Sunday, January 27, 2013

Greetings and Salutations from the chilly Northeast Coast!
Takes me long enough to get a blog post posted doesn't it? Yes, well.... I've been collecting my thoughts, that's it... we'll go with that.
So your wondering why I've put up a picture of a poorly dressed homeless woman feeding a duck, huh?
Hmmm, bite your tongue! That's me!
That's right, rubber boots, sweatpants, fleece robe, shabby plaid coat.... I've got style huh?
Alllll the credit for this charming snapshot of my life goes to the Hubby, who thinks himself highly amusing... taking pictures of me in my finery from the warmth of the indoors.
Don't worry, I only dress like this before 7 a.m.  ~ any later than that and I usually take the robe off.
Right then.  Where was I?  Let's catch up on January.
It's been a bit cold the last few weeks... single digits over night at times.  I love winter, and I don't mind the cold too much.... but that's too much.  I must say, after a few days of "highs in the teens" with a wind chill factor, suddenly 20 degrees and sunny sounds like tropical conditions!
I mostly dislike it THAT cold, for the animals sake.  We humans scurry in and out of warm buildings and cars, but the critters don't get that luxury. They DO get extra hay and warm water... and lots of kisses.
It's good to have a friend to snuggle with the mercury plummets.
Zeke and Pete seem to have formed a nice friendship.
Pete says to remember to hug your friends...
Who knows?  The Shadow knows..... Que eerie laughter....
I don't know, sometimes simple things like shadows amuse me, no good reason, just thought I'd share my scattered thoughts with you, well; cuz I can I guess!
So far, JoJo is a little camera shy...He sort of strolls off and looks back wondering why I"m pointing things at him?  I've tried to explain, but he just sighs at me.
He's got some pretty cute little lips though huh? As horse lips go..... if you like that sort of thing.
Here we have some decorative Marsh Fuzzies in the wintry sun.
I'm sure they have a lengthy botanical name, but that's what I call them.

I'm always fascinated by twinkles on the water...
This is part of our new living room! Formerly occupied by our sailboat as a garage space, with a dirt floor ~ I think we can all agree that THIS is much more usable space now! AND for the first time in about 10 years we have SUN in our living room!
Another little peek into the inner sanctum. SOME people have rubber duckies in their tubs...
We have a colorful bucket brigade!
Note the giant ice cubes you can make with them! 
Jumping around a bit ~ like my mind does.... This is a dolls house that Hubby's Aunt made for her daughter, long many years ago.... then eventually gave to me ~ I gave it to our niece ~ and now it's come back to us!
We finally have space to enjoy its charm and good looks!
This is an adorable little charm I got for Christmas...
Which reminds me of JoJo the Jumper Pony!
(in case you thought you'd never see me draw again...)
This little raccoon seems to like little horse charm I dug up just before JoJo arrived....
These are some of Cricket's "baby teeth" ~ he's lost a few front teeth; but these are some of the back teeth, and quite impressive!  I'd  never seen a horse tooth close up.
I'm thinking he could hit the LOTTERY with the tooth fairy for those!
Yup,, this is our motto these days... well ~ we try anyway.
The hubby asked why I was sitting on the floor in the laundry area...
Well, because I thought that you good people would like to see my winter footwear collection.
We have woozy boots for snow, rain boots for rain/mud/mooky slush, your basic comfy steel toed boot, and yes cowgirl boots.  Come on,  you had to see that coming.
Please note the nice round toe.... Ahhhhhhh 
My first boots, back in... well it was a while ago;  had pointy painful little toes.  I had a pair with fringe.... a black pair and purple pair.... Maybe I look for the pictures to really amuse you some cold winters day....
Helper Cat, Mummy showed up just in time to style my photo shoot for me.
Uh, huh ~ pink with flames embroidered on...  that's right.
These were recently found at the thrift store!  I'm not sure they are real, but I like them none the less! Every picture of an old English house's hearth/mantle has beautiful Horse Brasses hanging on it...
Even the one at Beatrix Potter's house!! Now I just need a set for the other side of the mantle.
I guess such things are more common or collectable in England than here?
This is a miniature one ~ cuz I LOVE all things tiny and one day, when my little mini cottage is done, it shall be hung by the mantle with care!!
When we moved into the new living room, we moved the couch.  Leaving the old living room looking a little bit lost... Father in Law to the rescue! He gave us these chairs, formerly used at the family's coffee business! So now, we have our own "Internet cafe" in front of the fireplace.
I try to imagine what his great grandfather would think of that??
Kippy and I shall ponder that until the next episode.....


  1. You look pretty and charming in your fashionable winter clothes.
    Isn't Pete adorable, hugging the ole man Zeke? :-)
    The new living room looks great with the sun shining in it. You have plenty of space to dance.
    And yes, JoJo's lips are cute. I agree.
    Those teeth are pretty cool. You can make pendants of 'em, very robust pendants for the Mr.
    Anyway, nice to see you back in blog-land Mel. ;-)

  2. Liking all your ramblings Mel, particularly like the new room and all the bits and pieces in there, especially the pooches!! I agree about the dancing in there tho, good idea. Those teeth are weird? I used to save my baby teeth in a matchbox.......hmmmnn, I'm as bad as you! Kippy looks very splendid at the end there, don't stay away so long, I like to see what's happenin there! :)

  3. Oh very splendid to see you back! Clapping wildly, we are as we so love it when you gather your thoughts and share them with us. Love your cold mornings attire ... yes... does rather remind us of a Charles Dickens illustration , fabby really ! Cozy Cuddly cats are always charming. Those shadowy pictured thoughts of yours hmm you are getting a bit mysterious lately ! Yes well and those are VERY big ice cubes in your tub... did your Fridge konk out, or were you crafting ice sculptures that day ?? Love the trinkets, charming. So GRAND to see you sketching again ! That big sunny new room will have a studio section for your crafty self we hope ,look at all that natural light to inspire you. Thanks for giving us the boot after the tour there near the end, some of us tend to linger. Well of course if you are going to then offer us an "internet cafe" with those coffee shop desks we may get real cozy and certainly overstay our welcome. Ah Kippy you have a grand place there you cute pup ...tell mum to try to hang out in her bloggy space a bit more often, as we do ever so enjoy hearing about the lovely land you all live in !
    The Morning Glory Farm Crew

  4. Hi Melody- and Happy New Year..I love reading your posts and always come back a second time to read and comment...however I realised I must have read the last one and commented in my head!
    Just love your fashionable morning attire - I'm sure I'd layer up just as glamourously if I had so many early morning outdoor jobs!
    Your photos are all fabulous - such adorable pets and very appropriately named Marsh Fuzzies! Its quite tricky to capture water twinkles-but yours look great. What a fabulous new room and those teeth are intriguing!
    Your boot collection made me smile - I have 1 pair of wellies and a pair of boots - I guess I'm not a country girl!!
    Jo Jo looks fab - in photos and leaping in pencil!
    Looking forward to following more of your year
    Ali xx