Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September remembered....

Well Hellllooooo!  Greetings from over here.  Just didn't want you all to think I was abducted by aliens.  I'm still here... just haven't been RIGHT here.  So let's catch up a bit.
We went up to the Farm for a few days....
Lots of ripe tomatoes are about....
And my little buddy Kippy is a magnet for burrs! I didn't think there was anything that I didn't like about Autumn... I would like to retract that thought.  I REALLY don't like burdock plants. 
The prickly, sticky dasterdly things adhere to everything.
Take the picture above for instance.  Kippy normally has two ears... in this photo you see he has more of a ear pony tail sort of thing going on.  His ears and the delicate fine hair between them are welded into a point.
Not a good picture I realize, but you'll have to trust me. I wasn't concentrating on my photography at that moment.  The longer the burrs have to work in, the harder they are to get out.
There are two options for their removal..... pull the hair apart until you find the prickly little #(*$&#(&$ and then wrench it out bodily ~ or cut large chunks of fur off your pet. (or yourself?)Since I was short on scissors and he'd have been bald and earless, I went with the pulling, and yanking and swearing method of removal. It wasn't pretty. I didn't get any pictures of the tennis ball size clump of them on his back... the ones all over his legs or the handful that stuck his tail down to his back like velcro... bad, nasty velcro... And when I was done with the dog, I found they were all over my camera bag, my sneaker laces.... pant cuff, sleeves... you get the idea. It was not a good scene.
In fact the only nice thing I can say about burr is they have pretty flowers in summer.
Sorry, got carried away ~ let me continue about happy things.
I did make some wee little apple pies.  Which for those of us who are cooking challenged, that's quite an accomplishment...
This is Marley the kitchen helper dog. He lays just behind me... just in case. He's a great comfort in the event I drop any butter, he is ready in a moments notice to provide clean up services; I like to think it's because he doesn't want me to slip and fall.... and not because he's a butter stealer. 
Mmmm, baby pies....
Pretty skies....
Miss Belle ~ Don't you love her furry little golly wobbles under her chin?
Useless flaps of skin yes.... but cute none the less!
Cricket wondering why I always have a camera in his face...
Well that's why, because I want the world to see how cute he is when he falls over in tall grass!
Please note, that even laying down, he doesn't stop eating the grass, that's dedication!
Everybody is eating something it seems.... *munch*munch*munch....
Cosmos, just cuz its' so darn cheery!
Ferns in the afternoon light...
A little walk is fun for the whole family.
We'll visit again soon!


  1. Ha ha ha! Cricket made me laugh! Burrs are indeed beastly things. We used to have an Afghan hound (don't go there, big dog, all that hair!) Love the mouse with the tomatoes too. x

  2. This post makes me want to "munch munch munch" also. I can almost smell the apple pies ...mmmmm yummi. And then, after all that stuffing I'll join Cricket, except that I won't eat grass. :-)

  3. Oh,I love Maine in September! Your farm house looks so pretty on the last photo, and that green green grass is like from a fariy tale (something I haven't seen im months here!). Those mini apple pies look so delicious! The furry kids.... just adorable. Poor Kippy and poor you, liberating him from all those bad burrs.

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  5. I'm not sure where the 'Farm' is? it looks good from here, I like the caterpillar, he looks very interesting, love Kippy, poor little thing, quite clever things those burrs, very determined to put themselves about :) Cricket as ever steals the show, lying down and eating??? Pies look tasty. Dogs are fab, I've got one of those kitchen helpers, follows my every move in there, lapping up anything in reach? In my small kitchen he can be dangerous as he loves to lie right in the middle of any action, and I stupidly stride over him, whilst cooking??? Hope all is good and don't stay away so long :)))says me....

  6. OOOh Melody your pies look scrumptious! Such a cool idea not needing all the pie tin paraphernalia!
    Burrs are a nightmare! I once gardened in a skirt - first and last time for skirt and just about last for gardening too! I got covered in burrs - nature is frustrating, ingenious and beautiful in equal measures! Your colourful flowers and chomping caterpillar are cool!
    Love your last photo!
    Ali x