Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Springy Scenes...

Remember this little bucket hanging in the barn? 

It has a secret inside.....  a nest of wrens are calling it home! 

We've been seeing the adults zooming in and out over our heads, and under JoJo's stall door when we close up the barn for the night.... but didn't know where they were going.

Until one landed on the lip of the bucket, and then disappeared inside.  After it left, we got a ladder and peeked (cuz that's what nosey humans do...), sure enough 4 little baby beaks in there!
I pretend I don't see them now when the pause on the edge; limp bugs dangling from their beaks, and the arrangement seems to be working...

You can just see one of them...if you squint.
*Update.... before I could post this... they have flown the nest!  Off to the big wide world~

This is the crab apple tree that now frames my little supply shed (formerly the "house" part of our trailer for Cricket)... The air is thick and sweet with the scent of these blossoms, can you smell them?

The Swans are a Swimming....

These are taken from our "front lawn".... and off on the left there (the buildings) is the center of town...
He's keeping an eye on things....mostly me at the moment.

Solomon's Seal
Forget me Nots
 O.K.  so I'm over doing the crab apple blossoms.... but I  LOVE them! 

Bleeding Hearts....
                                                                Mmmmmm   Lilacs......

You lookin' at me?  I'm Frosty!
Lily of The Valley and Forget me Nots
Rhubarb (the rabbit, not the plant....)
Mini Spirng Bouquet
Rosco Rabbit
Leo Lionhead!
My Bird bath Rock is sprouting!
Affordable Housing
My new Pinks!



  1. Such wonderful photos!! And what a fantasic nesting place for your wrens. Our own crabapple smelled so delicious this year I wanted to bottle the scent. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wonderful!!! It all looks quite sort of English gardeny? I'm not sure I've caught a whiff of the crab apple blossom, I shall seek it out now. Have you got ALL those bunnies?? I neeeed a bunny they are so cute. It all looks spring like there, things have greened up over here, but it's still not warm? ? Last but not least, the little wrens, how lucky you are to have given them a home!! I'm not surprised really, you have so many critters there. I wonder if they roost there in winter, they all cuddle up together, sometimes up to 30 or more! we have a little wren singing regularly in the garden, such a loud song for a tiny bird. How long does it take to go round cuddling/feeding all those animals?? It must be a full time job. Just missing the dogs now please Mel, more photies please! Thanks :)

  3. The bunnies are so sweet and so is your garden. The little pail use to be a pee pot a funny place for the birds to build.

  4. HELLO from your long lost pal up here in the great wooded north. I think I have finally found that I can "comment" on your blog signed in with Google. Technology and I live in the same town, just not next door neighbors. (o: I wanted to share that in keeping with the time I spent in Maine, I forgot about my x-mas tree displayed on my front entryway this year. "you might be a redneck if..." (We never use the front door, and don't drive PAST our house, so we never saw it. Totally forgot it was there.)It stayed up long enough to become home to a pair of purple finches. They had 4 little babies!

    1. Jeff Foxworthy would be so proud of you~ Nicely done with the Christmas tree! Technology is such a groovy thing... but I think it just hates me some days!

  5. Oh how I love the fragrance of apple blossoms. The blossoms on our apple trees are just beginning to bloom and the scent is heavenly. I enjoyed your photos, especially seeing your furry friends. These are the spring days we have been patiently waiting for. Hugs, Julie.

  6. Wow! What a menagerie you have! Wrens seem to nest in the strangest places. I heard of some nesting in an old boot by the door once! And the blossoms!!! I could take 100 pictures of apple blossoms at this time of year, especially after the rain. Isn't it amzing how a tiny little flower like lily of the valley can smell so strong! There's a song by The Be Good Tanyas called "The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs". So true of our little wrens!
    (by the way, yes thats a two tone baby blue ford pick up by the garden, it's our fire wood truck, good eye!)

