Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blizzard of 2013

Blizzard of 2013.... doesn't have the ring to it that Blizzard of '78 has;  but  then again, it's hard to compete with such a classic.  I was just a kid at the time of that famous storm... I remember being  amazed to see snow mobiles going past us down the street!  We and all the neighbors were out walking to the corner store, everyone was pulling their plastic sleds behind them,  so they could tow the groceries home.  Only a few things stand out in my mind from that storm.  My Grandmother had just come home from having open heart surgury... and there was a BOAT  LOAD of snow to play in.  I do remember putting on my mother's far too big for me tall rubber boots and jumping off the porch into a snow drift....  the boots plunged in the drift, and I followed, up to my waist in snow...  the boots of course got stuck, I began to panic and I had to bail out of them... and climb out of the drift and run back into the house in my cold wet socks!
Interesting learning curve our childhoods are....
I did not do any drift diving this past weekend.  We were busy trying to stay warm huddled near the fireplace.  Felt like we'd stepped back in time... It reminded me of that Irish saying I like,
“Firelight will not let you read fine stories but it's warm and you won't see the dust on the floor.”
We had a wind up radio to keep us amused... and took turns cranking it up to keep it going.

Had some good chuckles with Mum over old stories and talked about the woodstove we will be installing to make sure that we can properly keep ourselves warm in future Blizzards.
I always let myself forget about the shoveling part.  I'd be more in the camp of tramping it down, but the husband and the Mother seem to think shoveling is the way to go. So outnumbered, I do as they wish.  Mum's father, Grampy to me ~ was a fine shoveler.
The Grampy.

 He never hurried, and he had a system.  He had a small square metal shovel, and he waxed the cutting edge with Grammy's old candles... he would chop, chop, chop (like three sides of a square) and scoop, and fling. The path's were works of art.  Clean lines, perfectly vertical sides... *cough* until I came running around the house and tried to leap from one side of the perfect and down to the grass path, to the other... I never made it of course... only knocked the snow down in a crumpled mess and sullied his perfect work.  According to Mum, I was not the first generation to do it... seems she was guilty of the same crimes 30 years before me.... Needless to say, this did not please him.  Usually bad behavior elicited a loud cry of "Glory be to God Irene! ~ Do you see what she's doing?"

Ahhh yes, the memories....


Dressed like a utility worker with my crank flashlight, how appropriate.

The animals didn't enjoy the windy snowy storm very much... JoJo was a bit wide eyed from all the things clunking on his roof... and his crazy Mother showing up in her bright yellow crinkly coat, carrying a scary wind up flash light.


I was looking pretty good by Sunday however, when all the ice chunks started falling out of the trees and bouncing off of him... He was NOT pleased.

Mum.   Peanuts...  for the squirrels.
Mum was sure to keep the bird feeders filled. 

 Cricket seemed to not notice the weather and spent the time frolicking and running around...

The odd green glow in his nose is reflecting off my coat....
 and even Belle the goat, who hates snow, rain, sleet... any form of precipitation really, came out to look around and squint in the brilliant sun.  The chickens opted to stay in their coops and admire from there, no sense in getting your feet all cold for nothing. (anyone know how to knit chicken and duch socks?)  The dogs of course LOVE it!  Nothing better really!
Marley and Ava
 I'm sure the neighbors must love me... as I'm forever trying to beat the frozen cages open... and the beat the ice out of the bowls... quietly. ??  ha ha  Sorry.... but it has to be done!!
When I wasn't pulled up to the fireplace, or shoveling or mushing thru the snow to bring food and water to all the outdoor critters, I was in the kitchen snuggled near the stove waiting for water to heat up....to do dishes, or bring to the horses, or to just stand next to, cuz it was warm there! 

1978 I'm standing on top of the neighbors picket fence!

As is always the way, after the storm has passed ~ you get the most brilliant blue sky to set off the twinkly white snow.  We only got a foot, as compared to the two or three other places got, but it was plenty ~ and it's already melting away!


