Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day weedend ~ 2013

Weeee, who doesn't love swinging in the sunshine?

Just makes ya giggle a bit!
My new pinks in the sun ~ Mmmm, cinaminny smells!
So we've gone back in time.... to Maine last weekend, where spring is a few weeks behind! Yeah, that means MORE apple blossom pictures!! Yippeee!!  That's my favorite big old apple tree there.

Look at that!   Stunning!!
Julie?  Are you there? ~ O.K. lean in close now ~~~ Doggy photos as requested!!!
When big dogs drink, it makes a tidal wave!! 

Ava, a bit more of a delicate drinker.....

Happy Boy ~ Marley

Well, no not really; he's actually playing with a stick....but it could be a big Waachoo!!

Cigar anyone?? 

Marley, Kippy, Ava ~ playin'

Then you rest, and chew the stick you stole!

Warning, Big Dog comin' thru.

Exhibit A.
 Be careful what you ask for when you a very funny Hubby.
I said, "...just a teeny little scoop of ice cream please...."
And that's just what I got.  :))))

Saw the movie Epic this weekend with friends.....
and of course when this showed up in the garden yesterday, well I cartwheeled to get the camera.
You should see Epic.... if you like talking snails, and humming birds and have a decent amount of imagination.

"Hellooooo flat faced people!"  (snail humor).... 

Kippy on the run!

"Throw the ball, throw the BAALLLLLL !!!"

Newest windowsill-scape ~  Check out the cute bunny rowing along.....
New begonia cuttings... cuz you can't really ever have too many.
And my Whatchamacallit cutting is blooming!! Weeee!

My corner in the new living room.... I've taken over this piece of wall, to display the art I have acquired and admire!
I bet a few of you might even recognize some of it??? 
Still plenty of room up there...don't worry ! You TOO can one day make it to the Wall of Fame!!!
and the chain (one of two)... I have a lifetime (so far's worth) of charms... I am drawn to all things tiny... So in the interest of fairness to them all; I have linked them onto a chain so I can see them and appreciate them and admire them; instead of them being in dark little boxes... and tins and such.

This is my "hand me down hutch"... I have "moved into" it quite nicely....
New furniture is so.... new.
Recycling is MUCH more fun.

The other charm chain.... I told you I love little things... Plus, as compared to the rest of the things I seem to hoard like a pack rat ~ this takes up almost no room at all!!!  Plenty of empty links left on the chain too, so don't worry!
My Mum did the deer painting a long time ago...(before me).
See the lovely stuffed, heart shaped Union Jack!  Nice~ !! :))

I got this (it's a purse actually)(yes, I carried it around for years...) at the Sonoma County Fair in California, well ~ let's just say a long while ago....  Now, it's come out of hiding to become wall art.  :))))))
(sorry about the window trim... someday we'll have some....priorities.)

And out in the garden last evening....

Fishies are a swimmin'

I call this, "the one that got away".... that blur on the right was a sparrow.
 Lovely, and lots of sprouts underneath it, if anyone needs a few dozen, dozen.

So then.... no crafting again as you can see ~ but fun anyway!! 


  1. What a tribe you have! The fur must really fly sometimes! I love that quince...you can see it's in the rose family quite clearly. Thanks for the glimpse into your world.

    1. *cough* *Gag* ~ Yes, the fur does indeed fly... and drift and make little tumbleweeds.... ha ha ha, you have to have (and keep) a sense of humor to visit our house! (even in pictures!)
      Happy to have you stop by! :)))))

  2. I enjoyed this post so much Melody. I love the little stone monk on the swing and the flowers are so gorgeous. Marley, Kippy and Ava are adorable, I'll bet Kippy is the boss. We have a beautiful St. Bernard at the Rescue right now, PeeWee, who Brenda has been trying to find a loving home for now for over 3 months. It takes special people to give these guys the love and attention they need.

    Love the pic of you surrounded by all that kitty love. Love the art, fish , charms, love it all!

    1. Hope PeeWee finds a new home soon! They are really pretty quiet in the house; but not a good choice for anyone who doesn't like clouds of fur and a bit of dog spit here and there!
      Kippy is the boss indeed! :))))) Thanks for visiting!! :)))

  3. Ahhhwwww, I am grinning from ear to ear!! What lovely pooches. I'd love all those doggies, Kippy looks really well. I am on the wall, Hooray! Love your teeny tiny collections. Need more dogs now.... please! Can never have enough of them :)

    1. More dogs? *phewww* O.K. ~ I'll work on it!!! :)))) Yes indeedy you made it to the wall!!! Yeah!!

  4. Yay I always love the adventures and pictures you post of your enchanting escapades. That is a special snail you know, very special indeed to come visit you in such an epic way .... I think he wants a series of greeting cards ....hee hee :))
    A TRULY charming time it is to peek into your picturesque world ,always love your photos and descriptions of events. A little bit of this, a littlle bit of that, a lovely lot of creaures,flourishing flowers, a home full of creativity, and a wee bit of ice cream ~all makes for such a lovely life!