  7. Wow what a gorgeous post. I love all of your flowers. And are all those cute little bunnies yours? Those wrens were adorable I'm sure. One time we were clearing an area of the woods along the pond and there was a next of wrens in the tree. My Shug didn't cut that tree down until they flew the coop....

    Cindy Bee

  8. All those flowers ... so pretty. I can almost smell them, the lilacs and apple blossom. Mmmmm, lovely.
    That's cool that the wrens trusted you enough to raise a few children on your property.

  9. What a beautiful home for a wren family - so pleased you saw them before they flew the nest - we had some robins in a drain hopper by our kitchen - only knew they were there by the din at feeding time!
    Love all your flowery photos - the blossom is beautiful and such a pretty bouquet of lily of the valley and forget me nots..
    Plenty of bunny ispiration for your illustrations - and who will be occupying the affordable homes I wonder?!
    So lovely to see your blossoming corner of the countryide.
    Ali xx

  10. I think the different scents will be lovely as you wander around. Lily of the valley and lilac and the crab apple blossom and pinks. You have a wonderful view with the swans visiting the water, not seen much of my swan this year.
    Great to see the rabbits, all five of them in one post, and the cheeky squirrel.
    How wonderful to have the wren nesting, they must have known they would be safe.
    Thank you for such a lovely post sharing Spring time, the crab apple blossom is so beautiful. x

  11. Clapping wildly did I miss this lovely post ... now I found it! Spinning , jumping clapping with glee (yup just fell off my rocking shoes too ... you know me an my shoes) look at the flowers and the swans ... and the bunnies ..Lovely over there in the center of town! Oh and look a squirrel ~ bet he is looking for nuts ... tell him to check out the West side of town . hee hee

  12. What a gorgeous post! Oh how I miss all those beautiful spring flowers! Lily in the valley. Crab apple blossoms. Bluebells. I've moved to Cape Town for a short time, and it's autumn here. The leaves have turned red on our grape vine and are almost all on the ground already. Funny how the seasons are so opposite! Lovely blog!

    1. Funny to think of leaves turning colors in May!! My mind can't quite grasp it! Thanks for visiting!! :)))

  13. Whaaaaaat are all those rabbits?????? Are they yours?? I was enjoying all the flowers and then I saw those rabbits and my heart grew like 20 zillion inches! I love them!!!

    1. Yes, allll ours! In interest of fairness, there are actually 8 rabbits all together. Cookie Dough, Sam and Pop Corn went unposted in this post.... You can meet them, and the rest of the zoo on the Animals tab!

  14. Good Morning Melody and thank you so much for stopping by blog and for all of your lovely comments. I love your photos above...especially those cute little bunnies....sooooooo sweet and your flower photographs are gorgeous. It's such a beautiful time of year. I wanted to ask you a question if I mentioned that you lived in Fairhaven and by the ocean. Is that where you grew up? I have strong ties to that area...are you talking about Sconticut Neck/West Island area? My uncle Harry Williams and Aunt Bernice used to live there...and the Murphy side of my x-husband lived on Gilbert St. where they grew up. There were lots of Murphy's and Doucette's in the fishing business and for many years fished out of Fairhaven until sometime in the 1950's the boat was lost at sea with no survivors. So there is a lot of family history there on both sides of my family. I still have lots of cousins who live in Mattappoisett and I plan to visit hopefully sometime late summer early Fall. Isn't it a small world...would love to hear from you....seems like we have definite ties in both Massachusetts and Maine. Have a wonderful holiday today and thanks again for visiting my blog.

  15. You got a giggle from me for the "Affordable housing", if only life was that simple. Your bunnies are all snuggable. I miss having a bunny, my big adorable Rex passed on about six months ago. I miss his kisses as you know rabbits give them best kisses ever. He loved to give kisses. If I get another I shall get one from a rabbit shelter and have to have a kisser LOL!
    What you see from your lawn! great plot.

    HUGS Lorraine