Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cricket and JoJo's Excellent Adventure

Sometimes... a day goes way better than you hoped. 
 My motto in life is "Aim low and you'll never be disappointed."  I know... maybe not everyone would agree with that theory, but it works for me.  If you don't expect perfection and grand things ~ then when you trip over them, after your done rubbing your toe; you can fully embrace the sheer JOY of the good that has come to you!
Saturday was one of those days.
We very recently got some Vintage Wheels for JoJo... an adorable little horse trailer from 1961.
(Cricket is lucky, he fits right inside the van, so he gets to listen to the radio.... yes, the country station of course; and doesn't have wind whistling up his nostrils at high speeds!)
So, first time in a trailer since we brought JoJo home... I don't know what he was thinking, but I was thinking he was thinking, "just when I get to know these people... they're taking me away..." Que the terror... Of course, even on a good day, I'm no horse whisperer... so for all I know he could just have been thinking, "This thing is older than dirt ~ what if a wheel falls off??? Are you sure you have the safety chains on??? You can't be serious, you want me to get in there???"
Sorry to say, we'll never know his actual thoughts.
I also have no pictures of the loading procedure. I had to concentrate on the task at hand. Coaxing a large and reluctant pony to join inside the trailer.  We were armed with peppermint treats, carrots...a dish of molassesy dengi (chopped hay?)... fresh hay...
He got to the door and stopped.  You can picture me, inside, wiggling the lead ~ making little cooing horse noises.... and telling him how yummy the peppermint treats were...
I was astounded by how far he could lean forward, lips flailing around trying to reach the treat from outside... I thought surely his back feet were going to levitate up, while he balanced on his two front pins.... I lost track of time... but eventually the treats got the better of him, and Scott shut us in.
This brings me to the next part of the adventure. Being closed inside a small tin can with a very anxious horse who just heard the door close behind him.  Hmmmm, not for the squeamish.
I tried to stay with end where is head was... and did manage to squeeze out the door without him.
But you figured that out already, cuz I'm here typing this.
*note to self* next trailer will have the escape hatch door up front, for easy human exit.
We got him clipped up and then Scott pulled the van around so we were facing out.
I assured him that we were all going together, and we would be there at the other end of the trip.
It comforted me anyway. 
Did I mention it was cold on Saturday? Well, the trip ~ which only took about 20 minutes was spent with me hanging out the open van window, talking to him every time he *NEIGHED* at the unfairness of Cricket getting to ride up front with us... I can only assume the people we passed figured I'd let go of the branch....
We got there, all was good.
 I should point out that Cricket loaded and unloaded like a Prince... as he's a seasoned traveler at this point...
We got out, uneventfully, gently.... and besides one spook and spin in the grass when a car went by on the road we were ready for our walk.
The walk was the same one we took last summer with the dogs... at the Nature preserve that was created when a land developer went bankrupt (YEAH!)...
The summer view of the area is over there in the blog history someplace.....
I'll stop yapping now, and let the pictures do the talking.
Walking down to the beach....
We made it! 
Normally this is his response when I ask him to do something that resembles work.... hysterical roll on your back, feet kicking in the air laughter....  This time I think he was just having fun!
See the fire pit? Remember this scene? Could used a little fire to warm up!
Scott and Cricket on the woodland trail.
Aren't my boys so cute?   :))))
Back at the trailer, just prior to reentry. 
Reentry was time consuming,... but we did it... and I can only hope each time gets a little easier.
It was a GREAT time, he did REALLY good walking with me... and not be naughty pulling me around like rag doll on the end of a string!  (Only once... but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was confused about which way we were going next.)
So that's it ~ Cricket and JoJo's excellent adventure!
Until next time, I bid you adieu! 
p.s. I promise, one of these days there will be craft talk here again...



  1. That looks like a fantastic adventure, I'm sure as it was such a treat and enjoyed by all, that in the future, Jo Jo will be jumping in the trailer, without any tempting. Gosh you lot are adventurous! :)

  2. Remember you can lead a horse to water ...but you can't make him drink ~ you can however coax him into a jalopy with a peppermint treat. Hee hee
    Clapping wildly ~ what fun you have with your pony!
    Next thing you know~ we will see pics of you laying on Jojos back with your feet crossed, reading Beatrix Potter. May we see that sketch soon ;)
    Living the dreams ... you are ... Miss Mel. ...YES you are !

  3. Cool!!!!! What an adventure... ;-)
    Love the picture with JoJo upside down. Thank goodness you were not sitting on his back at that point. What would have happened to you? ;-)))
    Can't wait for the follow up Mel. You'll be galloping (JoJo is galloping, not you ... you are sitting on his back) through the woods, jumping across ditches and fallen trees ... ;-)

  4. What an excellent tale of adventure Melody - so love your story telling and fab photos - as they say every picture tells a story too!
    Just heard the news about the weather in your neck of the woods - hope you are staying safe and warm and look forward to hearing more of your excapades when you thaw out!
    Ali xx