    1. Um a lovely lot of "creatures" ... sticky keys sorry

    2. It's getting pretty cozy in the new living room....and it's only a few short steps from the kitchen....
      Hmmm, snail cards.... interesting, verrrrry interesting....Epic even. :))))))

    3. Ps I did enjoy that EPIC movie SO much despite all the noise you made ... *pfht* hee hee ~ just joshing ... as I actually find it quite completely adorable the way you talk to the charachters on the screen ... oh you eccentric artist types hee hee... keeps things interesting .. verrrry interesting. At least you couldn't hear me munching away all the popcorn :)))

    4. See, when I'm not constantly babbling like a stream at/to JoJo ~ I'm talking to imaginary movie creatures... I am from a long line of people who talk too much.... I guess I can safely assume that there will be no more movie outings... unless I have a sock for me mouth? (which will keep me out of the extra salty popcorn too!)

    5. Oh my I already have a movie lined up for next time ... I acually loved your narration as much as the movie! What fun hee hee :) so no safety in assuming .

  5. So, when it comes to doggies, you have little uns and big uns! I don't think my pups will get that large... I love your artwork wall of fame, some really interesting pieces my eyes do spy!

    1. I think your uns will get plenty big!! Give em time! Those are just the BEST pictures of you with them!
      I think my wall of fame might be to small to contain all the artists who need to be on it!! :)))))

  6. Hi Melody - what a haven of happy huourous happenings here!
    Love all your photos - I can almost smell those rain soaked pinks and blossom.
    Wonderful wall art space and such a cute rowing rabbit!
    Keep up the great stories and fab photos - they are a real tonic!
    Ali x

  7. I love snails and hummingbirds - will have to see it! I have read New Mexico has the most variety hummingbirds :-) (depending on season of course). I recommend you "The Secret World of Arrietty" wonderful heart filling movie, you will feel you are tiny and are experiencing the world of nature in a new way.

    I always love to see your dogs, they make me smile every time.

    Tiny Scoop! you look like you could have a bigger scoop, Lucky you!!

    Swinging friar how cute and joy filled is that?

    I will have fun on my adventure.

    xxx Lorraine xxx

    1. I must find that movie!!! Love tiny little worlds under the floor boards!
      So excited for you being in Prims ~ must get a copy!! :)))

  8. I love your wall of art Melody! Big dogs, little dog, they are all so beautiful, and seem to get along so very well.. I really like your hutch!
    I had to laugh when I saw your little bit of ice cream!

  9. Oh I also love your wall of art that is nice work I love artists. Your furry friends just make me smile ear to ear. Your hubby sounds like he keeps you laughing that is priceless.

    The lady in the market was not well I did not approach her, instinct. B

  10. Hi Melody,

    I'm a bit behind in commenting, but I did read this post earlier. I love it. Makes me happy. What a great idea to do with the charms. I have three bracelets which I can't remember the last time I wore them. And you know that rowing bunny...yup, I have one of those too! Just bought it this year. I painted the bottom of a terra cotta pot blue and put it in my fairy garden. The bunny is in the pond happily rowing away.

    Cindy Bee

  11. where are u going in maine?Lots of fairs.l am looking for billy goats.Want you both to stop on your way.

    1. we are going back up on July 11 (thursday) and coming back on Saturday. We WANT to stop and see you (and my namesake too?)Do you have a regular e-mail addresss? I have a goat (Belle)... but she's not a Billy! :)))) We always go to the Common Ground Fair in Unity. Our house is in Knox.

    2. Can you come over on your way back so everyone is home?I am sooooo excited to give you a hug and tear!love me

    3. Saturday,July 13th it is! I will mapquest the address I sent the note to, and we shall find you! VERRRRY excited, to see you and meet your family and hear what you've been doing for the last 23 years! Your daughter looks like you! (cute chicken to!) When is your birthday? It's bugging me that I can't remember!! ??? (not as cute at Mr. Bugz....)

    4. Good morning,at work now.My birthday is March 28.Yours in September right.Talk to you soon

    5. I'm about to leave work.... CRAZY day.... Yes, September 24 is me, good memory! My mind was guessing either Mar or April.... (that was the burning smell you smelt, my brain whirring) :))))