I'm so glad we live in New England, can't imagine living anyplace else really...


Front lawn at sunset.....Saturday after the storm.
There's little else like playing in the snow, enjoying the fine art of shoveling, frozen fingers, and the sound of wet gloves sizzling by the fireplace....
Seems I've always been happy to play in the snow!


  1. oh my so much snow!! Keep warm & enjoy

  2. Oh Mel lovely, lovely post , cool to also peek in on you as a child and in the blizzard of 78 ~ which one were you the one in the snazzy boots or the one in the sled?

  3. This is a great insight of how in was amd how it is. People don't really change deep deep down and I am glad you were able to enjo snow, inspite of all te set backs, as if you were a child again!

  4. Love the Irish saying. ;-))
    Nice pictures Mel. Looking at all that snow makes me want to drink a hot chocolate.

  5. Ruthie: It's much easier to stay warm, now that the heat is working again! :))))
    Wilow: I'm the one in the sled, I probably had snazzy boot envy though ~ like when I see yours!
    Sandra:Peter Pan was onto something, it's fun to never grow up!! :))))))
    Eva: Do you want toasted marshmallows to go with your hot chocolate? Lots of good coals after a 3 day long fire!! :)))))
    Does anyone know why the "Reply" button never works in here?

  6. No idea why it wouldn't work sorry, pesky blogger, i haven't even got the reply option on my blog? dont know why x Woke up to lots of snow here this morning too! x

  7. I was just mentioning you yesterday, wondering if you had got lots of snow knowing you are in New England. I can see you have had your fair share. And you have had no power! I think sitting by candlelight and a cosy fire is lovely. but I can see not a lot of fun with all the animals to feed and look after. You kept your sense of humour and this was a lovely blog post. Loved seeing you as a child and your snow stories.
    We woke up to a white world , never stopped snowing all day and a high tide covering the shore , looks so wild and cold outside. Keeping warm seems the most important thing, listening to the wind rattling off the sea.
    Hope you are staying warm. Get the sketch pad out and stay cosy by the fire.
    Hope you fed that homeless woman in your garden. Ha ha. X

  8. Yes Milly ~ the squirrel charmer too was taken care of and fed! :)))) Brrrrr, for snowy winds off the sea!! Hope your swans have their winter hats on for warmth! :))))

  9. Oh boy, that fire looks good, i could do that bit, but Wow, the snow was deep. Thanks for the photos, before and after, it's fascinating to see how others cope with the weather, I wondered if you'd been hit, it was on the news over here. We had snow today and I slid in the car, only an inch like, but it took 3 attempts to get up the drive (slope). I assume your power was out, it looks so cosy by the fire, and the dogs look so lovely! Hope you are back to normal, Normal?? now? Thanks :)

  10. What a fantastic post Mel! Great pictures of old and new. I love Ava and Marley in the snow. Your enjoyment of the snow over the years is wonderful.

  11. That is alot of snow. Looks fantastic. I loved snow when I was little. Hate it now, because I have to drive in it to get to work, if possible. Love it, if I don't have to work, that's different. (We don't get snow very often). Love the Irish saying...especially the bit about dust. Hope you've warmed up now and have electricity again. Love hearing about your life and animals. :)

  12. Hello Melody...thanks for stopping by for a visit! I can see your pony JoJo's resemblence to my felted 'Seamus'. Love your little 'Cricket' as well.
    Your stories about snowstorms remind me of my childhood in Toronto. I remember building igloos in the backyard and crawling through tunnels of snow that seemed miles long (they probably only went for about 10 feet to the back door!). I love how your Grampy would meticulously cut the snow. Just like the peat cutters in Ireland (loved the Irish quote as well). Trying to keep the animals fed and watered reminded me of how hard our ancesters worked in the days before running water and snow plows!
    Anyway I will keep an eye on your lovely life ...thanks for your kind compliments and for stopping by. Cheers! Keep warm!