Sunday, August 11, 2013

and summer marches on.....

Well now.... where have I been again?
On top of Frye Mountain.....

To watch the moon come up.....

and the lichens grow on the rocks.

and then back over this bridge.....

There are some funny folk out there on the highways....

been riding (and I use the term loosely) me pony.
(we realized after a while that the camera was in  Fish Eye mode...his legs aren't really that short.)

Notice how we make the tiny horse carry the big saddle bags...

What do you mean I can't park my pony here?

Cricket has been pressed into service as child's play thing.
Were not sure who more unsure, they seem to be eyeing each other....

and I've been in my 1/2 finished green  house.... roof, benches, no walls.

Lookin pretty good though, despite it's excesssive ventilation.

and we've been back to Maine, in the rain on a plane.
No, not really ~ just checking to see if you're paying attention.... we drove with a plan, in the van.

and we stopped at farm..... with animals.... for ice cream.
They had horses....

and wee pigglies, who smile in their sleep.

and curious sheep.

and a baby cow.

This is the farm.

and the ice cream is served from a train.
(which I did in fact fail to capture on film, so please use your vivid imaginations....)

and the we came back again.... and the moon rose up....

and the camera is on the fish eye setting again, because it would seem it amuses me.

Woah! What happened to the kitchen??  It got all bendy....
Meanwhile... back at the farm...
Hubby found this glass bottle in the wall of the old farm house.
 It says A S Hinds, who apparently made face lotion, who knew.
I am pleased to know that our forefarmers had lovely and supple skin.

yes, more treasures pulled from the rubble...
I can't help it ~ I love them. Little snippets come cascading from the ceiling like messages from the past.

Hard working boots...

Whilst it was raining, I took advantage of the time and put my dishes away again.

As you can see, it's no easy task to pick up a house.....
                          All the to and fro-ing..... it keeps us going ~ and JoJo waits (patiently?) for our return.

What's next?   
Taking suggestions for what to put into a book... 
A sketch book type thing?
Twelve months of art and quips and quotes?
I don't know ~ but it seems like a good idea.
But, then again, so does putting something in my Etsy store.  *giggle*



  1. ;-) great pictures Mel, especially JoJo with the short legs.
    The bridge you crossed looks similar to a bridge in Rotterdam. Same architect?
    Your greenhouse almost looks like a greenhouse so you are getting there ... only 5% to go. ;-)

    1. Yup, I had his legs shortened so I could get on easier, at least in pictures!
      Perhaps they did employ the same architect for the bridge! ~ we are all so worldly these days!
      Hmmmm, that pesky 5% always haunts me doesn't it. :)))) Hope it's not too cold a winter...

  2. Your summer looks quite intriguing...what kind of saddle is that? I'm a big fan of found treasures like you! The bottle is gorgeous...thanks for the glimpse into a real life!

  3. Sneaky you are ~ here for horseplay with no mention of another fun post , I suppose I should check my reader more often .LOL Fun ,fun post as always and yes I do look forward to them ! WOW I didn"t realize there was so much work going on at the not yet "main", Maine farm !

    1. I'm move about quietly in the shadows.... you've got to keep one eye on me at all times.
      and Yes, lots of work for the farm...perhaps a post about my "other life" is in order one of these days? Unless I throw my hands in the air and run away instead....

  4. Ooh I'm confused, do you have two homes? How many farms are there there?? Love the pics, love the dogs!! LOVE the greenhouse, I'd really like one of those, especially with glass, all cosy and smelling of growing things, with a resident toad or frog, like my Dad's used to have, I'd go live in there :) I like the smiling piggies aren't they cute. I've been awol from the blogs, will be back soon, lost some love for it?
    No hard winter to come by the way, the Hawthorn has foretold me, fewer flowers this year, see if I'm right now????

  5. I can see your days are filled with fun (the after-work hours, of course). You've been hiking, riding, driving, exploring, observing, relaxing... I love this kind of glimpses into your day to day life! I just wish you would post more often as I always, always LOVE your posts!

  6. Well it looks like you have been having some fun! I just love summer. What to put in a book....everyone loves animals...smiling pigs, cute horse, baby cow, love the red cabinet full of dishes, and a greenhouse with much ventilation, it all looks like book material to me.

    Cindy Bee

  7. Hi! I just want to tell you that I am in love with your beautiful pictures of all those animals: smiling wee pigs, this baby cow........., they are all so lovely!! The pictures of the nature are gorgeous too! Thank you for sharing :D!
    Greetings, Ilona