Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Things!

I don't have much to say today..... just wanted to share some snippets of spring in New England!
The present Window Sill Scape
Gorgeous Ranunculus
a little closer now....
Pastel tulips
English daisies~
a fairy's house?
Lovely rosy hued Ranunculus
Cricket with his Bon Jovi hair!
more daisies...
JoJo keeping an eye on me....
picnic in the park... 
Cricket and his friend Tink
Texting while riding?  ~ or did I nod off?
Nope, I'm awake, heels down, sitting up straight, hands down.... elbows in... hmmm, I may have dropped the ball on the looking where I'm going part....  ??? *giggle* 
Lovely sunny colored lily!
Snappy new tea mug!
Gerber daisies in the setting sun.



  1. SPRING in New England looks beautiful and fun , lovely flowers an horsie play. Cricket and his girl friend made a little heart with their necks Aww nice to have friends.
    I think New England may fine you for texting and riding ... or at your riding instructor will hee hee ... ( I'll take a big bag of horse treats thank you ) oh but you redeemed yourself so nicely in the follow up photo so you are off the hook ;)

  2. Well it looks blooming marvellous now, all those flowers out?? All things green have taken off here too, grass is going mad, which is good I think, and not much rain, which is excellent for dog walking :) Thanks for the little nosey round the place.

  3. Your Spring looks beautiful. Love the mug:) B

  4. Love the photo of Cricket and Tink! The world is bursting to life! Your new header is sweet with all of those owls joining you for lunch!

  5. Wow - its certainly blooming in New England! Love all your colourful photos Melody - especially those english daisies - I haven't seen a pink tinged one for aaaaaages....
    What a beautful mug..should say owlfully good!!
    Happy Spring and enjoy all your outdoor adventures
    Ali xx

  6. What a colourful spring you have. And nice mug. Is that the one you bought recently?

  7. Beautiful photos! Those flowers are just lovely. I think my favorite is the rosy hued Ranunculus - so pretty! And Cricket and Tink made me smile! They are so adorable together :)

  8. It really makes all the difference when the sun shines and you can get outside and enjoy the day. Good to see you getting lots of riding and it is not all chores looking after the horses. Lots of lovely flowers around your garden, the pastel tulip is my favourite and love Ranunculus such gorgeous colours.
    Happy weekend, have fun and hope the sun shines.

  9. It's my first time visiting your blog - I popped over from The Gardening Shoe.
    What delightful sunny pictures. That orange Ranunculus is gorgeous, I've never grown these before. Must have a look to see if they are available here.
    To think you celebrate the English daisy. I just dug a huge clump out of the lawn yesterday!!

  10. Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed visiting and soaking up some spring sunshine. I love your English daisies. I love the way the white turns to pink.

  11. Your horses are just adorable! Love Cricket's hair style! Your flowers are delightful, I really love those little daisies! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  12. First I wish to thank you for coming over and leaving such a sweet note for Bebe... I am so happy you enjoyed her.

    Now for this post.. Oh my word! What a beautiful place... A slice of heaven I say... Thank you so much for sharing these photos.. Love your horses, everything looks so lovely, the flowers and your tea mug! I love it..