, we will all find our balance soon, and I can relax back to my more normal self....  and one day pick up a pencil and draw again?  Fingers crossed. 
P.S. Look what I dug up while I was transplanting the last tree from my former garden.
 The universe works in mysterious ways.....  I don't even play chess?



  1. Oh, here you are! And I finally get to meet JoJo -he is one handsome boy. I love the bangs! Altough when you said a pony... well, I thought a pony like the kids ride here, a little bit bigger than Cricket. That looks like a "real" horse to me! You live in a beautiful place by the river... you are so lucky. I wish my husband was such a wish granter as yours is :)

  2. He looked smaller when I saw him in Vermont... I think he swelled up when he got home and into the backyard... ha ha ha In hindsite, a little bigger than Cricket would have been PLENTY big! Especially since I have discovered I have NO balance or riding ability left to my name!!
    And yes...we are lucky. However, if you EVER want to sleep past 4:30 in the morning, or have even a speck of money in your savings account; be VERY, VERY, VERRRRY careful what you wish for.... It's good to have at least ONE person in the house who control of their senses... :)))))))

  3. You naughty girl, is probably what I should be saying!! Look what you've gone and done! Blimey, you lot don't do things by halves. Looks like a lovely way of life though, hope all settles down soon. But do come back soon, we other little animals in different parts of the world, miss you. Enjoy all you have there! :)

  4. I love your animal stories. Dear Jo Jo has found a good home. Sounds like a clever fellow. I'm always rather inclined to both animals and children who are a bit mischievous. :<) I'd love to have seen him jump that fence.
    Your photo from the road sure looks like my part of the world. I clicked to make it bigger but couldn't read the sign.

  5. Wow Melody - Jo-Jo is a fine fellow - what a life changing experience! Love the thought of him fence vaulting...but thats from this side of the pond! A helmet full of spiders...thats an experience I wouldn't like to share!
    Hope to hear more of your animal antics and arty exploits...when time allows!
    Ali x

  6. I did wonder what had happened to you, did not realise it was another family member taking up all your time. My friend has two ponies . It is a full time job looking after horses, you seem to thrive on having lots of pets and are a real animal lover. It is up to you, you are the one doing the work, if it makes you happy then why worry. Another model for your drawing.
    Hope you get weekends off, Have fun.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Melody! xx

  8. what a handsome chap he is. And you live at such a beautiful spot. I wish I could see all of you there, but I'd better think twice before wishing anything, before we realize it's "poof" and there it is :-)
    Anyway, I am sure you and JoJo will get along fine.

  9. What a beauty jojo is,and how amazing that you should dig up a horse in your back yard. The universe does work in mysterious ways. Looks like you guys are going to have great fun together. PS: i love that your Grandad taught you how to find four leaf clovers , that made me smile ;)

  10. Merry Christmas Melody - hope you all have a happy, healthy and peaceful in places festive season!
    Ali x